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    Hard to believe its been so long since this server has been up. Saying I miss it and all of you would be an understatement.
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    Ah, I was about to apply, and I see that things aren't working properly?
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    I can't get onto the server :/ my internet's great and it says the stream ended every time I try. What's up?
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    Minecraft Username: Fulked_Up
    Age: 15
    Gender (Male/Female): Female
    Country of Residence: USA

    Your Character's Background (Roleplaying)(5 Sent. Min.): Amaria "Shadalia" Babet is a English woman from the Colonial times. She'd been through many rough times, including her entire family dying in a house fire, even her two year old daughter. She currently finds it hard to trust anyone, as it had been her closet friend that had started the fire. Nearly completely alone, with the exception of her new found love and husband, Chip Babet(Not in the game), Shay, as she prefers to be called, is trying to regain her confidence and trust in the world around her, along with herself. Sadly, when the outbreak began, she and Chip were separated. Shadalia knows not her husband's fate, but hopes to find some trace of him alive, as she fights for her life against the undead.
    An Image of your Character (as you imagine them):

    Why do you want to join OUR server? (2 Sent. Min.): I'd like to join your server because it seems extraordinarily well thought out, and entertaining. I find survival games particularly enjoyable, especially zombie-survival.
    What can you bring to the community? (2 Sent. Min.): I can bring skillful writing, as well as another good player to the community. I also can bring safehouses for those who lose their homes within the game. I'm a skillful Minecraft-architect.

    Do you have a microphone (Yes/No): yes
    Will you be active on our Ventrillo (Yes/No): hmm, perhaps

    Have you read all the rules? Lieing will result in perm. denied. (Yes/No): Yes.
    Have you read and understood the lore? Lieing will result in perm. denied. (Yes/No): Yes.
    Do you understand the Game Mechanics / Currency system? (Yes/No):Yes.

    Have you downloaded and installed our custom texturepack? (Yes/No): Yes.
    Have you registered on our Official Forums? (Yes/No (If yes, what's your name on the forums?)): No, but I shall after I submit this.

    Any other information you would like us to know about you: For the record, I drew my character reference.

    Edit: Oops, I'm sorry. I forgot to add this:

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