About Me

Howdy neighbor. It's FutureNyanCat, the nyan cat of the forum. Welcome to my about me page. Find information about your favorite cat, the user, and more!

Current version of FNC: v120.0 (Despicable Kitty Update). Next update coming soon.
Changelog for the Despicable Kitty Update:
- Changed pony to Lioness Luckyhoof
- FNC is now 100% Despicable!
- He now wears his Minion outfit.
- Antenna on TV replaced with a emergency beacon. (inspired by the Bee-do in Despicable Me)
- Signature and about me page banners have a Gru icon after "FutureNyanCat" and they are now blue and yellow
- Heavily inspired by "Despicable Me" and its sequel!

For questions related to me or anything off-topic, please ask at my Profile Feed.
Texture Pack (outdated): http://www.minecraft...nazzy-textures/

If I helped you, press the button. But (if implemented) if you hate me, press the button.
If you want to move my post to the left, press the button. And if you want to move it to the right, press the button.

Woowoo678's WTFClock-based signature. If you like to get one, here it is: (containing Round 5 and new exilius avatar)

(NOTE: This is temporary until woowoo678 adds in the signature on the about me page.)

Let's Make A Planet! (NEW) FNC's revived version of Let's Make a Planet.

*Carrot Top kisses FNC*
FNC: *dies of romantic humor*
Carrot Top: I love you EffEnnSee...
FNC: *meow*
Spike: Opps opps opps opps what are you doing?
FNC: Are you referencing gangnam style?
Spike: Hey sexy carrot top---
Carrot Top: EEEEERGHHHHH! *angry at Spike* Don't mess with me Spike! THAT'S UNFAIR---
FNC: No wait!
Spike: I'm allergic to carrots. Am I right?
FNC: You're right. Eat apples.
Spike: Let's go FNC.
FNC: Here we go!
*EffEnnSee and Spike go away*
Narrator: EffEnnSee fell in love with carrot top----
FNC: Are you drunk narrator? THIS IS SPARTA!
*FNC kicks the narrator*

*- Very Rarely
*- Often
*- Sometimes
*- Done only once
*- Note

* Replied to Exilius' secret
* Is a brony
* The above statement is true
* Likes watching pony-related videos (but not MLP episodes!)
* Using pixel ponies in my avatar
* Modifying Future Nyan Cat (yes, I made him)
* Can control music
* Can control time
* Who loves to dwell in Forum Games, Off Topic, and the Official Chat Thread
* Creating random offerings for Sgt. Traveler and MysticDog on the "Be The Last Poster To Win!"
* Who keeps the "Let's Make A Planet! (New)" topic alive.
* Reports alot of illegal advertising threads to moderators and leaving them behind
* Ignoring rep threads
* Creating Minecraft videos
* Always online everywhere
* Creating pixel art for fun (note: Minecraft pixel art counts as sometimes)
* Creating YouTube Poops when I'm bored
* Supporting loads of suggestions
* Watching Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Myx, Studio 23, GMA, Fox Filipino, and Disney Channel
* Creating some Lolcats
* Reporting wishlists
* Talking on IRC with IceChat
* Playing my iPad. Even angry birds space! The iPad is in recovery mode. Soon to be fixed.
* Is an angry birds lover too!
* Modifies Rainmeter


Link Removed

There are still more suggestions that I supported but I haven't placed them in the about me page, it will run out of space.

Note that some banners for some suggestions are made by me. Well, really!

NOTE - If you want to ask me a question, just ask me via Private Messaging or post in the Profile Feed! Hope I'll answer you soon!

Q: Who is Future Nyan Cat?
A: This is my fanmade character that I originally made for my new youtube avatar. It then spread to most of my media, mostly photos, my signature, and my avatar.

Q: Describe Future Nyan Cat.
A: A cat from the future (Year 4224). He travels to 2012 through a time machine. He has a futuristic TV, a jetpack with azure flames, and laser eyes.

Q: How did you change your name?
A: I used the Contact Forum Administration and posted a topic to change my username.

Q: Why are you offline?
A: Sometimes I get a suspension for infringing the forum rules, and I can play only at 4:00 PM because there is school. Or, I maybe went to sleep, rest, do my homework, or play Super Mario Bros. X.

Q: Love your avatar and signature.
A: Yes it is! I love making pixel art whenever I want!

Q: Do you like ponies?
A: Yes I do, but I only watch pony videos but not any MLP:FIM episodes. For the lamb of god.

