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Hello, my name is Funni. I am 13, and used to live in Houston, Texas but now live in Oklahoma. I lived in texas my whole life but then moved to oklahoma earlier this year. I tend to forget certain things easily and space out in certain situations and get nostalgic for 2016 and before because I see those years as before I had to worry about everything I have to now. And yeah, that's it for about me.


I like to play video games, particularly Roblox, Minecraft and lots of other games. You get the idea. When I don't play video games, I like to go outside and pet my cat and play with him, he's quite intelligent for a cat. He's one of a kind and he just makes me laugh, smile and even get confused sometimes. I'm lucky to have a cat like him, he's really good to talk to. I also love riding my bike, last summer I used to be really in shape but now riding uphill on my bike is a struggle for me. That's about it for my interests, I don't really have friends especially because of this stupid virus so I can't go out and socialize with other people. So yeah, that's it tbh.

Location USA

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