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    Unfortunately I'm having a problem. I downloaded this mod so I could build a custom nether portal, but whenever I place a portal block directly next to another one they cancel each other out and disappear. If anyone knows why it's doing this and/or a way to solve it please let me know.
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    I was playing in my hardcore world and was getting low on blaze rods. I go to the nether with an enchanted diamond sword, full iron armor, diamond pick, and collected about 30 blaze rods before my potion of fire resistance wore off (I took it before hand 'cause it makes it a lot easier to kill blazes). I go back across the nether only to find my portal unlit and the ONE thing I forgot to bring with me was a flint and steel... I soon got hungry, attempted to get rotten flesh from pigmen, and ended up getting mauled by at least 15 of them... So glad I at least backed up my world save from a couple days ago!
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