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    posted a message on Realm of Morenth! // Brand new server! Need Medieval Builders! - Payment for Building!

    Name: Marc Laflamme

    Ign: Silveris184

    Age: 17

    Working Mic?: Yes

    Can you use Skype/Discord?: Yes Discord #4952

    About Yourself: Hi i'm Marc, I'm 17 years old and am great at cooperating with people and enjoy playing for long periods of time with people to get a build done

    What do you plan to accomplish working for this server?

    Building whatever needs to be built, i'm not in it for the money but rather to see what i can create, the money is nice but im really in it for the building, i want to also sharpen my terraforming skills

    What can you provide to the team?

    I can give you a hardworking builder with creative ideas and the drive to finish what i start, i am great at working on a team and love communicating to get massive builds done. I am also a good terraformer who can create large small detailed landscapes

    Why do you want to join our team?

    I want to join a build team that focuses on what style i specialise in which happens to be steampunk, midevial, and roman style architecture

    Position: Head builder/Builder

    How do you go about planning your builds? (Provide steps)

    (this is for a team build)(for solo builds i'll do the same steps but all the jobs are just me)

    1- Coordinate with my team what parts we'll all be doing.

    2- Have the terraformers lay out a layout for the builders to work from

    3- Split the team up into multiple small groups with members who specialise in the same build techniques.

    4- Have the main builders build, then the build editors come and touch up the main build, then have the small detailers do their magic

    5- Run through the build and copy it.

    7- Repeat steps 1-5 until your builds are in parts

    8- Paste builds in main world for worldedit construction

    9- Touch up build

    10- Voila

    Have you ever led a build team?-Yes, on ElemeniumMC, DuckmotionPvP, and i was a lead constructor for Project Crazium which i left halfway through due to poor leadership

    What type of build styles are you proffecient with?

    steampunk, midevial, and roman style architecture, learning how to build modern

    Are you a relatively fast builder?

    Depends- If i need to be fast then ill go quick but if i need to focus on small details then i tend to take my time but i can also be pretty fast working through that, worldedit helps lol

    How long have you been building?

    I have been building ever since i got the game in 2012, i'm a lot better now

    What are some builds or landforms you've created in the past? (Post pictures and/or links! If you have no proof, ask for a test build trial)


    Have you accomplished anything huge in Minecraft? (Featured builds or build contests)Put your spoiler here.


    all of my new and recent builds are up there, i have plenty more but i lost those from file or deleted the world

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    posted a message on =~=~Godly Ascensions Needs Staff!~=~=

    IGN: Silveris184


    Why you want to be staff: I love managing people and also staffing on mc servers. i love the pressure and the fun ideas i can contribute to make the server and community better than it already is

    What makes you different from other staff: I have lots of experience staffing servers so i have a basic know-how on what i'm doing. I love to work with others and i guarantee i can make the community as well as other staff happy with me in my position. I can inquire about new road the server could go down, i can calm a chat riot down calmly and without banning anyone but i will get strict if the need arises for it. I also have experience on a build team so i can build for the server also

    Experience: I have been Head admin on 2 other servers before and head builder on those 2 also. The servers were Elemenium network and DuckmotionMC. I have plenty of experience managing people and have a great personality to which i can show the community and the other staff

    Form of Contact: Discord #4952

    Anything Else?: I would like a Head admin position as i am great at managing people and i know i can do my job well without disappointing you or the other staff. I am extremely active 6-7 days a week 3-8 hrs every day and when i'm not on the server i can contribute through discord. If that position is filled i will gladly take a Admin position. i like high ranking staff positions because it makes me feel more of a contributor to the community and i can also keep my cool in hot situations but also make my intentions clear when i warn people. I like the look of this server and i hope you look over my Head admin application as a potential leader. because the staff, no matter what rank always needs to become leaders.


    Here is my building portfolio: https://therealbullzaye.wixsite.com/frostybuilds

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    posted a message on New Pixelmon server looking for staff / builders!

    Ign: Silveris184

    Name you prefer to go by: Frostbite

    Age: 16
    Discord Name (Name and #)[/i] : Prism #4952

    Position you're applying for: Builder

    Experience in said position (please give examples if this applies) (builders please post screenshots of your builds here)[/i]: https://therealbullzaye.wixsite.com/frostybuilds ... I have also staffed 4 servers in the admin position. and can provide proof on discord

    A little about yourself:

    How many hours would you see yourself being able to be on the server a week (Please note that we do not expect you to over work yourself if you're busy)[/i]: 5-7 days a week 3-8 hrs a day

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    posted a message on 🔹FairCloudMC🔹Looking for🔹Co-Owner🔹Admins🔹Builders🔹1.12🔹1 Year Pre-Paid🔹

    [----Basic Information----]
    Position: Builder
    IGN: Silveris184
    Discord ID: #4952
    Age: 16
    Time Zone: Central CTS
    Do you have Microphone: yes

    Portfolio: https://therealbullzaye.wixsite.com/frostybuilds
    What makes you want to work with FairCloudMC: Seems like a mature advanced server which is what i like building for,If accepted id like to also apply for admin position as i have experience as a admin/co-owner,add on discord and we'll talk more

    Do you fail to meet any of the requirements? If so, please list the number you lack experience in: none, i excel at all of them