Q: Do you read lolcats and create your own?
A: Yes I do, I was thinking of submitting some Lolcats to the Cheezburger site, so I did create my account. You can see my lols in my cheezburger account.

Q: Where do you live?
A: The Philippines. Proud to be a Filipino, still speaking English, and I'm a brony.

Q: Do you dance when taking exams?
A: I never do a dance when taking exams, but I did a dance when I was taking the 1st Midterm on the last day of exam.

Q: Why are you reporting spam topics? (such as the football spam)
A: My job is to report spam topics to help stop those spam on the forum.

Q: What's your real name?
A: I don't want to show you my real name. It's a secret.

Q: Why are you becoming a brony?
A: I hate ponies because I thought the show was for little girls...but probably I thought I was about to watch random pony videos in my bed, so I apologized on the Count to 100 until MLP Hater thread, which was removed shortly after. Now, I only friend 1 pony - DJ Pon-3, but my sociality in Equestria is upgraded. That's it.

Q: Why are you offline sometimes?
A: I get a suspension for multiple infractions of the forum rules + you can take a look at the Schedule to see what time am I offline.

Q: Do you use IceChat to talk on the Minecraft Forums IRC channel?

Q: What's your IRC nickname?


7:20 AM: Start of my school.
4:00 PM: Back to computer gaming and stuff!
6:30 or 7:00 PM: Homework, study, and more! Including dinner!
8:00 PM: Bathtime or something.
9:00 PM-12:00 AM or at least 12:30: Back to computer gaming again!
11:00 PM: TV time! Or at least, iPad.
12:00 AM: Bedtime.
Nights with Homework: Slowdown, and I can't get on the forums unless I can finish my homework.
Nights without Homework: Do whenever I want!
Nights with study time: Slowdown.
Nights without study time: Do whenever I want!
Nights on weekends: Minecraft Forum, cousin time, gaming time, YouTube time, and TV time!
Nights on weekends with homework: Less gaming, less friends and cousins, less iPad. Fail.
Days when I laugh: Good for the sake.
Days with School: Offline until 4:00 PM.
Days with exams: Slowdown again.

NOTE: I'm a bookworm so I often read everyday!

Look for me and my stuff on:

WordPress (I never update it anymore.):
Cheezburger: http://profile.cheez.../FutureNyanCat/
My Imgur Gallery: (NOTE: You can only view 225 images at once!)

Gaming and Fun:
Mario Fan Games Galaxy:
Canvas Rider:
Minecraft: Jaden1291
Algodoo: Jaden1291
Game Center: Jaden1291 (my avatar is from Talking Ginger)
The Sandbox (BulkyPix): Jaden2
Paper Toss Friends: Jaden1291
Lunar Racer: Jaden1291
Club Penguin: *user account creation in progress*

MinecraftForum IRC: NICKNAME: FutureNyanCat. SERVER: Channel: #OTter
KnuxCentral IRC: NICKNAME: FutureNyanCat. Server: Channel: #knuxcentral

Social/Other Forums:
The NSMBX Forum: http://nsmbxforums.p.../member288.html
The Curse Forum:
Knux Forums:
Raccoon Sam Forums:
zhriz's OTter Forum:
Minecraft Forums Chat Forum:
Valtteri's SMBX Forum: http://valtteri.prop.../member205.html
Planet Minecraft: JadenTheGeek: http://www.planetmin...r/jadenthegeek/
Official Chat: http://officialchat....ewprofile&u=246

Minecraft Bug Tracker (Mojira): FutureNyanCat. Look for my reported bugs in every future update bug fix list!
PasteSite: FutureNyanCat
The File Company: Nyan2912
Rdio: [ Sorry no account at this moment ]


I also make some pixel art for my avatar and sometimes, my signature! If you will like to suggest me a new theme for my avatar and signature, you can post in the Profile Feed!

Mostly I usually make pixel art which has 2x2 pixels. But sometimes there are 1x1 pixels, but it's still okay. Actually, I download pixel ponies from DeviantArt for use in my avatar only. I also edit some tiles and items from Super Mario World and Minecraft. I also recreate scenes from Oggy and the Cockroaches since it is my favorite show since 2012!

The Future Nyan Cat Sprite Sheet:
Use it to make your own FNC animation, or customize FNC!

Give credit to FutureNyanCat when you use it. It took me so much time to make it.
This includes the new look of FNC.


