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    Transitioning ownership!
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    IP Address


    For those of you who do not like reading large amounts of text.
    • A vast array of plugins which are tweaked to run perfectly with our custom system; several of our plugins are coded by us or tweaked to work for us
    • Unique conquest system which requires certain features before a town can expand, i.e. a water source for a town to expand its size or a lumber mill for the town to trade logs with the City of Savaskires
    • A continent which was built with terraforming tools over a period of 6 months: there are clearly divided regions and unique landforms with historical value (ruins and the like)
    • A tangible incentive for conquering areas, towns are able to receive resources every 6 days for claiming regions
    • An incredibly unforgiving wilderness: mobs spawn in massive hordes and are very difficult to kill, the world is PvP (though RP laws do not allow murder), raiding (breaking and entering to steal) is allowed. Players must band together to survive
    • The economy fluctuates as Guilds, which trade resources with the city of Savaskires, sell their product. Gold is exchanged in to our currency Rin and gold exchange rates can increase or decrease every 6 days based on the bank's balance
    • Custom classes and professions that are each very different from each other, crafting restrictions so that every profession must band together
    • Frequent server events relating to lore (waiting for a larger population for anything major, for now arena tournaments and the like)
    • Unique rail system around the City of Savaskires which allows new players to go in and out of the starting areas
    • A roleplay environment, equipped with a custom language and RP-laws of the land (RP jail, smuggling nether items is illegal)
    • A war system which allows players to fight within an instance of their creation, allowing fire and TNT to be used, while the actual creation remains perfectly safe
    • The ability for new players to write their own backgrounds (lore is written but not published at this time)
    • Quests that will help you start out in the world and quests required to unlock new classes
    • A custom texture pack tailored for our server
    • A variety of Spout features such as an interactive Trading GUI
    • A large wiki with custom programmed templates for entities such as towns, players, etc. (you may apply to write for it)
    • A website with its own written utilities and coded themes
    • A development team who loves to hear suggestions
    • Constant additions to the world such as distant islands with unique, custom-made biomes (desert in the works at the moment!)

    Welcome to a World like None Other
    Antioch is a brand new hard-core, survival, and light-RP server which strives to present an experience to its players like none other. The lore is hands-on and progresses as the very inhabitants of our world craft it. We are inspired by hard-core RP servers such as Tales of Mel-Lenxia to create an environment that everybody can express their creativity in while having an actual impact. You will very quickly learn that Antioch is shaped by its players. Wars will be fought over both resources and heritage, the economy will fluctuate, and those who endeavor will be remembered in the history books.

    Beta Trailer

    Antioch: An Untamed Land

    Each new player is an immigrant to the continent of Antioch, crafted to perfection over several months. Given the flexibility of the lore, each and every user is able to write their own backgrounds, reflecting their motives for leaving their original homes. The City of Savaskires, pronounced according to the Aian Lexicon, was a colony forgotten by the rest of the world due to its lack of funding. Abandoned as a result of a raging war between the founding country and another industrial power in the world of Aia, those who chose to remain faced several centuries of strife from corrupt leaders, vile beasts who live among the shadows, and natural disasters. Despite the many lost reflected by the relics found throughout the world, the thriving city stands as a jewel in the world of Aia. Finally, after a few chapters of political unrest, Antioch has been opened to immigration through the City of Savaskires. The resources are plentiful, the land is vast, and the danger is unfathomable, attracting many adventurers like yourself willing to risk it all.

    The continent of Antioch is like nothing you have ever seen before. We emphasize on the hard-core aspect of the server; you will have to persevere if you wish to excel. You are equipped with only a few gold coins and thrown in to a world of hurt, prohibiting crafting based on your profession, although these restrictions will not impede the Minecraft experience. The greatest danger in all of Antioch, more than that of any of the creatures of the night, is the player. Players are permitted to kill, steal, and raid (differentiated from griefing in our rules), but are not encouraged to according to RP-law. Bad reputations within Antioch can lead to terrible consequences such as jail time, but never bans (unless this "bad reputation" is stemmed from misconduct such as griefing). Fear not, though, close allegiances between players will expand the boundaries of what you can do at an early date and prevent you from being slaughtered mindlessly. Safety in numbers is a theme present throughout the server. For more information and resources, check out our wiki.

