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    posted a message on wekly challenge :)
    we dont need you here!
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    posted a message on Graphing Calc Text Wave
    If you are using a Graphing calc and type in:

    ((log((log((log((log((log((log ect.

    which is the "(" and the "(log" keys

    when you type that in a lot (like for 5 minutes straight) then hold the UP arrow or DOWN arrow until in reaches the top and bottom it makes a wave effect on screen.

    and if you do this then press delete it does the matrix number scroll. ... awesome
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    posted a message on middle of Ocean Island Seed HUGE [12w22]

    top island has a tree!
    Ravine near bottom left island! (west)
    start game with a bonus chest or your'l have to swim place!
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    posted a message on NPC Apartments
    1st! and wats the texture pack?
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    posted a message on Problem with Minecraft PE Updating?

    Yeah, android devices can install the update 0.2.0
    iOS/Apple devices are still waiting on their update.

    But Rewkie is right, Wiki and Wikia can be changed at any time.
    They're fan made, Although they are almost right this time around.

    Auctualy he is only parcialy right. wikia sites can be edited by any1 and can be trolled but wiki isnt fanmade and is an auctual info site for normal things, (wikia isnt) on wiki after creating a accont a making a post it now must be verified by a supervisor before posted until has enough 'trust' to post what they want.
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    posted a message on If i was Molang i would...
    If i was mojang i would tell all (most) of the pocketg edition fans to shut there ***** mouths.
    All that is posted in the minecraft PE forums are complants.

    The most talked subjects on the forum are below:

    (after release)
    w00t minecraft just came out for such-and-such device! imma go get it now!!! What? what is this? Half the blocks as minecraft? and no mining, mobs, survival, tool, ect? I cant beleive i just spent 7 whole dollars on this!

    (Weeks later)
    Oh boy! i just got a such-and-such device for christmas! first thing im gona do is get minecraft on it! what? its 7$? thats WAY to expensive for my favoritwe game of all time! im not rich i cant afford to spend 7$ .. PLZ lower the price.

    Hey!!! hello!!! HEY!! mojang get off your lazy ass and put in survival mode into minecraft PE!!! do it!do it now!

    (later in january)
    Kool they answered our pleeds surival mode is coming to the PE!...

    (feb 8th)
    if you say itl be here today it better get here f*cking today!!!!

    (feb 9th)


    the fact is mojang doesnt need (or even does) listen to this. Mojang isn't there to cater to ur every need and you need to apriciate that they even are making updates. initialy they were just gona make it creative like it is already, but no you stepped in begging it was different and when they finaly decide to make what YOU want YOU continue to b*tch about how they didnt do it quick enough or that or paying for it so it needs to be done now!

    If i were mojang i would cancel the project right now cause i wouldnt b willing to handel a fan base that is uungraitful for what they were given and think whatever they say goes.
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    posted a message on [1.7.3][1.34]The Seasons Mod
    the post above me looked promising than i saw that they mispelt 'modders'.. sad
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    posted a message on I feel like were being mostly ignored.
    i want them to have a world option for having the world be generated without biome grass ...but itl never happen :sad.gif:
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    posted a message on Minecraft Alpha
    same here i went and downloaded alpha 1.2_03 or somthing way nuch funnner!
    anyways i found a good download on utube just press that big ol search button!
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    posted a message on Learn How to Build RAM
    whats the use of the RAM?
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    posted a message on [Parkour] The Parkour proving grounds V2.6.2! 1.2.5 compatible!
    oooooooooo... fun
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    posted a message on If 'fence + pressureplate= table' why cant 'furnace + pressureplate=stove?
    Quote from Wayvo

    Meh, not really no. Since the fence+pressure plate isn't REALLY an actual table, it just looks sort of like one. But it has no function other than decoration. So idunno about the stove thing...

    off topic... i clicked on every spoiler in ur sig!
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    posted a message on If 'fence + pressureplate= table' why cant 'furnace + pressureplate=stove?
    in 1.8 jeb added the ability to place a wooden pressure pate on a fence to create a table. I was making food this morning and thought...

    That in minecraft u should b able to place a stone pressure plate on a furnace and it would act as a stove!
    A furnace with a stove on it when used wood have 2 cooking slots the first being the normal furnace stuff and the second (the stove) only be able to cook food (since its impossible to smelt iron on a stove).
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    posted a message on Rainbowpack [1.8.1]
    Quote from Nathman Bijesus

    Hey, I want to know if the texture pack is worth downloading or not. And proof that its not a virus is nice.

    why the hell are ppl scared of getting a virus from here minecraftforums are moderated all the time.
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    posted a message on What would Minecraft Look like on the DS, 3DS, DSI, IPod, and IPad???
    Quote from TheEnforcerr

    On the iPod and iPad (and iPhone) I would hate it. I own an iPhone 4 and nearly all games on it have TERRIBLE controls, and there is no way around it since the whole phone is touch screen. For the DS and any other strictly gaming handheld device I would love to see it. What would be even cooler is if players on the DS could play on the same servers PC players play on.

    well dont have an ipohne if you dont like it.
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