I usually change my avatar every 5 days, 4 days, 3 days, or sometimes 2 days or one day. The reason is I want myself to keep it styled is to create colorful scenes with FutureNyanCat and a custom pony.

Each avatar has tiles edited from Super Mario World and Minecraft. It also contains an OC pony and Future Nyan Cat. Sometimes my avatar contains scenes from Oggy and the Cockroaches. It's pretty cool, huh?

You have a forum? HUH?
When I was on the Knuckles96 Forums, I made a forum related to Super Mario Bros. X. Here's the link if you want to go here:


Minecraft is a game created by Mojang. This is also my favorite game since 2012!

How did you get on Minecraft?
I played Minecraft when I joined the forums. It's on my dead CPU. (it's colored white and has an MD sticker on it) My computer kept on freezing and now it won't start anymore.

What's the luckiest moment on how to get Minecraft to work with new drivers?
Before September, the black CPU case can't get Minecraft to run. After so many months of trying to fix the bad video card drivers problem, I used the new updated drivers to finally get Minecraft working.

What do you build?
1.3.2 - I build a minecart complex, houses, and pixel art
1.4.2 - Just none at this moment.
1.4.5 - For the first time on my desktop I built a giant house. The back of the house seems to be cut off with a backyard. At the rooftop is my bedroom.

What are your favorite texture packs?
1.3.2 texture packs - Tiny Pixels, DefStyle, SphaxPureBDCraft, Yoshi's modified textures, Better Default, BoxCraft, Faithfully Enhanced, Painterly, Precisely Portal
1.4.2 texture packs - None at this moment.
1.4.6 texture packs - None at this moment.

Do you play snapshots?
I do play snapshots. Very often.

What mods do you use?
1.2.5 mods - Recipe Book, TMI, Car Mod, Checkpoints, Helicopter Mod
1.3.2 mods - PrinterBlock, SpecialArmor, Coloured Beds, Boombox, etc
1.4.2 mods - None at this moment.
1.4.3-1.4.6 mods - None at this moment.
1.5.2 mods - Extra Utilities, Backpacks, Mo' Creatures, Ender Storage, ComputerCraft, More Pistons, Portal Gun Mod, Too Much TNT, Railcraft, Traincraft, and Alphabet Blocks (wow, alot of Forge mods to say about)

What's your favorite moment?
I placed so many minecarts and when I got off, the minecarts started sliding across the fields. I lost my way so I used the /kill command. Before I did the /kill command I rode the minecart sliding across the superflat world. For the second time I passed by another village which isn't my village when I was chasing the minecart. It crashed into a house in the third village. I used the /kill command to get back to my house.

What's your worst moment?
In 1.3.2 my village was invaded by a horde of creepers (some are from the Elemental Creepers Mod that I installed). The villagers scurried away and it was night time. I once entered the Villager's Club that I made (a club made out of a TNT crater) I saw a reverse creeper (a creeper which reverses the position of the terrain, in the Elemental Creepers mod). His face was upside down and then my performance is about to go down.
I punch the creeper and then, KABOOM! Minecraft crashed and I have to restart the game.

When I returned to my world, I found the Villager's Club being corrupted and had lots of blocks missing, some upside-down. I could not repair the Villager's Club but it's actually a placeholder. I never planned to rebuild the whole thing all over again. I built a bed in the destroyed club because I was confused where my home was.

Any redstone creations?
Yep. I have a simple minecart unloader using hoppers, a cross-shaped cannon, a Twinkle Twinkle Little Star medley that explodes (LOL), and basic TNT activators.

I also have some wild chicken traps. I dig down a deep hole, and I expand the bottom part into a room and then put some TNT in it. I placed a stone pressure plate (a disguise as a safe area in the stone), and sent a chicken down a hole and covered it with dirt. To check for the explosion, I have to use the TNT x-ray exploit to find the crater. This TNT x-ray exploit is not always used by me, I also need to dig to find the hole if I can't find the crater.

Do you have a texture pack?
It's FNC's Tweaks, click here!


So how does your desktop look like?
Windows XP. I was restarting my computer a several times and then the soul of my dead CPU travelled into my computer and then it got stuck in Windows XP forever. I was planning to do an upgrade to Windows 8 soon.

So how does your laptop look like?
Windows 8! (for the first time). Pokki start menu and toolbar and a custom sound scheme, plus a gray taskbar and a few changes to my background slideshow (plus some cool Windows 8 backgrounds). It looks upgraded. (note: it's build 9200!)