    The Third Era: Beta

    Antioch has entered its third era as of now, the Beta Stage. During this stage, we ask of players to constantly provide us with feedback as well as bug reports. The system we have designed for the server is massive and not quite autonomous, leaving it prone to many bugs. We are looking for seasoned Minecraft players who are willing to make an impact in the world of Aia for newer players. Not only does this require tweaking the actual system through suggestions and feedback as requested by them, but also the establishment of several organizations through unity. We kindly invite anyone who is willing to give it their all to perfect the server for themselves and for all. Our gratuity for your contributions will be expressed in the finished product, a server to be proud of by all of us, inhabited by a friendly community which encourages us to log-in every day.

    Given this stage, we are still adding and planning much more content as well as finalizing lore. Additional regions are to be added as communications are established with distant continents. We hope to one day have every biome accessible by the player-base, giving way to a variety of different cultures. Expect many changes, some minor and some entirely game-changing. We will do our best to respect what effort you have exerted, and we will always be careful not to make your efforts futile in a volatile world such as ours.

    The Feel of Antioch

    Antioch is a light-RP server. We would like players to be absorbed in to the world and culture we have established. The history of the continent of Antioch is immense and very finely documented. The language spoken in Antioch like much of Aia, called Aian, is to be used for casual purposes by its players. We encourage you to use the language as much as you would prefer to help create our RP environment.

    Because of Antioch's installed hierarchy system, implemented through various features including crafting restrictions, we would like players to respect those in power. Obviously death will not be the end of you here, but this does not mean that you should parade through town insulting the very leaders of that town who would have you disposed of for such an action. Respect should be earned as well as other accomplishments, and death should be feared.

    Despite everything we have established, we are still in demand of creativity in the form of architecture, concepts, and literature. We encourage towns to build in a somewhat uniform styling with an ever-present theme, enforced through our town progression system. Obey gravity, respect the fantasy building theme of the server (although there is a bit of steam-punk), and build accordingly with your location. Be creative and be original - establishments should appear to have been formed naturally, and boast several icons. A sand Sphinx in the middle of a forest will likely be destroyed. We understand the hardships faced by builders before acquiring protection via a land grant, and we will be very considerate. Please do not litter the landscape we spent so much time trying to perfect - try to clean up after yourself when constructing last-minute shelters for the night.

    Creating your Character

    The world of Aia is still in the process of being finalized. Given this fact, we cannot provide you with very specific continents for you to declare your point of origin. Provide a climate for your character and relate to this to their profession. In Antioch, there are three professions (as you can read on our wiki).
    • Engineer - An intelligent technician capable of creating the most elaborate of redstone contraptions.
    • Woodsman - A resourceful fletcher and craftsman.
    For example, I would set my character's point of origin within a forested land if I were a Woodsman. Combatic skills, called classes include the following. You will not be able to immediately choose your class, you must first complete an introduction class. You may change your class, but at a cost, but you may not change your profession without your experience resetting.
    • Assassin - A skilled rogue who prefers to cling to the shadows.
    • Berserker - A fearless warrior armed with an axe.
    • Lancer - A cunning and talented warrior armed with a sword.
    • Magus - A gifted magician able to call upon the power of the gods to annihilate their enemies.
    • Paladin - An enduring warrior sworn to protect others.
    • Priest - A magician gifted with the power of healing and teleportation.
    • Ranger - A sharp-shooting hunter armed with a bow.
    • Revenant - A fearful magician able to animate life out of thin air.
    • Saboteur - An agile rogue and a master of poisons.
    A Final Word

    Antioch is a unique server designed for a unique crowd. We cannot emphasize it enough that the server is not for everyone. We designed it in the image of what we would like to see, which is entirely different from 99% of the servers we see today. We are looking for players with wit, humor, and a lot of time on their hands. The structure of our server is intended for a large but dedicated population, and we hope to reach this one day. When applying, try to provide us with as much information about you as possible. Community is what makes us log-in every day, and is to be cherished.

