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    I'm from India... And I only see Swedish, Americans, English, Europeans, playing Minecraft...

    I don't even see any Bangladeshi, Pakistani, Nepali, Sri Lankan, or Desi people

    This thing make me sad...

    I've met only 3 Indian, 2 Nepali, 3 Pakistanis, 1 Bangladeshi... Sri Lankan... None.. Many of em were Indo-American, Nepali British/American, Paki-British/American, and that's all... Only 1 PURE Indian, An Indian Muslim... Once a pure Indian, a Hindu... and that's it T.T


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    Staff Application
    Why do you want this position: I always like helping people and I do enjoy configuring plugins and making kits and donations, etc. I am a hard worker and I do obey and follow they rules that I am givin. This is very good opportunity to learn more about coding and leadership. Most of the time I keep the staff busy with work that has not been acomplish.
    Experience (Details, rank, IPs and Website, if none please explain why we should pick you even though you don't have experience):
    Microphone: Of course.
    Skype: mayank044
    Email:[email protected]
    How much time can you dedicate to the server?: If im currently working on another server, I can work on 3.5 hours a day. If im not working on a server, i would work for 4 hours a day
    What are your skills: Basic Coding (Java), Making Kits, Making Kits, Making Donations, Control Fellow Staff Members, Leadership, Configure Plugins, Negotiating, And I Do Know Two Languages (English & Spanish).
    What plugins do you have experience with?
    - Group Manager (Mastered)
    - Essentials (Mastered)
    - Compass Navigation (Mastered)
    - PerWorldPlugins (Mastered)
    - World Edit (Mastered)
    - World Guard (Mastered)
    - Mini-Game Plugins (Associated With Some Mini-Game Plugins, But Can Easily Learn)
    - PermissionEX (Associated)
    I Know Much More, This is Just A Preview.
    What commands would you use as an Head-Admin:
    - /tp = This Command Teleports You To The Player That You Exchange With Or Virse Versa
    - /ban = Bans The Account Of The User
    - /banip = Bans The Ip Of The User So They Cant Come Back
    - /kick = To Kick Players Out Of The Server
    - /say = Talk Like A Server Announcement, Or Speak From The Console
    - /deop = De-Ops A Player
    - /mute = Mutes A Player
    - /who = Shows The Current People In The Server
    I Know Much More, This is Just A Preview.
    How would you deal with:
    A Griefer: It Would Depend On The Server Rules. I Personally Would Warn Him That If He Does it Again, I Will Either Temporary Ban Him Or Jail Him. And Then Il Tell The Victim How To Better Protect His Land.
    A Spammer: I Would Verbally Tell Him To Stop Spamming. If He Continues, I Would Mute Him For 30-40 Minutes. If He Keeps Spamming I Would Temporary Ban Him For 2 Hours.
    A Player Who Just Join The Server For The First Time: I Would Welcome Him And Give Him A Tour Of The Whole Server And Then give Him A Small Present To Enjoy His Stay.
    A Person Who Says They Are From Planet Minecraft: I Would Just Ignore The Person.
    What Rules Do You Think A Server Should Have:
    - Do Not Advertise
    - No Hacked Clients
    - Don't Spam
    - Don't Use 3rd Party Mods
    Mostly Depends On The Server Rules And Plugins, Etc.
    What Can You Bring To The Server That No One Else Can: My Past Experience. Ive Seen People Who Lack The Skills Of Performing Their Tasks. I Can Train them To Meet The Requirements Of The Current Rank They Are In.
    How Would You Describe Yourself In Three Words: Efficient, Intelligent, And Hard-Working!




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    If you want to contact with enjin

    here da link: http://techcraftgamers.enjin.com/profile/10402822
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