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    Our community is supports a Minecraft Renaissance fantasy. This experience has three key modifiers: magic, technology, and colonial themes. In our setting, is an inherent portion of the world; however, it does not demean the importance of other aspects setting. We strive to maintain a healthy balance between the Magical and the Mundane. We reward player initiative and creativity at all times.

    Whilst you participate, please keep your character’s innovations to aligned to our themes. Spy Glasses, Pocket Watches, and Cannonade are all acceptable long term projects; however, mechanical monsters, machineguns, and steamboats do not conform to our identity. Please respect our setting and enjoy your stay.

    Zaelith is a realm of opportunity and danger. Unspoiled natural resources and hostile wildlife define the continent. The indigenous peoples are distributed over wide tracks of land. Humanity has begun the process of converting these lands to a proper home for its teeming masses. These new arrivals possess radically different ideas and traditions. As such, these elements will be points of friction between the species inhabiting said continent.

    Whitelist applications are available at: zaelith.com/index.php
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