    We hope you enjoy the server as much as we enjoyed putting our ideas in to motion. The boat ride may be long, but it is certainly worth it. We hope to see you on Antioch.

    - Fuzzwolf, ArcaneAutumn, Apocalypsefu, Ardogen, Azione, IMIanM

    Links and Information


    • Fuzzwolf - Founder
    • ArcaneAutumn - Administrator
    • Apocalypsefu - Community Manager
    • Ardogen - Moderator
    • Azione - Moderator
    • IMIanM - Moderator

    Important Links:


    • Slots - 60 Players
    • RAM - 24GB
    • Upload Speed - 30mb/s
    • Download Speed - 35mb/s
    • Processing - 2.74GHz
    • Storage Speed - 3GB/s

    Application Format
    In order to jump-start the population of the server, I am temporarily allowing players to post on this forum. This will hopefully persistently bump us up so that others can view what we have to offer.

    Application: (please post this in spoiler format)
    • Give a little background information about yourself. First name, age, gender, etc.
    • How much experience do you have with Minecraft?
    • What is your in-game name?
    • How do you rate your creativity on a scale from 1-10. Do you have any creations you would like to share?
    • How actively do you play Minecraft? Could you consider yourself "addicted?"
    • In Antioch, each player can possess a unique back-story due to the flexibility of the lore. Could you provide us with a picture of your Minecraft skin? Do you have any thoughts as to the background of your character?
    • Are you comfortable with running SpoutCraft, a modified Minecraft Client, for the server?
    • Have you read over our rules and agreed to them?
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    Quote from pocketgamer001

    I don't know how to use spoilers. Help please.

    You have to take the text out of code formation.
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    Quote from pocketgamer001

    [b] Give a little background information about yourself. First name, age, gender, etc:[/b]
    Answer My name is Evie, 25, female. Been playing mmos since 2006 and still haven't found one I like to play with my sister. Still looking and hopes to get guild wars for my birthday.
    [b] How much experience do you have with Minecraft?:[/b]
    Answer Been playing since 1.6.6
    [b] What is your in-game name?:[/b]
    Answer pocketgamer001
    [b] How do you rate your creativity on a scale from 1-10. Do you have any creations you would like to share?:[/b]
    Answer http://pocketgamer001.imgur.com/all/ I'll let you be the judge. A friend who is on your server says a 5-6 though. So I am not a master builder or anything, so I like hearing others opinions to help me in my builds. I mostly build farms or go adventuring. I can decorate pretty well though I just have trouble making the outside look good.
    [b] How actively do you play Minecraft? Could you consider yourself "addicted?":[/b]
    Answer I play as much as I can everyday. I think I took test for that but I forgot the number lol
    [b] In Antioch, each player can possess a unique back-story due to the flexibility of the lore. Could you provide us with a picture of your Minecraft skin? Do you have any thoughts as to the background of your character?:[/b]
    Answer In the link above has my current skin. Please let me know if that is acceptable other wise I will go back to the belle (beauty and the beast) skin I had before.
    I am currently reading the wiki and is still not sure how I want my character. I believe while playing my back story will change from time to time. When I get use to playing on your server depending on how I play and who I meet will determine how my character will be. So for now let's just say my character had left her village at the age of 16 wanting an adventure. When she turn 20 she meets a grumpy wizard who she saw using magic. After pestering him he taught her some basics before disappearing. So now she continues her journey while practicing the magic she was taught. So now you know I would become a mage. I think this back story also gives me room to add stuff once I have settle into a town or something.
    [b] Have you read over our rules and agreed to them?:[/b]
    Answer Yes and code is EE27. If their is anything that is wrong with my app please let me know and I will try to make it better.

    I don't know how to use spoilers. Help please.

