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    posted a message on [1.7.3] CombatCraft - Impoving Minecraft's combat step by step

    -Damage display system
    -Critical hits
    -Diverse damage, no more always doing the same damage twice!
    -Critical hits display red
    -Resizes the damage display to your screen size

    -Add fire hit type
    -Move damage display to monster you are fighting
    -Add skills such as strength and accuracy

    Known bugs:
    -Text doesn't fade
    -There is no limit to where hits are displayed so on daybreak, your UI is spammed

    Change log:
    -Added damage display
    -Added critical hits
    -Added misc damage


    Download 1.0

    A banner would be nice if anyone wants to make one for me.
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    posted a message on [1.7.3] [v1.4] AddOres - Anyone can add new ores! [Open Source Modloader Plugin]


    Ever wanted to make your own custom ore and tools but don't know or want to learn how to mod? AddOres is for you! This simple, powerful tool allows you to add ores that can be crafted into tools made out of their respective materials without ANY modding knowledge whatsoever or opening a single .java file. All you have to do is edit the property files in the mod!

    You can use this for developing bigger mods so you have less hardcoding or your own personal ore packs! Feel free to release ore packs and use adf.ly links to download. This IS open source.

    This plugin comes with 3 ores, which can be removed if you want. Figure out their effects yourself!

    Change Log:
    Fixed chunk saving error
    Fixed condensed block name
    Fixed condensed block drop

    -Added more configs for ores such as:
        -Falling support
        -Customizable rarity
        -Choosing whether ore block spawns or not
    -Rewrote entire XML reader, much easier to use
    -Added condensed ore blocks
    -Fixed ingot crafting
    -Fixed saving chunks error
    -Started on a crafting XML
    -Added PSDs to design your own ores with in Install pack
    -Rewrote documentation and README.txt

    -Fixed a bug if you removed all of one type of ore

    ToDo (in order of priority):
    Finish VB application to edit XML
    Add alloys
    Add crafting XML

    Current features:
    Add new ores with customizable:
    -Max in a vein
    -Acts like sand
    -Toolsets (Can disable for certain ores)
    -Smeltable ore
    -Craftable tools
    Add new materials with customizable:

    This is an open source project, the download comes with the .java files. Simply drag and drop them into your eclipse/netbeans project or src folder to edit them.


    cheechako - Helped fix ingot crafting bug

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    posted a message on (Modding Help) Item / Block / Texture loading
    It really isn't that hard if you take the time to look through it...

    For generating new areas, search for:
    public void populate

    Below it you should see
            if(rand.nextInt(4) == 0)
                int i1 = k + rand.nextInt(16) + 8;
                int l4 = rand.nextInt(128);
                int i8 = l + rand.nextInt(16) + 8;
                (new WorldGenLakes(Block.waterStill.blockID)).generate(worldObj, rand, i1, l4, i8);
            if(rand.nextInt(8) == 0)
                int j1 = k + rand.nextInt(16) + 8;
                int i5 = rand.nextInt(rand.nextInt(120) + 8);
                int j8 = l + rand.nextInt(16) + 8;
                if(i5 < 64 || rand.nextInt(10) == 0)
                    (new WorldGenLakes(Block.lavaStill.blockID)).generate(worldObj, rand, j1, i5, j8);

    What this is saying is when it's populating a new chunk, it first checks to see if a random number equals zero, if so, then a new body of water is added. Same thing with lava except it does a second check to see if the height is lower than 64 (underground) or if a random number between zero and ten is zero. The line that reads like this:
    int l4 = rand.nextInt(128);

    Is telling you what height the block will be found at. This says that water will be found anywhere from block 0 to block 128, in other words, anywhere.

    Now to the next part. This is where *gasp* dungeons/caves are added.
    for(int k1 = 0; k1 < 8; k1++)
                int j5 = k + rand.nextInt(16) + 8;
                int k8 = rand.nextInt(128);
                int j11 = l + rand.nextInt(16) + 8;
                (new WorldGenDungeons()).generate(worldObj, rand, j5, k8, j11);

    It says here that it will loop through this snippet 9 times creating dungeons within the new area. It does it from anywhere on the map as we see the height being a max of 128.

    Now for the mineable stuff.
    for(int i2 = 0; i2 < 10; i2++)
                int k5 = k + rand.nextInt(16);
                int l8 = rand.nextInt(128);
                int k11 = l + rand.nextInt(16);
                (new WorldGenClay(32)).generate(worldObj, rand, k5, l8, k11);

    Follows exact same principles as dungeon/cave generator.

    Now here is something interesting! We have the controls to what continues to extend existing biomes. At the top of this method, there was this line:
    BiomeGenBase biomegenbase = worldObj.getWorldChunkManager().getBiomeGenAt(k + 16, l + 16);

    This gets the previous biome that was being created and sets it as the base for new generation.

    Now we have the code that populates the biomes with things that fit in them such as bushes, flowers, mushrooms, cacti, etc... (small snippet here)

    for(int i11 = 0; i11 < l7; i11++)
                int l13 = k + rand.nextInt(16) + 8;
                int j14 = l + rand.nextInt(16) + 8;
                WorldGenerator worldgenerator = biomegenbase.getRandomWorldGenForTrees(rand);
                worldgenerator.func_517_a(1.0D, 1.0D, 1.0D);
                worldgenerator.generate(worldObj, rand, l13, worldObj.getHeightValue(l13, j14), j14);

    This is rather like the previous code, no? It first gets how it generates trees using the method inside biomegenbase called "getRandomWorldGenForTrees(int)". This controls the differences between the biomes in tree quantity, distance between, etc... Then we see this:
    worldgenerator.generate(worldObj, rand, l13, worldObj.getHeightValue(l13, j14), j14);

    This gets the surface height where to spawn the tree. Can't have any trees spawning underground can we?

    Last but not least, the temperature control.
    generatedTemperatures = worldObj.getWorldChunkManager().getTemperatures(generatedTemperatures, k + 8, l + 8, 16, 16);
            for(int j19 = k + 8; j19 < k + 8 + 16; j19++)
                for(int j22 = l + 8; j22 < l + 8 + 16; j22++)
                    int i24 = j19 - (k + 8);
                    int j25 = j22 - (l + 8);
                    int k25 = worldObj.findTopSolidBlock(j19, j22);
                    double d1 = generatedTemperatures[i24 * 16 + j25] - ((double)(k25 - 64) / 64D) * 0.29999999999999999D;
                    if(d1 < 0.5D && k25 > 0 && k25 < 128 && worldObj.isAirBlock(j19, k25, j22) && worldObj.getBlockMaterial(j19, k25 - 1, j22).getIsSolid() && worldObj.getBlockMaterial(j19, k25 - 1, j22) != Material.ice)
                        worldObj.setBlockWithNotify(j19, k25, j22, Block.snow.blockID);

    This gets what temperature the area is and if it is low enough, it adds snow and ice.

    I cbf to explain anymore. This should help a bit though.
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    posted a message on S' Mo' Ores - [Done tomorrow (hopefully)]

    Only things left to do are fix the crafting (only 2 ores are working for some reason), document it all, and figure out how to add to default texture pack on installation.

    This adds 6 new ores with tool sets. I tried to make them fit into the minecraft theme as good as possible, none of that idiotic junk that looks out of place. Probably will be open-source if any developers want to use the ores for their mods.

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