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    posted a message on Can't build past 64 high.
    You do know that the height limit starts at bedrock, not sea level?
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    posted a message on {Requesting closed} Hellcraft's Halo skins [Halo 3, REACH, Halo 4 and possibly more!] *Please read the first post before replyin
    Game:(Halo 3, or Reach) Reach
    Head: Pilot
    Body: Pre-Order
    Shoulders(pick one, since both arms use the same texture): Security
    Colors (Primary/secondary): Silver and Yellow
    Visor color: Gold
    Forearms: UA/Bracer
    Thighs: Tactical/Hard Case
    Knees: FJ/Para

    EDIT: I just read that I have to PM him, forget this post.
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    posted a message on 1.2 Rare Mob Drops
    What you have heard is partially true, there is a mob that drops iron ingots. Thats the Iron Golem. But that can only be found in villages and takes 15 hits with a DIAMOND sword to kill.
    Really you wouldnt see them if you were playing on a map like Skyblock, while you could make an iron farm in SuperFlat IF you had generate structures on.
    The other half is that mobs do drop rare items, such as iron armour or tools for example, among other items.
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    posted a message on The Elder Scrolls RP: Skyrim
    Great job Oss, your doing amazing. I just want to say I love this server and thank you for putting up with some stuff that goes on!
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    posted a message on ★★-= vonDoomCraft: HD SKINS =-★★ (Dec 19: 11 Brand New HD Skins Added w/ Girls!)
    Your sir, are a god!
    These skins look amazing and I cant wait to see what you do next. Great job!
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    posted a message on [Gallery] Skins of the Nirn
    You seem to be really good at doing those robes, why not try the Archmage`s robes?
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    posted a message on The Elder Scrolls RP: Skyrim
    Whitelist App

    IGN - FriggenPie
    Age - 14
    Time you can dedicate to server weekly - 10-15 hours usually.
    Do you have teamspeak? If no will you get it? - I have it but I don now have a mic.
    What is the fifth Server Law? - No sharing of account information
    Why do you want to join our server? - I love Skyrim and I love Minecraft, why not try a combination of the two?

    Name - Jorn (Pronounced Yorn) Caven
    Race - Nord
    Age - 22
    Gender - Male
    RP example - Jorn is walking down a path near the city of Solitude, minding his own business when a man clad in full iron jumps out of a nearby ditch and brandishes his sword.
    "Hand over your gold and valuables, or pay with your blood!" yells the man.
    "Move aside, I have no quarrel with you, nor do I want one" calmly responds Jorn.
    The bandit shouts out "I'll kill you, I mean it!". When he realizes that he will get nothing out of Jorn he raises his sword and charges.

    At the end of the day a fire is lit, a kettle of water boils, and a new sword is placed above a fireplace. Jorn sits back in his favourite hide chair and pulls up a nearby book, enjoying his time.

    Biography - Jorn comes from a long line of wealthy merchants.
    At an early age his mother died , and his father was abusing his wealth by buying insane amounts of ale and was constantly drunk or passed out. He beat Jorn regularly as for not doing the simplest of tasks. One day Jorn had enough, and decided to do something about it.
    One day while his father was passed out he grabbed the nearest weapon, a longsword, and slit his fathers throat. Of course the guards asked questions, but he simply played the "I don't know what's happening and I just want my dad back" act.
    The authority never found out that Jorn had murdered his father, and he kept on living his life.
    At the age of 22 he has no parents and is the successor of a very successful business. But one problem remains: He is bored. To satisfy his thirst for adventure he sets himself out unto the wild, not knowing where he would end up...
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    posted a message on Best griefer traps.
    Quote from defiler86

    Griefer trap... Dispensers firing 2 splash potions of Harming II. Potions ignore armor if I remember correctly. Should kill any trespasser.

    I just tested this and splash potions of harming 2 do ignore armor but only do 3.5 hearts of damage IF the player is in the middle of the blast. It would then take 3 direct hits to kill a player, even in diamond armor.
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    posted a message on [CONCEPT] Ancient Altar + Boss Fight
    1 word, SMP.
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    posted a message on Silverfish!
    Maybe with Silver Husks you could make a potion of underwater breathing?
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    posted a message on [128x] [1.3.2] ★ Skyrim Reloaded ★ Update (20.09.2012)
    Do you plan on adding randomobs supportÉ
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    posted a message on [1.1.0] Golem Factory: Update[Jan 16] Medusa and AntiGravity golems!
    An idea for a new corestone, what if there was one that was made of an apple, 1 cooked pork, 1 steak, and 1 cooked chicken that is like the healing stone but heals hunger instead of health? It could heal a random number based on what food was "used" and would have a cooldown of about 5 minutes?
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    posted a message on A zombie just smashed my door.
    The thing I dont like is that zombies chase villagers, which is awesome, but will also break down the doors in the village and will eventually kill all the NPC`s there.
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    posted a message on Redstone Armor
    Seems to OP for me.
    Also keep in mind how it would be in SMP, and how someone with that armor could easily dominate newer players and not even feel threatened.
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    posted a message on Fix the Fackng Last Boss
    Quote from KyoShinda

    --You mean like a wave of gas or something? I was thinking they should make it shoot blue flames(red clashes with the look of the end) and it would be difficult because you would be fumbling to get out of the field of flames, just like in the Nether sometimes. That fumbling might even cause you to glance at some enderman and make them angry.

    All in all, they kind of made the dragon and forgot about it, there's still many improvements they could make to it. :/

    I know how you feel, the dragon isnt challenging at all.
    And I feel like half of the game was made and forgotten about too.
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