    Accepted, welcome to Antioch.
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    Quote from Doktory

    • Give a little background information about yourself. First name, age, gender, etc.: I’m supposing this is in referendum to my person, basing that in four questions it asks about my character. Well, I’m Aldridge, 27, female, I collect hats, English is a second language of mine that I have spent a silly amount of time on, dismissing any qualms one reading this might have on my literacy and grasp of the also very silly language of English; also hopefully ignoring that this is a run-on sentence. I have a job so I most likely will not be on until the late evening. I listen to a fairly large range of music and could have an ample discussion about it. I don’t feel comfortable going into detail about my first language, nor my homeland, so I would very much like people not to inquire too deeply about it.
    • How much experience do you have with Minecraft?: I’ve been playing the game since November 16th 2010, or, Alpha v. 1.2.0_0.
    • What is your in-game name?: Doktory
    • How do you rate your creativity on a scale from 1-10. Do you have any creations you would like to share?: I’d give an honest 7, really. No creations I’d like to share, as confidence, at least for me, leads to arrogance; to stand taller than fellow beings is illogical and I avoid such entirely.
    • How actively do you play Minecraft? Could you consider yourself "addicted?": As stated earlier, I do have an occupation that limits me playing this. I’m free on the weekends, generally, yet also in the evenings.
    • In Antioch, each player can possess a unique back-story due to the flexibility of the lore. Could you provide us with a picture of your Minecraft skin? Do you have any thoughts as to the background of your character?: Well, I’m in the middle of making/editing a skin right now. I need to make it more... outwardly feminine, since there’s no clear way to make a skin like that without it being generic and uninspired. Now, about 30 minutes after writing this it’s finished. My character, I feel, is best developed as I play. Speaking as someone with a fairly decent amount of roleplaying experience, making a backstory that would most likely and generally is not necessary in most situations is a bit pointless, and it's more fun to have events you personally remember. I say with certainty, however, that my character is a person complete with goals, ambitions, flaws and beliefs as people have.
    • Have you read over our rules and agreed to them?: Seeing as I have no reason not to, I have done those things. AE27. (is that right? application code? I dunno.)
    Also, must I use the texture pack? It is... not to my liking. I feel others would fit better for me, and although a commonly used texture pack would give players the same viewpoint of everything for style, Painterly is not for me. Aside from that, I hope this application fits your standards and await a response. Thank you for your time put into reading it.

    You are not required to run any specific texture pack, though it should be noted that we base all of our creations on it heavily. This should not create much of a dilemma unless you use a texture pack which is very far from that of the default. You have been added to the white-list, welcome to Antioch.
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    Below is a series of screenshots (a few of which are edited) of the Antioch Minecraft server. Each of these were built by users Fuzzwolf, ArcaneAutumn, Azione, and Ardogen. Given our lack of a gallery on the server's website, this thread should suffice. The screenshots show only small portions of the very large city of Savaskires and of beautiful terrain on the custom built continent of Antioch. The map was originally a tundra, so everything was done with a series of tools over a period of 5 months.

    We hope to instill interest in those who love building. Please . Enjoy!

    As they appear:

    Names are in our custom language. We are hardcore nerds. :P

    1. The West Wing of Savaskires
    2. RiAshagisti, the immigrants' boat
    3. Sunset over the Eastern bank of Savaskires
    4. The interior of the Aian temple
    5. The Haidyen iu Loelo Mountain Range
    6. The library of Savaskires looking over a pond
    7. More of the east district, with the temple in the background
    8. The interior of the RiAshagisti
    9. A small waterfall in the outskirts of Savaskires
    10. One of the trans-continental railway stations
    11. A large volcano peeking over a dense forest
    12. The ceiling of the Savaskires courthouse
    13. The gate to hell, "the nether"
    14. The vast mountains of the region of Baltos isa Savaskires
    15. Our nether fortress
    16. A large apartment complex in Savaskires
    17. A longshot of the mountain of Aidara Benovi

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    Hello. I've ran a 40 +/- server for about 6 months now. I've recently come across a plugin that I think everybody should have a look at. Due to advancements in Bukkit hooks, it's now possible for a person with no programming experience to code their own quests. The system is highly configurable and user-friendly. It took me only about 4 hours to learn and create this:

    The plugin is called "Minequest" and although its website is underused as compared to its Bukkit Modding API Website Post, it's a great place for resources. Currently there are some flaws within the plugin, but I can see it getting much better. I know the creator needs a lot of support, so if you can post a topic or two on the forums I think he will be inclined to put more work into it.

    I will not be posting the link due to the fact that that would imply this is an advertisement, which it is not.

    Thank you,

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