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    posted a message on Skyrim
    Need some mods up in here. If you're on PC, you have no reason not to mod your game, even with lower-end computers.

    I use Skyrimnexus (warning: nude mods, but hell if we didn't know it would happen eventually)

    Not that great so far considering no creation kit, mostly some gameplay tweaks and retextures- OH SNAP NIGHTINGALE REXTURE TO LOOK LIKE ASSASSIN'S CREED ARMOUR.

    and giants are OP. How are they NOT Op?
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    posted a message on [1.6.2][Forge] Invasion Mod (v0.12.0) - So you think your base is tough do you?
    This.. is amazing. It's a new game mode. And it's a beta mod? shiiiit.

    Haven't downloaded yet, so question. Is it ever-continuing? Or is there breaks in-between waves? Cause having custom time rates between waves would make this perfect- I'd love to have building in the day-time and attacks in the night.
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    posted a message on What do you think of the ending?
    Quote from CrazyGamer6

    All that text

    Although this is matter of opinion, the end poem does talk about, I believe, about our perception of the worlds created by us and how we became so involved in it.. or some hippie crap like that. It's just.. you know.. TL;DR.

    Also, it's funny that you talk about the medium, for although Minecraft is a video game, it is a different genre than Silent Hill. I expect a good plot from a RPG or a Horror game, but for a sandbox game like Minecraft.. well, we could've ended up with anything, really. Maybe ambiguous and philosophical is the way to go.

    also, goddamnit I think toast ninja'd me.
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    posted a message on What do you think of the ending?
    Could be shorter and still have a lot of impact, in my opinion.

    For now, I am content with changing the speech to A) A G-man speech or B)The lyrics to Journey's "Don't stop me now."

    I dunno if you can even change the text, though. And I need better ideas. :/
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    posted a message on End of game / credits!
    *Looks at ending*

    That's cool. Now to change the ending to a G-man speech.
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    posted a message on [CTM][Collection] Vechs' SUPER HOSTILE Series
    I wonder if this is possible.. set it up so that a sign has a crapton of awesome enchantments. Put sign next to a bunch of other signs.

    commence rage.

    Alternatively, the cheaper option is to just line up 100 chests and say one of them has awesome loot while the rest have sticks. Bonus points if all of them have sticks.
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    posted a message on "It's Notch's Game"
    I think gold is useful when enchantments are in the mix.

    Anyway, it's not like notch decided to completely troll and add, say, a card game component. The thing about sand
    box games is that they're never really just "sandbox" games, they also have a crap load of other game elements in it.

    .. we need a trading card mini-game in minecraft now.
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    posted a message on [CTM][Collection] Vechs' SUPER HOSTILE Series
    *Skype conversation with friends that play minecraft half a hour ago*

    Alright it's a hour or so in and I'm so goddamn paranoid on Hills of Moo because I know there is a hidden super-trap somewhere-

    wait why are you laughing

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    posted a message on "Not Enough Time" say Notch and Jens
    well, ****. I'd have to enter this thread with a battleship if I wanted to get involved with the current arguments.

    All I gotta say is that I agree with OP. However, if the proper release rolled out but updates were still implemented with no problem, all would be lost (for me anyway) is respect. A shitload, yes, but all in all, I'd still play and like the game. If updates were, say, DLC that had to be paid for, then.. well.. ****.
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    posted a message on [16/32x] Mirror's Texture Shoppe
    I'm up for it. I'm working on a texture pack of my own, but considering I have no skill and experience in texturing, I'm starting at square 1. Or possibly -1.

    I'd like a 16X side grass texture, with the style being that it looks like a cloud on the side. I have no preference for the dirt, I'm just interested in the grass. If possible, I'd like a bit of a light pastel-like color for the grass, but it's not all that important.

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    posted a message on Should Minecraft have plot?
    Quote from Dragonid

    If you want there to be a plot, you're playing the wrong kind of game.

    Yeah, but Minecraft is a sandbox game with a bit of survival and RPG thrown into it, isn't it? It's a fuzzy line, and I think that the more the game is updated, the more the line gets blurred.
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    posted a message on Should Minecraft have plot?

    now, I believe the adventure update is good. Tons of other people do too, despite the outspoken minority. But with Minecraft gaining enchantments, potions, and dragons, I figured, It's the ADVENTURE update. Would a plot in minecraft not be far off?

    Course, minecraft having strong sandbox roots, there will be people saying that it goes against the nature of the game. So, Let's discuss this **** and get.. CONSTRUCTIVE. Points of interest are

    1) how bout some Backstory/endgame plot?

    I personally believe this would be the best option. We already have a mysterious world with plenty of unexplained things, and a decent story tying them would make them all that greater. We have the two mysterious records. Why not add them in special, ruined dungeons with chests of abandoned loot? Villages could have books on "mysterious white-eyed wanderers." Strongholds could have sentry logs detailing the ruin of the forts by "black teleporting creatures." nothing too extensive, but background details that add depth to the world.

    Also, if Minecraft wants a endgame, why NOT have a plot? Ends to a sandbox game won't be pursued by the people who love the sandbox option and not the more RPG-styled flavour of minecraft, so I think there could be a viable excuse to add a backstory in. For instance, a tome left behind by another adventurer gives you a hint to find another book in the nether, which in turn leads you to the new realm, where a dragon awaits you?

    2) is adding plot really that bad?

    You know, straight up adding a plot for you to follow may not be that bad in the first place. If it's applied like "YOU WAKE UP ON A ISLAND, A LOST KING WHO SETS OUT TO REBUILD HIS KINGDOM OF BLOCIA AND DEFEAT THE CREEPER LORD," it would obviously make some people just ragequit immediately. But if there was a actual plot, and it was applied liberally? If Minecraft had a plot centered around you having the initiative to continue said plot and not hinder the sandbox lover's style of "lonely miner in a lonely world," I think it could work perfectly.

    Not sure if I expect too much mileage out of this thread, but.. eh.
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    posted a message on Steve Jobs is dead
    Up in heaven

    Steve: So God, whatchu think bout the Ipod?
    God: I use a Zune.

    Rest in Peace, Steve.
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    posted a message on Beggars Can't be Choosers
    Dear majority of OPs: STFU

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    posted a message on Potions: Do they belong?
    Also, I'd to reiterate for newcomers, as they don't seem to know this, but minecraft was always going to be fantasy, magic at least in the form of enchantments was almost guaranteed, potions were hinted at long ago, while I know these things upset some people, for some reason, but it was always part of the minecraaft theme, at least once it was completed.

    The truth.

    I really don't know WHAT route some people want Minecraft to veer in if it wasn't the RPG route. A sim game a la Civilization?
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