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    posted a message on LOOKING FOR experienced MODERATOR for launching SMP together in a few days.


    Looking to setup a server with a close community. upon going public, the server will allow 20 players max.

    A system with a form to apply and a whitelist will be used.

    It's meant to grow together, and give the members a place to experiment and build nice things.

    A shopping district will be set up near spawn to encourage people to meet each other in game.

    Clan activities and reoccurring events will be encouraged greatly!

    NEVER will we allow - or distribute ourselves - real world trading. ---> WE play for FUN!

    ANTI GRIEFING will be set up and very strict rules about griefing and stealing!!! eg, you're out!

    Requirements for server will be:


    M/F doesn't matter

    need to be active, at least 3 days per week online! especially when new

    Moderator requirements:

    - meet the server requirements

    - have some experience with paper mc

    - have experience with discord

    - needs to be social moderator of the server

    i'm very adamant about being active. myself will be online every day. afk 24/7 and available for messages most of the time.

    --> i'll be doing the technical stuff as i'm cloud engineer irl. I just don't have that much experience with Minecraft, that's all.

    - I'll supply a stable server that's already been tested.

    - i'll provide world backup to any member that asks.

    --> you'll be in charge of the community (and discord)

    As you can read, there's alot to build up together, so for now i'm looking for a 2nd in command to help build a place where very active players can thrive in a very active environment.

    Extra info: there's already a seed set up with a big base, might reset the whole seed except for the base, wich can be used for you aswell. Or we start on new seed

    How do you apply? just post here, tell some stuff about you that you think is relevant... might want to add your discord. ;)

    Plz be a bit patient when you apply, I want to give everyone an opportunity to apply.

    --> it doesn't matter if you apply 1st or 5th, I will read all posts and decide before 24h from now.

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    posted a message on New small vanilla SMP server

    IGN: Freackyclown

    Age: 32

    How long you've been playing: since januari 13th this year but uhm ... I learn fast ;)

    Got a private server - a solo world on wich some friends showed me the basics of minecraft.

    Getting bored of the solo world, kinda build all the farms I wanted already sooo.. Now i'm looking for a small community that wouldn't mind me to ask some silly questions once in a while.

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    posted a message on Minecraft SMP

    cool you give out the ip and all but it would help if you disable the whitelist, nobody can join it seems.

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