About Me
First Thing's First
In an industry that sometimes forgets who it is serving, we’ll always remember that you, our customers are the number one priority. We figure the best way to serve our clients is to keep things simple and honest, so thanks for taking the time to learn about who we are and what we do. We would also love to learn more about what's important to you, so get in touch.

What’s it all about?

Full Effect Hosting was formed by a few like-minded gamers who saw a gap in the gaming server industry. We’ve been around online multiplayer gaming for years, often sold services that simply did not meet the standards we demanded. We know there is a right way to provide server hosting, and it starts with the needs of the customer. We want to understand what you need, give you what you want, and be there for support whenever you need it. But unlike others out there we won’t over promise and under deliver.

What We Offer

Our goal as a company is simple: to offer a great service at a great price. We aim to set a new standard in our industry for being open and honest, truly listening to our customers and always providing the highest quality service that we can. We don’t think that’s too much to ask, do you?

Back to the Future

Really, the future of Full Effect Hosting is all about where our customers take us. Our goal of superior customer service at great prices will remain unchanged as we develop more gaming and web hosting services.

In the end it’s simple. If you are happy playing the games you love to play, we’re happy working away to support you.
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