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    Minecraft 2.0 Resource Pack!

    Visit our Planet Minecraft post to see a few images...

    Download ZIP file here: Minecraft 2.0 x32

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    Minecraft Name: FuzyRussian
    Age (16+): 17
    Location: Wisconsin
    Best way to communicate?: skype fuzyrussian
    How Long Have You Played?: since like beta 1.2
    How Long Per Day?: at least an hour a day
    Why Should I Let YOU Join?: I'm looking for a nice to join to build on, collect all the items, and to fight the enderdragon with a team
    Special Skills?: Pretty good at building, great farm builder/xp grinders and such, and i know my way around redstone pretty well
    Tell Me About Yourself: I work part time at a store, so that will affect when I'm online, I love to play minecraft I'm on hypixels server all the time now too, to play his minigames and I do youtube but not too hard yet.

    What is your YouTube: AjVex
    Can you record? Yes
    Pranking (yes/no): yes if it's not too harsh
    UHC (yes/no): yes

    Rate yourself 1-10: ​ as a person? like a 8 or 9 not to be cocky I've just been told I'm a nice person from a lot of people
    Redstone: 9
    Building: 7
    Ability To Work As A Team: 10
    Creativity: 9
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    Quote from Complexgameplay

    Can I still apply for this if so here it is

    Age: 17

    Skype/E-Mail: [email protected]

    How long have you been playing Minecraft?: 8 years

    Tell me a bit about yourself: I'm a nice guy who likes to talk to people on minecraft and build stuff. I have an eye for design and would be great edition to this server.

    How would you rate your building skills from 1-10, 10 being lowest: 4

    What was the major mistake somewhere above here?(hint! it's a misspelling): you spelled however with a 3 (how3ver)

    (optional)Youtube username: not at the moment. Will be starting soon.

    Hope this is worth something. Would love to start youtube with a bang.

    Minecraft has barely been out for 5 years bro... hmm making up lies maybe? or just typo XD
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