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    posted a message on New Sever seeking mature players.

    IGN: KanzieMakesMeEmo (Its a joke name, changing in 30 days :P)

    Age: 15

    Describe yourself: Im gay and like to make people laugh!

    Why do you wish to join Fish 'N' Chips: Friends of mine that are already on the server asked me to apply :) Also I have hosted an successful SMP server that went on for 6+ months! So I could help with server issues!

    What is your Skype: Freed.Kol

    How often will you play?: Usually everyday!

    What type of player are you?: All around, best at PvP!

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    posted a message on Better Foods

    Hey if your interested I can help you code & ideas if you can texture/model :)

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    posted a message on Making Mods! (Request Mods!)

    So im pretty new to modding, but I want to practice making mods. Leave what mod you would like for me to create below! Once it is done I will mail it to you :) Also you can leave certain textures for me to use if you would like!

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    posted a message on Need Textures!

    So this is my first time working on a mod and I just wanted ANY random texture/model for a mob or item ect! Just leave any random textures you dont mind letting me use below :)

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    posted a message on Official Unofficial DrZhark's Mo' Creatures Mob Suggestions v2.0

    Bearded Dragon

    Health: 2 Hearts

    Behaviour: Friendly

    Damage: 1/2 when hit (Like thorns enchantment)

    Variants: Different textures per biome

    Tameable: yes

    How to Tame: Can be tamed by Carrot or Apple

    Breedable: yes

    Biomes: Savannah & Desert

    Spawn Rate: slightly uncommon

    Drops: Exp

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    posted a message on WhiteStone SMP [Whitelisted] [Mindcrack] [Hermitcraft] [Cube] [Insipired]

    IGN: FreedKoal

    Skype: Freed.Kol

    Country: USA

    Timezone: EST

    Age: (Doesn't Matter) 15

    Why should I accept you? I have tons of experience with smp's, first off I have hosted my own smp (Voyage SMP) which went on for 7 months and have been in 3 others. Other than the smp exp (Haha, im a poet and I didnt even know it xP) I love the spawn/shopping 'Community' aspect of smp and would love to try again at one :D

    What are you good at in mincraft? I would say my best quality would be pvp, but since this is a smp and that does not come with alot of PvP, I would say im alright with building and redstone..... Just give me the "Redstone for Dummies" book and maybe in a few years I could help :P

    How often can you play? A few hours a day :)

    (Just getting back to it on a new account!)

    Nickname? Freed or Kol (IRL name)

    Good day mate xD

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