About Me

I am a big Minecraft nerd, and happily so. I started playing in early Beta and can tell you anything about the game.

I also enjoy coding, Java specifically (guess what inspired me). When I am asked what I am doing, half of the times its coding something really stupid or really cool. I can smash my keyboard and make a useless program in just a few hours, or a simple game in a week. When I want it to be quality, I will spend months on something.

Sometimes when I am bored I draw, mostly abstract things or things with meaning. For some reason a draw a lot of dragons, not sure why. Probably because they are awesome! My profile picture is usually one of my drawings.

Above all the most important thing to me are friends. I started off without friends, and it took a long time for me to make any. Around middle school I had finally made my first real friend with someone who was in the same boat as me. Since then it got easier, and its that experience that made me who I am today. I cannot hate someone or keep a grudge, it sickens me let anyone experience any amount of what I had to deal with.



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