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    posted a message on [TEKKIT] Weakman's 100% pure survival tekkit server ! [24/7] [24 Slot]
    Quote from BZERK122
    • IGN:BZERK122
    • Age (Optional):20
    • Name / Nickname (Something to call you):Dan
    • Why our server ?:I've always wanted to try out a tekkit server.
    • Why do you think you are worthy of being user ?:I am really good with all the tekkit mods!
    • Anything else you would like to tell us ?:Hopefuly you can accept me!

    Quote from mickemini

    you are accepted :)

    I wouldn't.
    Bzerk122 just griefed out the server i was on about 20 min ago(Ednoscraft).
    Not sure how, but he got admin powers and then just went nuts with lava, mob spawns, and killing players.
    I bailed.

    just some FYI, as i have no server to build on right now, i'll just be waning people about him here today.
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    posted a message on EdnosCraft! [PvP] [Factions] *120 Slots* [NEW] [Great staff] [24/7] [Epic]
    yea seriously.
    BZERK122 and MrColo, were both just on the server, had somehow obtained admin power and just started griefing out the place.
    They are 100% right, that as long as they join the server(any server) it's going to be **** and lame to try and play on.
    Avoid any server they seem to be active on
    Both are trolls.
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    posted a message on EdnosCraft 125slot Looking For Builders and Admins
    So is this a real server or is this a griefer/troll sinkhole?
    The few admins/mods I have seen on seem questionable at best(Q:"why did you _____?" A; "because i can."), and every other day a griefer gets admin powers and just starts going bonkers all over the server.
    Server was just taken over by some BEZRK122 and MyColo. trashed spawn, killed players, gave admin to neon who then banned everyone else left on(but me).
    I bailed on that scene.

    What gives here?
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    posted a message on Builder(admin/mod) seeks "mature players" PvP/survival server.
    Builder position desired, can admin/mod as needed.

    I'm happy to answer any questions here or in PMs.
    If you want to plan a time for VoIP Q&A/interview I'm glad to do that as well.
    I am actively checking out servers while this is posted. If i find something I'll post here and close thread, I'm just hoping this may cut down my search time a little.
    Glad to come be a player on your server, while you get to know me.

    You(server owner/the server):
    Is PvP oriented with at least 30 slots and hopes/plans to grow.

    Is fairly new, i would like to be getting in on the ground floor more or less.

    Is located on the North American content(too much lag for me over seas)

    Wants to keep it's community at least a little "mature" through some combo of age limits and/or behavior expectations. Backed up by a willingness to ban for out of bounds behavior(If there is a mark of maturity it is self control. Age can only be used to calculate the odds on the bet).

    Uses some plug-ins(anti-cheat/anti-battle logging stuff, factions, maybe shops) but nothing overly complex(like multi-verse pve+pvp)
    and nothing too focused (prison, hunger games, etc.).

    Has expectations of players earning their way, not a lot of freebie /kits, or /tp anywhere,
    everywhere(/spawn /f home at most).

    Attempts to balance high player expectations while remaining open/friendly to noobs(this is tricky, and like a tight rope act there is no auto-pilot, you just have to work at it all the time).

    Has or plans to have some form of VoIP.

    A builder at heart who prefers a PvP style of server to builder/creative servers(I just find them more interesting).

    I work mostly in MC people scale not big/huge scale(avg. room height about 3-4 blocks).

    I FRAPS, there will be no BSing what went on when I'm around.

    I'm old enough to not have time for BS. I value honesty as a trait above all others, and can tolerate a lot from someone who is at least honest.

    Plenty of experience with MC(bought this when it was $3 i think), as well as just being a gamer in general(not a mod developer or anything like that though).

    Easy going for the most part but I have no tolerance for somethings(like racism).

    Enjoy helping noobs learn the ropes, but not about to become google/wiki/parent for anyone. Helps those who help themselves so to speak.

    I believe 2nd chances are something you earn, not something you get for free. That part about self control up there. I understand we all loose it once in a while. The question is, has someone yet demonstrated any self control or not?

    Likely to be online 4-7 days a week, 1-4+ hours a day depending on RL. I keep a fairly routine schedule so you can get used to when you will see me online.

    I enjoy planning and hosting events, but i do prefer player driven communities over spoon fed ones.

    If let loose i'll be off in the wilds building things to be found and/or occupied, and probably an arena or two for events.
    Most things i build don't satisfy me, so map resets won't bother me. It's just another chance to try to perfect something.
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    posted a message on EdnosCraft 125slot Looking For Builders and Admins
    Ok you got my interest.


    Older than most I will bet

    Decades of gaming, enjoy team work, and easy going...but not tolerant of some things(like racism).
    Had MC for some time now so lots of exp with this game.

