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    Yo what's up, I play league of legends, minecraft, cs go and sometimes darkorbit but not a lot of it.

    I want to play with you guys for the same reason you posted this. looking for some new gaming buddies

    I'm 19

    I don't have an active youtube account, but i plan on starting a new one with some funny videos.

    Yes, but I haven't used it in a while, I might need to make a new one.

    Yes, I have a home recording studio too.

    I'm on at really random times since I'm in college, but any free time I have goes to gaming to relax and have fun. I'm usually on after 5pm

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    Yo what's up. I'm interested in joining your group if you're playing a survival world

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    Hello, I've been in the Minecraft community for a very long time and know a lot about the game, mods, texturing, etc. Recently I've been trying to find something to do with my time as I am attending college and don't have a job. So if any modders out there are looking for someone to help with textures hit me up, I'll work for free if you credit my work and I will work even better if I'm compensated. Thanks for you time and consideration drop a comment if you would like to work together.

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    Minecraft 2.0 Resource Pack!

    Visit our Planet Minecraft post to see a few images...

    Download ZIP file here: Minecraft 2.0 x32

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    oh haha thanks I completely forgot to do that last night :P it's still a really early release so there aren't many screen shots yet. Thanks on the organization too, made it pretty late at night
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    Current Version:
    - Alpha v01.01a Download

    Older Versions:
    - InDev Version Download


    Welcome, I am Plaxero the creator of Psyfly LsCraft. The Psyfly resource pack is based off default minecraft and a modern/medieval theme. This pack is currently in its Alpha stage, (Alpha v01.01a). If you are using Psyfly or any textures from it in any videos or images, I ask that you please give credit by giving a link to this web page or give the name of the pack itself (refer to the terms at the bottom of this post). If you would like me to showcase your videos/ images on this page please pm the link to me on here. Updates and plans are posted below this description.

    The way the versions work is as follows:

    Alpha v01.01a

    (Alpha = Current Stage) v01.01a

    Alpha (v01= Version).01a

    Alpha v01.(01 = Number of Months in Stage)a

    v01.01(a = Version of Current Month)

    Plans for Next Update:

    Next up on the list I am just going to continue to work on re-texturing more of the blocks and not so much anything else at all (except maybe the rain, and rain particles). After i get about 10 - 20 more blocks re-textured I'll probably release the next update. Also, the texture pack is going to remain in alpha until everything is finished and 100% re-textured. Then I'm going to release a beta version to continue and improve upon each and every single texture again. Once everything is to my liking I shall work on creating a 64x64, 128x128, and a 256x256. After I have the other three resolutions created I will release them all together at once in the full release, where the only things I'll change are bugs and to update with minecraft itself.

    Update Log:

    Alpha v01.01b Update

    -New water

    Past Updates:
    Alpha v01.01a Update

    -Alpha release
    -Switching to 32x from 16x
    -Brick re-textured
    -Cobble re-textured
    -Mossy Cobble re-textured
    -Pack icon changed
    -Name changed to Psyfly LsCraft
    -Changes to the Vignette
    -Made shadows not so dark
    -Main/ loading screen changed to cobble texture
    -Minor changes to the pumpkin blur
    -Rain particles re-textured
    -Installation instructions added to .rar file
    InDev Updated to Minecraft 1.8

    -Changes to water
    -Changes to armor
    -Changes to Dpickaxe
    -Changes to shadows, and vintage
    -Changes to bow
    -Changes to rain
    -Other small changes

    Created by Plaxero

    Terms and Conditions
    By downloading this resource pack you are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions listed here.

    You may use this resource pack in any videos, let's plays, etc., as long as you mention the resource packs name and creator, or if you leave a link to this webpage in your video description. You are allowed to use textures from this pack in your own resource pack as long as you leave a link to this webpage on your resource packs webpage. If no credit is given for this resource pack you will be asked to give credit to this pack or remove anything including the Psyfly LsCraft resource pack.
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    Minecraft Name: Fuzyrussian

    Skype (if you don't want to reveal it then it will be asked if you are accepted): Fuzyrussian

    Age: 18

    How active would you be?: I would probably be on a lot

    How mature are you?: Very but I try to be funny sometimes too

    What is your strong point in Minecraft?: Used to be redstone but I haven't played in a while so building now

    Why should we accept you?: I'm a fun person to play with, I enjoy working on projects with others and going on group mining

    Are you friendly?: Yes I get along with anyone I meet :)

    Hobbys: I make music (not the best at the moment but improving my "whale" skills) and I watch a lot of youtube
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    posted a message on CloudCraft-1.8-VANILLA WHITELISTED MINECRAFT SERVER
    1. Age: 18
    2. Skype Username: FuzyRussian
    3. YouTube: I have one but its not for minecraft
    4. How long have you been playing minecraft? I have owned minecraft since it was released in Alpha a long time ago
    5.Why should we whitelist you? I'm a nice, experienced player looking for a server to join to have a fun experience with the new things from the past couple updates
    6. What do you like to do in minecraft? I like to make redstone builds once I've got a good amount of materials and I like to help create spawns and nether hubs
    7. Whats your favorite animal/mob in minecraft? The chicken rules
    8. Have you been banned before, and if so, why? Nope
    9. Rate on a scale from 1-10 on how good you are at building. Like a solid 8.5
    10. Are you interested in group Skype chats? For any type of team things like the dragon sure, otherwise I like to listen to music when I play

    My Minecraft username is FuzyRussian
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    I was looking for a new hotkey layout thats easier on my hands for long periods of time, to use. Wondering if anyone has any good ones?
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    I think we should add more ores, there should be a variety and also it would add more interest to mining and to new ideas altogether.

