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    posted a message on Herocraft = NoBlockLag! [Legit=Runecraft=Townships=PVE=Coin]
    In-Game Name: Friesnchip
    Location/Age: New Hampshire, 17
    Banned before?: No
    Referral: None
    Why should you be accepted into Herocraft?: I've been looking for a server different from the rest, and Herocraft seems like the perfect choice. It restricts the overabundance of freedom in the game, until I work to unlock additional abilities, which gives me a reason to put more of commitment towards this server.
    Addn. Info: Being a spriter, I know the importance of each block that goes into constructing anything in Minecraft, it's the same as pixels in sprites, so I respect the creations of others just as much as my own. I won't disturb other user's property without permission.
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    posted a message on Adminia [Skylands][WhiteList][Anti-Grief][24/7]
    This is probably one of the best looking servers I've seen, would you mind adding me as well?

    IGN: Friesnchip
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