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    I've stated this a few times before, and I don't really post all that much, but here it goes;

    The problem with making a "sandbox" style game, is that every single user is unique in their own way, and wants to play the game their own specific way. You're never going to please everyone, hell, you'd be lucky to please even 25% of your player-base completely. What Mojang should of focused on from the very start is the environment. Craft the world we play in. Stop adding all this superfluous crap, and take it back to the basics. Give us more ore, fix the biomes, work on your terrain generation. Sure, you can add different dimensions, that would be great.

    But none of us are going to agree in the end with all the things added. I remember the hatred towards beds when they were introduced, because it gave the players a way to skip night, which had just become scary again due to Notch making it so mobs could actually hurt you in SMP.

    Just give us the modding API we've been waiting for all year. Make it so mods are as easy as dragging and dropping, and you will have pleased all of its players. That way, we can add whatever WE feel we want to play. I guarantee once they release it (if they ever do), within 2-3 months we will have every mod we could possibly want and more. Then poof, no more threads complaining about how Notch didn't add {insert item here} and how he promised {insert feature here}.

    Just my 2 cents.
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