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    Hello Minecrafters! Myself and AziaArctos are setting up a new SMP for people to play on. Feel free to record and document, or just play as you please. It'll be 1.17.1, newest versions and (hopefully) be ported to 1.18 when the time arrives. The name is 'CompassCraft', players choose a direction and build out over there, north south east west. In the middle will be the shops and other miscellaneous builds. We only have a few requirements:
    -Over 16
    -Have some* Minecrafter knowledge
    -Be dedicated! We want to let everyone have a long lasting fun time here.
    -No cheating, griefing or stealing (that means shops too!)

    *Enough to get by in crafting and building. Don't be afraid to ask for complicated stuff.

    If you could include in your reply:
    -Minecraft name
    -Discord name (and numbers)
    -How regularly you can play

    I look forward to our time on the SMP!

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    1. FrostedSpark


    3.Years played minecraft: 9 years

    4. You agree to the rules! Yup!

    5. Discord Name and #

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