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    No trapped Chest texture
    Fireworks while shooting look like random things (for me, looks like ender pearl, for a friend, looks like gold nugget)
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    Quote from Dangeresque486

    That's weird, I have no idea why it wouldn't work.

    I've tried renaming, re-zipping, just about everything I can think of, and I can just not get it to download the texture pack. Really odd.

    EDIT: I just tried taking a texture pack I know works, deleting everything it it's zip, and moving all of this texture packs files into it. Crazy and backwards I know, but wanted to see if it changed anything. It didn't. Still will not grab the texture pack.

    EDIT2: https://mojang.atlas.../MC-2134��Looks like the file size limit is 10megs, and your pack is 11 :(

    EDIT3: That was it. I fixed it by opening the zip and deleting the 5MB of pictures in title/bg since if my users are downloading it for the multiplayer server they will never see those panoramic picture on the title screen anyway.

    EDIT4: I imagine that bug is going to get a LOT of hits now that HD texture packs are supported. As server owners upgrade there are going to be a lot of people complaining, lol
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    Is there a reason why when I load this texture pack on to a server, add it to my server.properties file that I doesn't send it to clients? Every other texture pack I have tried works fine. On this one, the client only downloads a 0kb zip file (named properly) and doesn't actually get the texture pack. If I replace that 0kb file (in the 'texturepacks-mp-cache' folder) with the texture pack it works fine, but then everyone that connects would have to do that manually and I'm not looking for that.
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    Quote from hippomormor

    I'm having crashes on my server when clients enter some ungenerated areas :(
    Here's the full log:

    I have this same error.
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    Quote from Morlok8k

    as far as i know, biome information is embedded in the anvil format - thus we don't need to extract the biome info like we used to.

    mcmap does work with the 12w26a snapshot.

    just a helpful piece of info: every time you double the world size, (like from 1000x1000 to 2000x2000) the size on disk quadruples. (its not exact, because the save files are compressed.)

    the delay you mention is the snapshot. its taking longer to save than older versions of the server. (I'm assuming that you don't have waitsave enabled - its default is off.) I've noticed this myself, and there is nothing i can do about it!

    I'm aware that 2000 x 2000 is four times bigger then 1000 x 1000. But the size on disc, and the size of the overviewer map, are doing more then quadrupling in my tests. Size on disc for the world is going up around 4.5 times, which isn't that big a deal (until you start dealing in the kind of size I'm planning) and size of the map is going up by about 6 times, which is HUGE.
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    Quote from Afflicted_One

    The lighting issues are really starting to **** me off, Jeb and Nathan have thus far neglected the bug, and have shown no signs of even acknowledging it exists.

    But whoop de do, ("guess what? It's a hardware problem, not a update problem, your computer just sucks!") or ("It will be fixed in the next snapshot anyway!") This is how the minecraft community responds to everything wrong with their precious game, I have seen these two arguments time and time again on the forums, in relation to the lighting bug.

    I don't like to brag about my PC specs, but lets just say I can more than handle any game at max settings. Secondly, every thread that acknowledges a bug gets shot down, with the OP getting belittled. The snapshots are here for testing and reporting bugs, not pretending they don't exist.

    Further more, almost every week for the last 5 or 6 weeks (who is keeping track?) I've seen someone say "they will fix X bug in the next snapshot, stop crying". Clearly Mojang isn't going to fix these bugs if everyone keeps quiet about it.

    This has been a issue in multiplayer forever. Notch has even attempted to fix it a couple of times. Unless one of them stumbles across something in the code along the means of MakeLightingLookLikeCrap=True, don't expect it to be fixed anytime soon.
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    Quote from Morlok8k

    Thats a nice looking map!

    Minecraft Overviewer is pretty awesome. Its basically the only thing that works well for giant maps. MCmap works too - but loading up the resulting image of a 10,000 x 10,000 map takes about an hour in Gimp, and uses many gigs of temp files too!

    As for your feature request, I have been kicking that idea around for a while. I have the basic steps i need to do written down on paper - i just need to code it! I'd need to rewrite my basic loop so it figures out the spawn points first (or read them from a list if you want to do something custom), then launches the server based on that list. I would also write a file in the world folder that would keep track of what MLG has already done, so it can avoid those chunks (i'd have a command line flag that would force going over existing sections).

    At least with the current program, it is very quick when it goes over existing sections.

