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    For some reason, I feel like there's a specific tutorial world for Minecraft Xbox 360 edition from like 2013 that's just completely disappeared. It's the first one I ever played, and I really want to find it somewhere. No matter how hard I look, there is absolutely nothing online about this world.

    I'll try to describe it, and maybe someone can either tell me which one it is, or someone can just send me a link to all of them if that exists.

    So you have the normal starting place, this time I think there was a castle behind the starting area, not through the gate that lets you proceed. I remember a cobblestone generator and netherrack that's on fire at this castle.

    When you go through the gate to proceed into the next part, there's a minecart that takes you across some water, into a village. There are wooden stands will wool roofs. One of the first stands you see has a cake on it. There are lots of little houses in this village, and I think there's a cave behind the village with a sign that says "Do not enter" or something.

    I know that this is a pretty vague description, but it would be amazing if someone knew which TU this was, and could let me know how I'm able to play it on PC.

    Thanks in advance :)

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