So how does your Windows Media Player looks like? (DESKTOP)
Just plain Windows Media Player 11 after updating to Windows XP Deluxe 2009.

So how does your Windows Media Player looks like? (LAPTOP)
NS skin. Really a gadget, huh? Look it up on DeviantArt.

What's your list of games and apps found in your Pokki?
- Angry Birds
- Little Alchemy
- YouTube
- Cut The Rope
- Google Calendar
- Network Rider
- Proto
- Twitter
- Rdio

You can download all of the apps and even the Pokki application at

What's your rainmeter skin on your desktop?

What's your rainmeter skin on your laptop?
Here ya go:
- Three Analogue meters
- Underground rainmeter skin custom time

What's your firefox theme?
FTEvo Dark, get it when you're running firefox!

What's your firefox theme? (on your desktop)
No themes, just personas. It's the robot monkey persona.

What's your opera theme?
Geometric theme with blue color scheme.

(LAPTOP) How is your chrome? What theme did you get? What apps did you own?
My chrome runs well on windows 7. To answer the next two questions, I have the Retro Robots theme, plus I have apps of Little Alchemy, Fancy Pants World 2, and the latest Build for Chrome.I also use the Default theme for chrome.

(DESKTOP) How is your chrome? What theme did you get? What apps did you own?
I have no themes on chrome yet, however I only have a few apps pertaining to Google. It can run well.


How was your Algodoo?
Both of my computers run Algodoo pretty well. I create small contraptions and view others' creations.

Do you have an account in Algobox?
Sure, just search for Jaden1291 to see my creations.

Registered algodoo?
Of course! But I can't tell what I did.

Is Algodoo your favorite game also?
Yep, I create simple contraptions and different rube goldberg stuff. Better than souptoys!


What version of OpenClassic are you using?
The untested version of OpenClassic.

What are your favorite Minecraft Classic servers on OpenClassic?
I play on Ablockz Zombie and Lava Survival servers, KOZMIK Lava Survival, Caznowl Zombie Survival, and freebuild servers (including The Fun of Crafting).

Are you good at playing lava and zombie survival?
Of course! I learned how to play Lava Survival when I was in Blocktopia. Then I did the same in OpenClassic!

WARNING: Refurbished due to rule violation.
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Quote from corefire

Five and this is going to take forever lol

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Quote from FutureNyanCat

Hello guys again.

bbqroast: While reading this post BBQROASTBOT encountered an error.
Error code: 418, I am a teapot.

FNC: Short and stout
Fluttershy: Here is my handle
Steve: And here is my spout
FNC: Do you have a spout? WHERE?
Peashooter: When the water's boiling
FNC: Don't pour me in!
All except FNC: HEAR ME SHOUT!
FNC: *siren blares* Error code EARDRUM456: Loud sounds!
Sgt. Traveler: Pick me up and pour me out
FNC: Into where?
Sgt. Traveler: Into your nose! *pours tea into FNC's nose*

Quote from Sgt. Traveler

Why is there me there. Why is there me on that pseudo-chatlog?

Quote from FutureNyanCat

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EEEEK! It's that freakin' terrifying flying monster!

Quote from FireHazard128

*jumps in the way and explodes*

Quote from FutureNyanCat

Quote from Zalvager

Except Corvo's sexy appearance, of course.

Quote from Corvo

Zalvy you flirt.

Quote from Yarsil

Oh God, please don't...

Quote from Affe

Quote from Kaeetayel

Here you go!

Oh my, that's a long list.
Quote from FutureNyanCat

Holy zoos - my mechanical brain is still out of control. DAMN! not a zoophile.

*Oggy and the cockroaches music plays while I run around in circles*

That show was amazing.

Quote from FutureNyanCat

Quote from Corvo

Omg I think I know what it is.

( ° ᴗ°)~ð (/❛o❛\)



Quote from Exilius

He's frequently mentioning one he calls "Carrot Top", and he refers to her as his crush.

Jebus Chris. I can't even

Quote from Samiboula

Yep, genius.

Carrot Top: Hey look FNC! Let's go flirt with him!
FNC: What are you doing
Carrot Top: You break my heart!
FNC: no don't worry I still love you!

To be continued.