    Well, MCmap would be all fine and dandy (the resulting png isn't a problem, I can always use something like zoom.it), but I can't get the biome extractor to work with the snapshot. Also not sure mcmap would work with the snapshot either. I could always meet in the middle and use pigmap I guess.

    4000 x 4000 World=360M Map=2.4G was the results of my last test.

    The biggest limitation I am going to have with this project is mapping it it looks like >.<

    Edit: Just started my little script (uses MLG/Minecraft Overviewer) to generate and map a 32,000 x 32,000 world. I'm fairly sure I have enough disk space to handle the resulting map, but I guess we will see.

    Also, I don't know if it's because of the latest snap shot or what, but there is a HUGE delay, even when going over existing sections on the saving. It only takes about 5-9 seconds for everything, then 20 seconds to save each pass.
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    Quote from Morlok8k

    well someone on the poll has said they made a 1,000,000 x 1,000,000 block map! I'd love to know some details! how long it took, how much space it takes, etc.

    Or maybe they were joking around... idk, it is the internet after-all!

    First off, let me say I love this program, I used it to generate a preview of the map we are going to be using when the 1.3 update hits (10,000 x 10,000) here:

    I was having so much fun playing with it, I decided I would dust off a old server I have laying around here and see what the largest map I can generate is (2 x dual core xenons, 10 gigs of ram, 6 x 74 gig scsci drives in a raid 0).

    The issue I am going to have isn't generating the world using your program, I'm fairly sure I can do that do that to some insane scale relatively easily. It's a matter of making the map of it afterwards. I'm currently running tests now, but so far:

    1000 x 1000 World=19M Map=71M
    2000 x 2000 World=81M Map=417M

    (using minecraft overviewer for the map)

    As you can see, the map is going to take up a HUGE amount of space over the actual world. I'm trying to work out what I want to do right now.

    Also, I have a feature request. How about a option where it remembers previous scans on the same world, so it doesn't have to do them over again. This could be helpful for people with growing maps. for example, they run MLG with 750 x 750 to make there map pretty, then two weeks later they have to run it at 1500 x 1500 cause the map has grown. Then maybe 5000 x 5000, then 8000 x 8000, etc. If MLG remembered what the last settings it generated to where for that world, it could skip repeating. This is also extremely important for servers that run mapping programs that use last modified stamps to determine what needs to be re-rendered, for instance, Minecraft Overviewer.
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    Quote from Rumsey

    Can you name a place where the terrain is made of cloth? I'm pretty sure there isn't any =p

    Well, that must mean the dark red blocks I'm seeing on the world map for Kalimdor are netherbricks, and the black blocks out lining that mountain range are obsidian.

    Orgimmmar zone is made up what looks like entirely Netherbricks (I thought it was cloth originally), and also that mountain area to the west of it (it's been a while since I played WoW). While that may match the correct color for those areas, that was the type of thing I was talking about, having that entire zone in netherbricks is functionally strange for survival due to the netherbricks properties (and close up looks, but that can be changed with a texture pack). Of course, a mod cause change that I guess.

    Obsidian also seems to be another brick that is used, maybe not commonly, but frequently enough to warrant maybe a check to see if there could be another way to do some of those areas. There are some areas I see on the map where it is used en masse, where it would not functionally or thematically make sense for it to be there (tho it does look quite well).

    The zone to the south east on Kalimdor also has huge uses of cloth (that's GOT to be cloth). I can't quite remember what is supposed to be over there that color, but a custom texture pack might be in order that colors blocks that you are not using (such as say, the different color wood blocks or the mushroom biome blocks, if you aren't using them of course) to those colors so that they could be made of something other then cloth.

    Those where the type of things I was talking about. Please, take no offense, it was just my thoughts, and I mean in no way to belittle your accomplishments.
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    Quote from joemit46

    I agree with you there. However I don't think anyone will use this map for survival.

    Well, with the changes I mentioned, I would LOVE to host it as a primary survival map. I think with the right texture pack and mods, a pre-generated world like this (doesn't have to be Azeroth...just any large scale world with roads and towns/cities) would make a fun survival server.

    A mod that spawn new comers in a random city on their spawn to "seed" the world, one that so the Gate takes you outlands. One that handles all the ship routes in some form, etc.
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    First off I want to say the scale of this is truly amazing, and Rumsey, you deserve all kinds of praise for you effort and skill to do what you have done so far. I would make for awesome in creative mode, or even a adventure map.

    What I would love to see tho, is some tweaks to the conversion program/script/whatever you are using to generate based off block types instead of block color in instances of terrain. I see a lot of screen shots where cloth is making up giant portions of the terrain so the color matches correctly. While this looks aesthetically pleasing, it may not be very functional for survival.