    I tend to build in MC people scale instead of big/giant/huge stuff(room height
    of about 3-4 blocks avg. instead of 8+)
    I do useable buildings and structures more than icon/pixel art and artsy stuff, I also do some landscaping, but less of that as MC map generation has gotten more complex. I dig on most anything made in mc world even if it's cliche pixel art(I critique , not criticize).

    Been on several servers, some for a few days, or weeks, a couple for many months though they are defunct now(I think).
    Never banned, i work well in groups and appreciate honesty above all other traits.
    Have run my own game servers from time to time(CS, TFC, TF2).

    I'm more of a builder, but prefer to play on PvP/survival servers as I just find them more interesting than builder/creative servers.
    I can also provide mod time if wanted though i do tend to be a little...well as Vader would say about me, "not as forgiving as I am".

    Turned loose I'll be off in the wilds building things to be discovered and maybe even occupied, would probably also build an arena at/near spawn for events.
    Or given direction i can help expand any project you have in mind.
    Also I tend to enjoy the act of building so i'm more likely to spawn items to build with than use a world edit for building stuff.

    Got a VoIP going yet?
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    posted a message on Poll: Fortress-based Faction PvP Server
    Yes i would say. maybe a "yes, but with/without" as a single vote option.
    sounds interesting.

    maybe not too small a map size. players need a little down time now and then, and to have some of the other things MC has to offer(exploration and building, not just fighting).
    And if it's too small, it gets too hard for noobs to join and get a foot hold going.
    Join, spawn, explore just a little, get killed. Rinse repeat a few time more and, get tired of it, find another server.
    A server that's too hard for noobs to get going on will find it's not getting a steady in stream of players and that can end a server fairly fast(people are always leaving so you need to also have people always joining).

    I have often wanted a basic factions style plug-in that offered some limited land/chest control/protection. but that that protection was only ON when XofY or less was logged in.
    So it basically only protected your faction spot when your faction was mostly offline.
    Say 2/10 or less is protected, more then 2 logged in, protect it yourself.
    If it's always protected or never protected then the one plan is to just wait till no one is around(logged in) to stop you from destroying/looting. If however you could only really attack it when they were online...

    As for resources i thought it would be interesting if spots on the map had replenishing resources, so that controlling this or that bit of land actually mattered.
    Say 3-4 "mines" of each resource type that replenished x blocks or resource per/hour
    In such a way that a group could not just wait until the replenish hour to collect it all but had to work it regularly over the course of a day while also defending it(presumably with a base on or near the "mine").
    Mines could not be faction "owned" so any/all players could come in and take from it at any time, if it was unguarded.

    So yes to faction based base wars as a general idea.
    But be sure to have a bit of variety, as that's part of the general MC appeal i think.
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    posted a message on [18+ Only] [1.2.5] *** MatureCraft *** [PvP/PvE] [Hunger Games] [Great Community]
    so maybe an issue or two.

    I log in and am spawned not where i logged out.
    looking down i see...coolioman or someone with a name like that, on a block below me.
    as he is taking down blocks from the map built structure he is in/i am on, he hits me and it kills me in one punch....in PvE world(I don't think he was expecting to kill me).

    Each time i respawn after that it spawns me in some blocks and i die(I have no /home or anything set so i expect to respawn at PvE spawn).
    when i do manage to use the /mv spawn before i die in the block i am spawned in, it spawns me way high in the air and i almost die from the fall.
    Then if I walk off in any direction after about 2-6 blocks away i am respawned in the air again where the /mv spawn put me and i fall to my death.

    So some issues i guess to work out...

    all that has set me to power lvl -10 now, from 2 I think. As well as having given my collected goods to whom ever killed me when i first logged in(not that i had a lot, but it was more than 0).

    Anyway just letting you know that somethings have issues.
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    posted a message on [18+ Only] [1.2.5] *** MatureCraft *** [PvP/PvE] [Hunger Games] [Great Community]
    Well new ideas are great. i love the idea of trying to have the best of both worlds for builders and fighters.
    As with all things new obviously(after being on a min or two) there will be some issues to work out, but that's just the way things work.
    Glad to be helping out with bug finds and such for this new concept. I think this is going to really kick some ass and am so happy i am able to be in on the ground floor with this,
    Anyone interested in a fighter/builder mixed world should be checking out this server where builders can go nuts with art and fighters can get a start on things without the well established gangs rubbing their face in it from the get go.

    Way to go yall!!!!
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    posted a message on [18+ Only] [1.2.5] *** MatureCraft *** [PvP/PvE] [Hunger Games] [Great Community]
    I was wondering about the server store.
    Just seems a bit odd the options of what is and is not being bought.
    All basic block would of course be understood, but the mix of other things...what is that makes the cut and others not?
    ingots, and lapis but not redstone. produced brick blocks but not fence and many other player made items.
    Juts seems kind of arbitrary so I thought i would ask how it was decided.

