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    posted a message on Oh wow, I never noticed this
    Quote from RoshiPlays

    If this is a bug, it is a bug. If it is something for real, NOTCH JEB OR DINNERBONE PLS REMOVE IT. IT IS CONSIDERED A CHEAT.

    If you don't want cheats, just disable cheats, or enable cheats for server administrators/moderators only. Don't request to remove the entire cheat system completely, please.

    This may sound interesting but, what if you can also teleport to even falling sand? As Falling Sand is an entity, I'm not entirely sure of that.
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    posted a message on Adf.ly links not working! CleanPC 365
    I'm sure your PC got infected by a rootkit and malware. Use MalwareBytes and a rootkit antivirus to wipe out the viruses, and check the adf.ly link.
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    posted a message on Funniest "what does the fox say" answers
    What does the box say?
    Bok bok bok bok. It boks.
    (my own version of what does the fox say)
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    posted a message on [Command] /toggleitem: Disabling/Enabling Certain Items (For Server OPs)
    /toggleitem (New command) (Previously /disableitem and /enableitem
    Griefers spamming pigs everywhere? People placing bedrock in your adventure maps for fun? Well no more, because Server OPs can now disable certain items with the /toggleitem command.

    What does it do?
    /toggleitem allows you to disable/enable certain items (such as spawn eggs, food, or blocks). It is a feature that can be only applied to Server OPs.

    When used, the tooltip and the icon for that item will be grayed out. When you click on it, it can still be moved normally as it is. Blocks that drop items that are disabled won't drop anything at all. It can be dropped normally, or selected in the hotbar, however it can't be used, can't be placed. Using that item to attack mobs will just not work.

    Blocks placed then disabled can't be destroyed at all.

    The con is when abusive server admins use this, they can eventually make Survival even more strict and act like Adventure mode with that command. They can disable diamond mining with that command, too.

    This can be used on command blocks, too. It can be good for Hunger Games maps and puzzles when certain items are disabled (such as food, tools, and swords).

    How will you use /toggleitem?
    /toggleitem (Enable = 0; Disable = 1) <item> <metadata>
    For example, if you want to disable use of Spruce Wood Planks to players, use /toggleitem 1 planks 1.

    How can it be useful?
    In some special cases, it can be used for Hunger Games Maps and puzzles. If there are quests in adventure maps like "Find emerald by mining underground", you can allow use of pickaxes in server adventure maps, and disallow use of blocks in Zombie Survival (Minecraft Tag) maps without plugins. And, you can also disallow use of spawn eggs (No more Cow Spamming by griefers in Creative! Prevents lag, too).

    Hopefully this will be useful for many many servers. (Including Freebuild servers in Creative mode)

    1/5/2014: Topic Created (It was known as /disableitem and /enableitem). Later, I changed it to /toggleitem after hearing Skylinerw's complaints.
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    posted a message on Dyeable Sections On Iron/Gold/Diamond Armor
    Wait, did you not see the Medieval times? Knights have colored markings on their armor, so dyeing iron armor could make sense because of this.

    Don't make me start another flamebait.
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    posted a message on Bring Back Our Old Friend
    Oh no...not those nostalgic people again.

    I support both the rose and poppies at the same time. I'm used to the rose and poppy. I don't care if it's a namechange and texture. I like red.
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    posted a message on Fun Fact Thread
    Fun Fact: "Budder" and the Skydoesmc fanbase is going downhill, faster than ever, to crash into The Void.
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    posted a message on Fish mobs- change the way we fish. (My first topic :D)
    Yes, I like the idea, but it's redundant, and fish mobs have being suggested before.
    Quote from Deonyi

    Redundant. Fish mobs have been suggested a countless many times.

    With that said, it could be locked in a few minutes by a moderator.
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    posted a message on Emeralds
    Or even making a pickaxe out of 5 philippine pesos. -_-
    Emerald is a currency. Lapis is decoration. Redstone is technology. Quartz is for temples and advanced technology.

    No support.
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    posted a message on Sideways Cactus, Different Cactus Shapes And More! (Changing The Way Deserts Are, 70+ Supporters!)
    Quote from DavTheModerator

    A cactus in minecraft can't be place near another cactus

    Oh dear. Blame mojang, if this was added, maybe we can remove the "cactus can't place near another cactus"
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