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    posted a message on ~Zeronia~Fresh Server~Hard~Semi Vanilla~Whitelist~Looking for active community member~16+

    Ingame name: FruitySponge

    Discord name: FruitySponge#2179

    Tell me a bit about you and your minecraft experience and history: Started playing quite a few years ago both vanilla and modded. Recently got back into it after getting bored of most other games. Haven't had much luck finding a long lasting SMP server but I'm definitely willing to put the time in if other people are playing :). Not the greatest minecrafter ever but i'm learning as I go.


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    posted a message on Vanilla SMP server - LIVE NOW!!

    AGE - 23

    INGAME NAME - FruitySponge

    WHY YOU WOULD LIKE TO JOIN - The SMP im currently on is dead 90% of the time so I'd like to jump into another that has an active player base. Community on it is fine but its just inactive. Pretty frequent player so i'll be on most days for at least an hour. Some days for way longer than that

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    posted a message on Corpus Craft - [ 1.14.4 ]-[ 24/7 ]-[ Vanilla ]-[ Mature 18+ ]-[Community]

    Name: Andrew[/b]

    Minecraft Username: FruitySponge[/b]

    Age: 23[/b]
    Time zone: CST[/b]

    What type of player are you? Miner, somewhat builder[/b]

    How did you find the server? Digging through the forums on this website for a server I could dedicate some time to.[/b]

    What are some of your hobbies? Gaming is a probably the biggest one, I also enjoy fishing and Frisbee golfing during the summer.[/b]

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    posted a message on (16+) SMP Retro - White-listed, Vanilla, Head Drops, LONG LASTING

    IGN: FruitySponge

    Discord: FruitySponge#2179

    Age- 23

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    posted a message on Novemia | Vanilla | PvE - Server | Survival | 18+ | Discord | Whitelist |

    MC Username: FruitySponge
    Age(prefer +18): 23
    Location: United States
    How active can you be: Pretty frequently, I work full time during the week but still will have a few hours to play every day or so.
    Why you would like to join: I've tried joining a few servers that are similar lately and they keep dying off within a day or 2. Just looking for a group of people I can play with pretty consistently for more than a week at a time.

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    posted a message on Vanilla Survival Server! No mods, not plugins, just Minecraft.

    IGN: FruitySponge

    Age?: 23

    Do you agree to all the rules?: Yep!

    Are you interested in playing together? or going off and build a base? I'd be down for either, I'd probably make a personal base somewhere but I'd definitely be interested in group building.

    How long have you been playing Minecraft?: A few years. I took a break until a month or so ago and have been getting back into it like crazy lately.

    Do you think you'll be active in the server?: Yeah, I work full-time during the week but I still have a few hours of free time after work to play. Weekends are also mostly open.

    Discord?: Yep! FruitySponge#2179

    What do you like to do in vanilla?: Mining and exploring are my favorite things. Strip mining can be a hoot when you run into cave systems.

    Are you okay with being pranked?: Sure as long as its not destroying or gieifing my stuff

    Pictures of your builds: Currently don't have any. Not gonna lie I'm not a pro builder but i'm still learning as I go.

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    posted a message on Donk Craft SMP | 1.14.3 | Vanilla | Whitelisted | Hermitcraft/Mindrack Like Server | NEW Server Looking for Players

    Minecraft Name/IGN: FruitySponge

    Discord: FruitySponge#2179

    Age: 23

    Country/Timezone: US CDT Donk

    Info about yourself: Pretty laid back, have enjoyed gaming for quite a while now. Accepting of anyone regardless of who they are. I do work full-time during the week but I'll still have a chunk of time to play after work as well as on the weekends.

    Why do you want to join? I've been getting back into minecraft lately with all the stuff I've been seeing about it and have enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would. Solo survival is getting a bit lonely for me.

    Skills/Strengths in MC: I can dedicate myself to something for way too long which is a great thing for this game haha. Not exactly a pro builder but I'm working on it slowly but surely.

    Examples of builds you made (optional): Not exactly a pro so anything I post here would just be basic looking builds.

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