    Then, random terrain generation bellow the map as normal minecraft generation goes as far as cave systems and ore placement (minus where WoW already has underground areas of course).

    After that is done, and you have and good starting template, host it in a private server and get a dedicated team of "restoration specialists" to go thru the map and touch it up. Working from town to town, a good size team should be able to handle it relatively quickly.

    The final map would be a functional, hand crafted WoW->Minecraft conversion that not only follow and mimics Azeroth completely, it stays true to the minecraft formula so it stays functional as a playable map in survival.

    Of course, that's just my crazy dream. What you currently have accomplished is beautiful, and even if you where to stop tomorrow you would have something to be proud off. Keep up the good work!
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    Quote from xellllex

    while touring my server I recently observed something. Since notch implemented the new spawn system <<<<< this is the reason why there are so many bears, every animals in mo creatures spawns in a very unique biomes which is kinda balanced that way it will be easy to hunt :happy.gif:. So here are my results on my server..

    Bears <<< spawn at SAND and SNOW biomes
    Horses <<< GRASS land and PLAINS biomes
    rabbits << little in FOREST biomes GRASS land biomes moderate
    Bigcats <<< Mountain GRASS and PLAINS biomes sometimes I found a few on desert biomes like 5 of them.
    sheep, pig chicken <<< GRASSLAND biomes Heavy, Mountain Biomes moderate, few on swamp BIOMES
    sharks, fishes, piranhas, dolphins <<<< OCEAN biomes NOT the water biomes in swamp but DEEP blue Biomes of water.
    Birds <<< FOREST biomes specially PINE biomes and CEDAR biomes
    monster <<< the spawn everywhere but cave ogres spawn near caves OBviosly... Fire Ogres heavy at sand BIOMES.

    pre-generated village <<<< and in game village with no people this 100% spawns on desert biomes which is weird.... WTH is notch thinking... Oh well..

    So yes I don't know if this answers your questions on Why on earth are there so many frickin polar bears!!! answer Notch's new SPawn system... and about those biomes those are PROVEN.. I have been touring my server whole day here hahahaha....

    Pre generated villages can spawn where ever it is flat enough, not just deserts. You see them mostly in deserts and plains just because those are large, flat areas.
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    Quote from xellllex

    I think you its in your modloadermp. blood posted about the new modloadermp for 1185 bukkit try moving a few pages back coz he posted a link bout it. And try making a clean installation using the ones posted by blood few pages back. post here if there are changes

    This is a clean install. This is a from scratch install with all the new apps. The horse thing stopped on its own after reloading the server.

    The bears tho, they are ridiculous, lol.
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    Quote from xellllex

    That is not a bug blood posted last time that it is from a new spawn thingy that notch did in 1.8.1. BTW to fix your problem about those bears and give a variety of creatures try putting 10 to all your frequencies like:

    #Mo'Creatures SMP v1.2 BETA - Global Settings
    #Mon Sep 26 21:08:47 GMT+08:00 2011
    bearDeathMsg=a Bear
    cogreDeathMsg=a Cave Ogre
    fogreDeathMsg=a Fire Ogre
    fwraithDeathMsg=a Flame Wraith
    hellratDeathMsg=a HellRat
    ogreDeathMsg=an Ogre
    pbearDeathMsg=a Polar Bear
    ratDeathMsg=a Rat
    sharkDeathMsg=a Shark
    werewolfDeathMsg=a WereWolf
    wraithDeathMsg=a Wraith
    wwolfDeathMsg=a Wolf

    And another thing It's better if you create a new world or butcher those pesky animals wahahahha like "/butcher 50000"
    this will help on clearing up the world and making new spawn varieties.

    Editing the new config aside, even on a new world all I get is bears everywhere.

    Found some horses and some foxes tho. Still getting bears like everywhere, lol. I'll have to turn them way down in the config I guess.
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    I have followed your mod for a long, long time. Now that its on SMP, I couldn't wait to get my hands on it. So I tossed it on the test server today, loaded it up, tried it out.

    I spawned...in a desert full of polar bears. Polar bears EVERYWHERE. I ran over to the water, spotted a couple dolphins, but after 10 mins of exploring all I could find was more bears. Is this normal? Running recommend CB and 1.2 Mo' creatures.

    EDIT: Finally found some cats, but this is what I'm typically looking at, even after starting a new map with a new seed:

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