Quote from Samiboula

Part 2:

*corvo comes along*
FNC: Hey sexy corvo!
Carrot top: There you are again cheating on me ;-;
FNC: No I'm not
Carrot top: Yes you are!
Fluttershy: No he's not, don't worry
Carrot top: Yay!
*carrot top kisses FNC*

The end.

Quote from FutureNyanCat

And for fluttershy, she's the world's sexiest pony----*gets spanked by Fluttershy*


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Run prehistorical creatures and humans, RUN!

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You're absolutely full of madness
r />


As I said. Madness

A WITCHCRAFT! I'm now circle-squared.

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Fluttershy wat?

what is this blasphemy?

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The spy is french, his saying is mentlegen, you paired it with nein making it sound as if he's german and you said go fish.

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We interrupt this Chat Thread to bring you...
The Furure Nyan Cat show!
Starring Future Nyan Cat!
He was abandoned as a Coal Miner...
And was then found by the Chat Thread, which lives in the middle of the Off Topic section, with it's children, the OTters!
But creeeepy stuff happens in the middle of Off Topic...
So it's up to Future Nyan Cat to save his new home!

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Quote from FutureNyanCat

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Are you drunk? O.o

Quote from Cuuldude

Yay! Someone noticed ^-^

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Quote from BloodyPhoenix

And the bump of the day goes to....

Quote from BloodyPhoenix

And another bump of the day goes to....

Quote from FutureNyanCat

And the award-giving person who gave two bumping awards to two bumpers goes to...

(seriously BloodyPhoenix - stop doing those "bump of the day" awards stuff.)

Quote from AnneOnimous

What does the box say?

Bok bok bok bok bok. It boks.

Ready for more? Want the old Comedic Quotes back? Go here:
5000th post, oh yeah -> http://www.minecraft...0#entry20027878
6500th post:
Quote from FutureNyanCat

ATTENTION: All citizens of the OCT, FNC has reached 6500 posts! He's now End Dweller!

8000th post:
Quote from FutureNyanCat

Yeehaa! I'm now Enderman Ender! 8000th post! Sweet!

9999th post (DRAGON EGG?!?):

10000th Post (Enderdragon Slayer):

FNC's Random Stories:
Story 1: When Earth Bluescreened
While I was playing Proto, I got to act five.
Then got an error while playing Proto on Pokki.

I did not click the reboot button, instead I found the other way round. I found a secret button and it plays the MLP theme song all the way until it bluescreens and shows Fluttershy in the beach.

I clicked on Fluttershy and she told me to "GET OFF!" and I click on her so many times that I went to Windows 7. Then finally I typed in "dat sexy fluttershy" and then she punched me in the face.

When I returned to the Minecraft Forums the whole thing is all messed up except for the logo. I clicked on General Off Topic and the nyan cat song is now playing. I returned back to windows xp and then I opened up Proto. I got the time controller out of the game and then I use it to predict that it's the end of the world.

I turned the time controller and things are going fast. I then go to the future.
I got the same error again, but this time there is no reboot button. I clicked on Watch MLP and the earth bluescreened.

When I pressed CTRL+ALT+DELETE the earth disappeared and I was appearing to be floating and everything is floating. Especially most of my classmate's houses and my school. They are all untidied up.

I was lucky I have a time controller. Then I rollback everything what I have done.

Story 2: FNC's Way Out
When FNC was talking to Pinkie Pie he was captured by Discord and for some reason he told him why he was captured by him.

FNC: Why did you capture me you big monster?
Discord: You're talking to my girlfriend. You'll be sent into Luna's prison.
FNC: No!

FNC was taken into Luna's prison. How can he get out? He tried a single key and it won't budge. He tried some TNT and then the prison won't explode! Feeling sad, he slept in bed.

It was still nighttime when he woke up. FNC found a key hanging outside the prison gate. He budged the key with his mechanical tools and it dropped. He got a cane and got the key. He opened the prison gate in no time and he made his way out of jail.

Suddenly, the guards of Princess Luna knew about this! They found a security camera and then they spotted FNC escaping out of prison. They rushed to grab FNC but FNC escaped quickly.

He stopped at a gasoline station containing his fuel for FNC's jetpack. He filled the jetpack with two gallons of fuel, then blasted to the top of the prison and rushed out.

And he was up with the rising sun. He flew with the seagulls, rushing all the way back to his laboratory.

