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    I am trying to make a custom villager that will have 5 trades, 1 trade for each of the gem types provided by Xisumavoids Treasure gem datapack (multiple villagers if necessary). Ideally the villager will accept 1 of the gems from Xisumavoids Treasure Gems datapack and give 1 Moneybag from the Minecraft Heads website. The moneybag will be used on a separate villager as currency to buy custom items (already working). Using MCStacker I can create a villager that will accept the Gems from Minecraft Heads and trade them for Moneybags but apparently the heads provided by Minecraft Heads are different from those in the Treasure Gems datapack as the villager wont accept gems from Xisumavoids datapack.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. It would be amazing if anyone is using a similar villager and could provide the string to input into the command block .


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    I don't know the math but what your describing was kinda what my intuition was saying was happening. I've been working on lighting caves up off and on for about a month now, and hope I have most lit. Im going to drop my AFK spot down to between Y 30 and 40 and see how that works.

    Again thanks a lot for following this post and offering your insight.

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    Hello Hexalobula,

    I appreciate the help, thank you very much.

    the coordinates for the four corners of each of my 4 Huts are

    X - Z

    Hut #1





    Hut #2


    -649 1040



    Hut #3





    Hut #4





    My Highest Y coordinate is 72, and the floor of my killing shafts are at Y 30.

    I tried the coordinates you gave me at Y 120 and got basically no drops from my two currently operational Huts. I moved down to Y 59 and got Drops but not nearly as many as if I AFK on the temporary platform i've built at Y 120 directly over the center of each hut.

    Any further thoughts you have on this problem would be greatly appreciated.

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    Awesome, thanks a lot for the input, i will give that a shot

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    Hello everyone,

    I am sure this topic has been discussed many times before, but I am in need of some help. I am building a quad witch hut setup on my survival world. I know this will be extremely overkill for my resource needs but am building it more for the fun of building the large project then for the resources. I am not great with math and am having trouble finding the proper afk spot which will activate all four huts reliably. I would be greatly appreciative if someone with more math knowledge and experience could help me out with this problem.

    The coordinates for my four witch huts are -

    Hut #1 X -506 / Z 867

    Hut #2 X -652 / Z 867

    Hut #3 X -652 / Z 1044

    Hut #4 X -492 / Z 1028

    My killing method is by drop shaft which terminates at Y level 30

    Thanks in advance for any help the community can offer.

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