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Hey guys,

Well, I'm Flenix. I bought minecraft back in Alpha 0.2 after I saw a few friends playing it, and I've been hooked since.
I ran a server for about two and a half years. Some of you may remember it, it was called "Silvania" - it actually still exists, on a much smaller scale though.

These days, I've taken to modding. I've got a few mods going with Forge, a couple that are released and a few more in progress which I want to release relatively soon.

Other than that, I enjoy being creative. Any sort of creative media I'm willing to try my hand at- especiallly things like video editing, animation and music production. Got a project? Hit me up, I do most things for free because I want the experience!

Well, thanks for stopping by. Make sure you sign up on my forums or follow my twitter/like me on Facebook!

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Interests Games, Coding, Creativiity & World Design, Animation, Video Editing, Music Production... Anything in creative media really.

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