Some phrases and other stuff can abbreviate into FNC. FutureNyanCat also uses this abbreviation, and if you can't tell which is me, read this.
- Is a news channel that is run by Fox
- News and history are here
- American news
- Is a nyan cat of the forum and the future
- Is pretty futuristic unlike the other nyans.
- Was created from my old youtube avatar
- Just a phrase. Nothing to say.
- Really funny.
- Candy
- Very sweet.
- Has sugar in it!
- Wait, it's a cake!
There's a game about the abbreviation FNC. Link: http://www.minecraft...breviation-fnc/

"dat sexy fluttershy"
- Used when seeing Fluttershy images
- This tradition happened when a malfunction in FNC's brains causes him to go crazy and say "dat sexy fluttershy"

"Everyone let's do the dance!"
- Exilius says "What dance?" for this.
- Then FNC posts "The random dance".

"Shut up you sweat cheeks"
- The viral post of FNC.
- First appearance: During a fight between Luvitus and FutureNyanCat
- Is liked always.

"Hey sexy corvo"
- Reference to Gangnam Style.
- Is used when Corvo is around, to herald him.

"Sami <3 Tripp"
- Samiboula love Tripp? What? Nothing to say except it's an One True Pairing.
- This started when Tripp had a crush on Sami.

"FNC <3 Carrot Top"
- I just stated that. It's FNC love Carrot Top. FNC flirts with her.
- There's also a story about FNC <3 Carrot Top made by Samiboula, in the Comedic Quotes sections.

Official Chat Thread Spotlight:
MARCH 5, 2013:

In the Official Chat Thread, there's a Courage The Cowardly Dog parody featuring FNC!
It all started when FNC greeted everyone in the OCT with this:

Quote from FutureNyanCat

We interrupt this post to bring you...



Then the chat thread now prepares for a Courage the Cowardly Dog parody featuring FNC.

I still don't know what's Future Nyan Cat!

About Future Nyan Cat:
Future Nyan Cat is the cousin of the Nyan Cat species. However, compared to the Nyan Cat, he has laser eyes instead of his usual eyes, a TV instead of a poptart, and a jetpack that shoots out azure rainbows instead of the usual Nyan Cat rainbow.

Future Nyan Cat has some strange behavior. Likewise, he posts too random on the Minecraft Forums (as FutureNyanCat). Also, Carrot Top has a crush on FNC which means the baby would have to be a combination of FNC's and Carrot Top's DNA.

Future Nyan Cat always knows when there's a problem. He also changes his type when he rides a pony. (ex. Pinkie Pie = Birthday FNC) He has also an older brother, FNC v2 who is even better than FNC, and his Spy Sheep who try to keep FNC on track, and the Nova Chickens who are once an evil troop of chickens until they became friends with FNC.

Future Nyan Cat's space station is full of futuristic surprises. He can see the whole map of Equestria, detect Earth from space, and read information about the different ponies he has seen before.

He starred in his blooper series on YouT
ube by Jaden1291, as a user on the Minecraft Forums and Cheezburger, and in FutureNyanCat's Pixel Art and even in the 16x16 texture pack FNC's Tweaks. He has a starring role in the Let's Make A Planet (New) roleplay by FutureNyanCat.

Did you know?
- FNC originated from my SMW sprite sheet of a nyan cat, but I didn't submit that to the forums until now.
- I like Oggy and the cockroaches, the show that no one ever likes. Too weird.
- Carrot Top loves flirting on FNC. (she's a pony)
- There's a doctor who FNC in one of my previous signatures.
- I was originally Jaden1291.
- FNC was originally named as Future Nyan.
- FNC is featured in the LMAP (New) roleplay.
- Both FNC and Exilius are filipinos.
- Whenever I see a pixel pony on DeviantART, I will save it so that I can create pixel art with it later.
- I'm a fan of Adventure Time and Regular Show.
- I'm 1st honor in school. (just to not make my parents angry!)
- I have a crush, but I can't tell you. IT'S A SECRET, you know.
- We know what the fox says, but please read this:
"but there's one sooound, that no-one knoooows....

"Dun dun dun dun dun dun dun beep beep beep beep beep"
(Dun - Critical Stop sound, Beep - Default Beep sound)

Snow Luigi and the Sign in: Sexy Devine

NOTE: This is my crush. Devine Grace E. Padlan! WHY DO I TELL SECRETS.

And now, for the ending of FNC's About Me Page:
Thanks for visiting my About Me Page! Stay tuned for more updates!
Interests Check the about me page above.

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