    Good plan to keep "inflation" down by dropping the jobs, but maybe add a few other sell options like string, and such to let players sell things to get a little $ going for ranks. And i also like not all things at the store as that would tend to push out player stores.
    Can things be set up such that server store buys somethings only and not also sells them?
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    posted a message on [18+ Only] [1.2.5] *** MatureCraft *** [PvP/PvE] [Hunger Games] [Great Community]

    1: Planet Minecraft: http://www.planetmin...rver/maturepvp/ link from OP appears to be not working.

    2: TeamSpeak server is down right now while i build a new system(R.I.P. old server you served me well). Will be back up by wed. I think.


    Something said in chat made me think it would be interesting if there was a rank you could only get if another player(who had been with the server X days, or had X rank, or some minimum something), sponsored you for it. But that the person's behavior who got the rank would somehow be connected to the sponsor so it was something you really earned as people would be reluctant to just let you buy it from them.
    No real details in mind past the: rank for some benefit, rank is got from sponsorship by another player, in some way that a sponsor would be unlikely to just sell the sponsorship to someone.

    I run a stock MC client, no mods/add-ons.
    Am i fool? Are there some add-ons/mods I really should be running that i'm just screwing myself for not using?
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    posted a message on [18+ Only] [1.2.5] *** MatureCraft *** [PvP/PvE] [Hunger Games] [Great Community]
    I've come back. Managed to claw my way out of the SWtoR pit.
    Glad to see the server is still around.
    same IGN FullFrontalYeti
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    posted a message on [18+ Only] [1.2.5] *** MatureCraft *** [PvP/PvE] [Hunger Games] [Great Community]
    I would consider increasing the size of the protected spawn area just a little.
    If the area is too small it's easy for the lowlifes(which can be me sometimes) to basically spawn camp.

    If server/MC noobs have too hard a time just getting started they my bail fast and go elsewhere.
    i'd hate to lose a potentially good PvP player to a build server cause they kept getting killed right out of the gates.

    Not that it's too bad right now, but just a thought, as i have seen places where it's been a bit of a problem.

    Also maybe someway to free up claimed land from factions that have realistically moved off the server.
    I run across some faction lands from time to time that belong to factions i have never seen anyone on from in a week now.

    -looking out for the noobs
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    posted a message on [18+ Only] [1.2.5] *** MatureCraft *** [PvP/PvE] [Hunger Games] [Great Community]
    I think shops should be leased and not bought.
    Not suggesting that anyone should do a lot of IRL work to track who needs to pay what, when. But if a plug-in was around that could auto-deduct $ from a shop leasers account i think leased shops would be a better thing for a server.

    It would keep shops from going stale and just being camped on by someone who thought they wanted it but then never used it. Or players who come in and later move on to other things would not camp on a shop for as long.

    This might also help a server not need a huge pile of shops, as there would probably be more churn, with shops coming open faster after players leave, or decide not to bother being shop keepers.

    Basically i think things that make life a little better for server noobs(and/or MC noobs) is a need thing for all servers. Players come and go and if a server is not open/noob friendly it's player base can quickly vanish.
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    posted a message on [18+ Only] [1.2.5] *** MatureCraft *** [PvP/PvE] [Hunger Games] [Great Community]
    Still playing here and enjoying it.
    Nice core group of folks, friendly but not too chat spammy.

    A few FYI items for the admins.

    The server store will buy log stacks, but only light brown wood, no dark brown or white wood can be sold there.

    The jobs mod allows up to 3 jobs at once max.

    It may be a good idea to put up some info signs at spawn to let noobs know they should sign up for jobs before they head out into the world. I didn't know about all that and spent my first 2 days "working" for free, so to speak.

    With the addition of the Jobs mod it may help reign in the money flow a little if the server store was removed.
    You get $ for chopping the wood($2 a block think), planting the saplings($2 each i think), and then later selling the wood back to the server too($64 a stack).
    That works out to $3 per wood block, which is almost $200 a stack+ whatever saplings you replanted.
    This is more or less the same for all resource gathering jobs.

    Maybe cut back on then number of jobs you can have to two or just one(if that can be done).
    Or if you can cut back on what's earned, like $.5 for every log instead of $2 for each.
    That is if you want to slow down the cash flow a little.
    I'm just say'n, i don't have any personal opinions about an economy really.

    Lastly i would see about discouraging factions from claiming land right outside of spawn.
    There is a no building too close to spawn rule, and i see it's mostly followed, but factions are still claiming land right outside of spawn.
    That's kind of the zone that the server noobs are probably looking to get their initial resource gathering before heading too far out into the land, but they can't as the land is claimed.
    So they are forced to go pretty far from spawn with nothing in hand and so far more at the mercy(something i don't expect to get on an MC server) of the peeps who have been around longer.

    Making sure the noobs can get a fairly quick foot hold is helpful for any server new or old.

    Anyway having a good time on the server, just thought i would give some feed back here until the server site is live for use.
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