    My idea is adding titanium, it would be mined like iron or gold, smelted into ores and gives 2 times the exp that diamonds give, would be twice as rare as diamonds, 1/3 the durability of diamonds, and could be used to make armor, weapons and such.

    It could also be used to spark the fire of the industrial age of MineCraft, which we know is coming within the next couple of updates, hopefully!

    Expand on my idea with other uses for titanium if you agree this would be a good implementation for 1.8 or 1.9!!!!!

    An idea I think would be great for slowly implementing machines would be a machine of some sort like a brother of the hopper in a way. Say, an auto timer that is its own block instead of a redstone wired up contraption. You would be able to open it up much like a command block and have simple settings like time and what it will be activating.

    Or it could be used to create new horse armor, or even better yet a roman carriage to hook your horse up to!
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    posted a message on Calling All MindCrack & HermitCraft Enthusiasts! Tight-Knit Community NadotCraft! [Survival] [Vanilla]
    In-Game Name (IGN): FuzyRussian

    What do you prefer to be called?: Fuzy

    Current In-Game Skin: My avatar

    What is your age?: 18

    Where are you from?: Wisconsin

    Gender? (♂ or ♀): Male

    Have you read all of our rules?: Yes

    How long have you played the game?: Since Beta

    What is the square root of the colour chicken?: #PainsAnswer

    Do you know what MindCrack or HermitCraft is?: Yes, Both

    Mindcrack or HermitCraft? Which do you prefer?: Mindcrack

    Who is your favorite Mindcracker or HermitCrafter and why?: BDubs, mostly because I would watch his live streams all the time.

    What is your favorite hashtag?: #FuzyRussian:D

    Describe your sense of humor: One does not simply describe ones humor.. ;)

    How committed are you/how much will you be playing each day?: I will be on before or after i work mostly during the p.m. and if I have off I'll be on for a while too.

    Why should we whitelist you to NadotCraft?: We used to play on DuckCraft together! :D

    Have you ever been banned before? If so why?: Nope.

    What are some of your other interests?: Making music and maybe some YouTube videos in the future.

    Do you love Disney?: Well, yes if you do!

    What are you best at (in-game)? (i.e. building, Redstone, farming, PvP, etc.): Farming hardcore, and building.

    What can you bring to this server?: I can bring some nice farms once i get settled in, and I can help out with any huge projects such as finding the ender portal, making spawn nicer and larger, redstone related things, the nether hub, and much more!

    What would you like to do on this server?: I would like to get to know everyone and have some fun.

    Optional - Include a paragraph or two about yourself:

    My name is Aaron and I work 25 to 30 hours a week as a lead at a grocery store, sucks some butt I don't recommend it, and I will be working anywhere from 2:15/ 5p.m. to 10p.m 4 to 6 days a week. I'm a Senior until May 17th or 19th, whoop!, and after I graduate I will be going full time at my job making around 13 to 15 dollars an hour.
    My goal is to start creating an album with my best friend for fun and maybe have a concert or two within this year, and to hopefully start a nice YouTube channel because I'm a nerd deep down. In around 2 to 3 years my friend and I will be moving to Flordia so he can go to college and so that I can have some free time to work on my music and YouTube.
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    posted a message on Hermitcraft/Mindcrack style whitelist vanilla server
    Name: Aaron
    IGN: FuzyRussian
    How long have you had Minecraft: Since Beta
    Youtube account (not required): Might start one when I get my own place soon
    age: 18
    Why you want to join: I stopped playing minecraft for a while because of school and my job, but I've caught up with everything and have some free time to play every day now
    Style of building: I don't have a set in stone style it's just whatever looks good more or less
    Stuff about you (the more the better): I am still a senior in highschool, only have 4 more months left, I work at a grocery store, not for long though I hate it so much :P, and I play league of legends and make music as well.
    Have you ever been banned (if so, what for): No, I'm not a butt to others
    Server name recommendations: Mind This Block (MTB)
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    posted a message on [1.6.4][whitelist][18+] Vanilla Survival [mindcrack/hermitcraft inspired][24/7]
    IGN: fuzyrussian
    Age: 18
    Skype: fuzyrussian
    Youtube: (optional)
    how active are you: I'll be on once and a while, I do have school and a job currently
    time zone: Central
    Whats you favorite part of a small community: Being able to play with others
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