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    posted a message on [13w19a] 100% Vanilla Server! [Active Community][18+] Apply now!
    In Game Name: fresh_cow

    Age: 23

    How Long Have You Played Minecraft: Since Alpha

    What Is(are) Your Favorite Thing(s) To Do In Minecraft: Gather resources, build a strong base

    What do you feel you can contribute to this server? Experience, teamwork, a helpful attitude.

    Do you understand that griefing/cheating will result in a no questions asked perma-ban: Absolutely

    (Optional) Tell Us A Bit About Yourself:

    Contact E-mail(optional):
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    I am sure many of you have seen Notch's twitter post about the sheep going nuts breeding. (Link Here)
    The way it appears to be set up, the animals will instantly enter "love mode" and breed if you feed them, which seems to limit animal breeding only to the amount of wheat one has.

    My idea is this: Put a cooldown timer on breeding (say, 1 minecraft day per animal) that gets activated after an animal has bred. This will limit breeding so that it cannot be completely spammed and fill the game with these passive mobs, although it still leaves open the potential for exponential growth (increase the number of your animals by 50% each day, and you will soon have a huge hoard of them).

    Minecraft community, what are your thoughts? Is there a better solution?
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    hm yeah lots of chickens again. It could also have something to do with the specific biome/climate. That would certainly add an interesting aspect to the game.
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    interesting that different people are observing different amounts of different animals. Maybe it has to do with the seed? I started a game and noticed tons of chickens. Eggs everywhere. Seed is "hotdamn". Maybe I'll start a new game on it and see if its true.
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