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    1.) Real name: Marc
    2.) Age: 16
    3.) IGN: Silveris184
    4.) Do you know different styles of building?: yes
    5.) Are you a relatively fast builder?: Yes but if going for detail i take more time
    6.) How long have you been building?: 3 years
    7.) What are some builds you've created in the past? (Post pictures and/or links): https://therealbullzaye.wixsite.com/frostybuilds
    8.) Describe your personality to us?- creative, optimistic, dominant
    9.) Anything else you would like to add?: add on discord and well talk #4952

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    posted a message on 🔥IrisCraft looking for Builders and Artists🔥

    Name(Or what you'd like to be called): Frostbite

    Gender: M

    Minecraft Username: Silveris184

    How Much Time Can You Dedicate Each Day To The Server : 3-9 hrs
    Discord(Can give through messages if accepted): #4952
    Age: 16
    Maturity Level (1-10): 9
    Pictures Of Any Spawn Builds You've Made: https://therealbullzaye.wixsite.com/frostybuilds

    Anything You'd Iike Me To Know (Not required): add and well talk

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    posted a message on | >>> AUREA VALLEY <<< | RECRUITING BUILDERS/DEVS/WRITERS |

    IGN: Silveris184
    Age: 16
    Country/Timezone: Canada (central)
    Discord with four digit tag: #4952
    Email (optional):
    Position of interest: Head builder/builder (after building then admin)

    How much experience do you have in minecraft and the position you’re interested in?- 3 years
    Are you currently staff on a server?- Yes head builder on 2, admin on 1, but looking for a serious server
    How much time can you contribute to the server? (Please be honest!)- 4-7 days a week 3-9 hrs a day

    Why are you interested in this server?- sounds like the type of server id enjoy building for
    What is one creative idea you’d be interested in working on as a staff member?- building a medieval spawn or a nice rustic town or villa
    If you are applying for builder, please include at least two pictures of your builds here: https://therealbullzaye.wixsite.com/frostybuilds

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    posted a message on New server needs Developers and Builders!!!

    hmu i got pics of my builds



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    posted a message on 🔔 >>>[Developing] Dyaritcal Minigame server<<<🔔Moderator, Helper application re-opened 🔔

    Basic Information

    -Name- Silveris184

    -Age- 16

    -Time Zone- Central time

    -Where are you from- Canada

    -Discord- Prism #4952

    -How much time can you dedicate?- 3-6 hours a day 4-7 days a week (times and days depend on schedule because im currently working on my own build tryout.)

    -Talk about yourself- I'm 16, fun loves to be around others with similar goals and interests. Constantly striving to make a better community. AN AMAZING TERRAFORMER.

    Other Question

    -What do you hope to see in the future?- a large server with a striving community and a helpful staff

    -Have you been working for other servers before? If yes, please provide your experiences.- No but we all start somewhere right?

    -What is special about you for you to be my admin?- I'm alot, the only reason im not writing it is because theres too much to say. If you want to know about me in depth, then discord me please.

    -Are you okay with jokes?- Usually make them, if i'm not making them i'm laughing at them

    -Other information you want to add?- I am also a seasoned Builder and terraformer and can build anything you want me to build for the server. I can even do a trial build to show you what im made of. :)

    Discord me for more information, you need to trust me when i say i know what im doing.

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    posted a message on ⌛👷BUILDERS/ALL RANKS NEEDED for Factions/MMORPG/Questing Server - Exodus Realms👷⌛

    IGN: Silveris184

    Time Zone: UTC 6:00 (central time)
    Do you have access to voice communication?: Yes, Discord (Prism #4952)
    Would you be able to build in a similar style to that of the server? Or of a town if you were asked to?: Easy, i can adapt to most building styles and i have been building for 2 years and have lots of experience with worldedit and terraforming. i do not have any physical proof of any of my builds but if you give me the chance i can show you what i can do, and if you don't like how i'm doing just tell me and ill be gone

    Availability: 5-7 days a week (varies) also hours vary but usually 2-7 depending on work

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    posted a message on Elemium Network Recruiting Builders [1.8-1.11.2] [ Skyblock ]

    Name: Marc
    Age ( Min. Age is 13 ): 16
    Minecraft In-game name : Silveris184
    Discord ( With user tag ): Prism (#4952)
    How many days will you dedicate every week? Depends on schedule but usually 4-6 and sometimes 7 if im completely free
    On Each of those days, how many hours can you contribute to the community ? Again, depends but most days i can dedicate a good chunk of time to the server
    Please provide links to your past builds. ( Like sharing websites such as imgur ) / attach images here : I do not have any photos due to the fact that its a new computer. but i can gladly do a test build for you, seriously, name anything on your server you want done and i can probably do it.
    Do you agree not to harm the server in any way ( ex. grief or abuse )? Yes
    Will you accept and finish tasks given by Higher staff members ? Yes
    Do you have any experiences in Building for a server before ? ( Will be considered more ) No i do not but i have been practising builting/terraforming on my own servers and i've become seasoned with all the commands... we all start somewhere right? (currently in consideration with the Entity Build Team)
    Anything you want to add ? I specialize in detail and large scale spawns, also good at repetitive builds such as skywars and skyblock, i have a very creative eye and i can find ways to make your server pop, tell me anything you want done, within reason and i will do it

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