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    we dont need you here!
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    someone likes to *****...
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    Quote from Nathman Bijesus

    Hey, I want to know if the texture pack is worth downloading or not. And proof that its not a virus is nice.

    why the hell are ppl scared of getting a virus from here minecraftforums are moderated all the time.
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    Quote from 2012Dead

    Stop being lazy xD

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    there is dozens of minecraft 'classics' on the appstore already. and if my jailbroken ipod can run windows i think it can run minecraft.
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    My Tragic Minecraft Story.

    Why YOU need to stay vanilla.

    I started playing the game way back in early Alpha, and instantly hooked. i spent about 8 hours a day playing and enjoying myself. As any noob i played on peaceful and at first didn't know how to find stone. After a few looks up on minecraftwiki i memorized the crafting grid and started carving out my hill into a house. It was the greatest thing even today i have built, even though most blocks i didnt meen to take out were replaced with dirt and my gigantic house had little purpose and was covered with useless paintings. after about a week of playing i had my house with a beautiful view of an ocean with a single mountain in the view of my backyard. after i got my thirst for diamonds i remembered about derability and i didnt want to have to go down scared to find more.

    So as any good cheater i looked up Glitches in minecraft (not knowing mods at the time) and found the current dupe glitch.

    Within my second week of playing i had a raised spawnoint with a rail all the way to my house witch was now complety stone and stretched across the screen. it had it own pool and a bunker for tnt ect. Now in the back of the house was a mountain and in between the two was a flat plain and i started using boosters to make a rollercoaster.

    Thinking that was all that there was to build in Minecraft...
    i went to a friends house and i showed him the game and stumbled across the mod section on the wiki. was amazed by some of the things that u cood do. EXCEPT i didnt know that i had to delete the mojang files first. so i got home and got the coolest ones i ccould find and i got that damn black screen error...

    Now not knowing that save files could b put in another folder and kept while updating and repairing the game...

    ... I LOST THE SAVE!...
    it is still today the greatest thing i had in minecraft...

    even though that its not the most spectaculer thing ive made up til today there isnt a thing i woodnt give to have that world back.

    now my charecter wood be a man drunk with power as i dont play for survival anymore.. i play for build... big build...
    one day i finaly found a save that i wanted to reset all and all and b vanilla again. it was the seed of 'CHUCK NORRIS'. u started a cave in a wall near a waterfall and after a few hours of playing i resorted to the all mighty 'SINGLE PLAYER COMANDLINE' mod...

    now 6 months later i havnt touched the ground flying 4 times my regular speed and its always bright out and infinite supple of blocks..
    allthough i know have 6 cities 3 ports and an full scale replica of my hometown of granite falls WA there is no achievement that could fill the empty void that vannilacraft made in me.

    take my advise .. DONT goto the released mod section in this forum dont use invedit dont use a crafting guide play the way it was ment to be played...

    or urll end up like me a minecraft master.
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