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    posted a message on Incredibly poor performance when using minecarts?
    It's just that it happens on 2 differently configured computers with each computer using it's own world (Not using the same world as each other). It shouldn't really matter if you'd normally use mine carts differently to how I've used them.

    Here's my game config on my computer (The i7). On the other computer I lowered the view distance to Small with negligable impact on the problem.
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    posted a message on Incredibly poor performance when using minecarts?
    Link to a copy of the World in question: http://www.mediafire...66b6yi2ef99t6iv

    Just doing simple things with mine carts will cause the game to frequently spike in to sub 1fps for no apparent reason on both our computers.

    Edit: moving far away so as to cause the mine carts to not be rendered remedies the performance issues, but then I can't see the mine carts.

    Core i7 920 @ 2.66GHZ
    ASUS P6T Mother Board
    6GB DDR3 1600 RAM
    Auzentech Forte Sound Card
    Nvidia Geforce 560Ti 2048MB PCI-E (Latest drivers)
    Windows 7 Home Premium x64

    Intel Core 2 DUO e6750
    ASUS P5LD2 Mother Board
    2GB DDR2 800 RAM
    Integrated Sound Card
    Nvidia Geforce 260GTS PCI-E (Latest Drivers)
    Windows 7 Home Premium x86
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    posted a message on Single Player Survival give command need help
    I log in to the game client via my email address, how do I find out my username while in single player? I tried "/give item >email address< 119" but that doesn't work. In multiplayer you'd just hit Tab but that doesn't work in single player and I got no servers registered for multiplayer yet.

    If I use the "/me" command I can see my message prefixed with a name but using that name in place of my email address when using the "/give" command, doesn't work either.

    Edit: I'm dumb, ignore me.,
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    posted a message on Do you hate cracked minecraft users?
    Quote from Phycozz

    If cracked players can't play on servers, how do people get onto servers with hacked clients? Not just cracked, one with hax. I doubt they would need to put in a legit username and password.

    I don't really care, and hating them would be hypocritical of me since I've used a couple torrents for things as well...
    That's only for Premium users. Hacked clients simply hack the launcher/login process, a valid username is not required nor is a valid password. The game it self is untouched and you can totally play online with it. However if the server you are trying to connect to is configured to validate (Check) usernames/passwords with the login server then obviously those hacked clients can't join that server as they'll fail that part of the connection process.

    For some reason Mojang has implemented a feature for servers to allow them to disable that check, though... which is odd but whatever (I assume to allow legit users some way to continue playing should the login server go offline for some reason?).

    However if the server enables that option then the only thing that defines your rank (Pleb, moderator, admin etc.) is your name and well, that can be forged by simply logging in with an admins name while the admin isn't online and then you will have admin powers...

    Which is probably why:

    1) Most servers don't ever disable that check. People can become admin by simply changing there name, which is terribly prone to being abused.

    2) Small groups of friends that totally trust each other are very likely the biggest user of hacked clients.

    3) Most users buy the game, because they want a consistant/lawful (lawful within the confines of the server they're connecting to) online experience.
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    posted a message on Bought game, registered to wrong account
    Ah I see, so there was a forum issue before that was preventing me from accessing here. I clicked the green button to accept the terms and mistakenly assumed it spawned an alternate tab/browser window to the help website (Which I had open at the time) by mistake. I assumed this because it was just taking me back to the screen to click the green button everytime I clicked it and mistakenly associated it with the other tab I already had opened.

    Though the above (Within this post) is probably irerelevant now since the browser ate my original post that better explained my initial attempts to find help.

    Anyways, yeah still seeking some support here if at all possible. Considering you can't change username I probably would rather the arbitrary limitation on my existing Premium account be lifted so that I can log in to that account via it's username. My current Free account isn't really worth keeping and I don't really like the username I ended up choosing for it.

    Both accounts are registered to the same email which is... odd, I wouldn't have thought that was possible but it is!
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    posted a message on Bought game, registered to wrong account
    Feck you web browser, deleting my post because I accidentally clicked "back" on this tab.

    Anyways, long story short. Website has a Buy Now button that changes depending on if you are logged in to your minecraft.net account or not.

    I already had a minecraft.net account but wasn't logged in to it at the time. When I redeemed the game I clicked the Buy Now button and thought the whole account creation thing on the mojang.com website was required and that I would later have an option to bind the game to my existing minecraft.net account.

    So far that does not seem likely. After I registerd the game I found out that indeed the game is not bound to my minecraft.net account as there was never a step in the process that let me specifiy an existing account, instead it's bound to a totally different account... on minecraft.net. (I now have 2 minecraft.net accounts.)

    So if I had logged in to my minecraft.net account before attempting to redeem the game, then I would have gone through an entirely different process to what I ended up going through, this was not made clear to me at all. In the 2 images I link, you will see that the website offers no hint that logging in to an existing account will take you through an entirely different process to what you go through if you aren't logged in to an account.

    I feel like I've been swindled in to unkowingly taking an approach that did not yield the outcome I desired. If someone could transfer the game to the other account and delete the account created via mojang.com that would be swell. (Contact me for account details, if it is possible)


    Oh and for those who think I didnt search for the answer, I did, I did not find an appropriate answer and the help site does not offer a method of asking a question (Or I didn't see one)

    Edit: the whole issue boils down to me pedantically wanting to log in via username, not email address. Accounts made via mojang.com require you to log in via specifying an email address, the client will command you to do so should you try to use the username associated to that account.

    Why is there an arbirtary limitation imposed on accounts made via mojang.com if the end result results in a minecraft.net account, the same type of account that you'd get if you register via minecraft.net?
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    posted a message on How to safely delete chunks not influenced by us?
    Quote from Quayludious

    I've done it before in 1.2.5 and the only real problem with MCEdit has been that when the game regenerates the biomes there are usually very distinctive lines from where the cut was made. Deserts going to extreme mountains and having just vertical cutout halves of mountains... You lose that nice transition.
    That's fine, we're aware of that issue.
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    posted a message on How to safely delete chunks not influenced by us?
    How to safely delete chunks that have not been influenced by the players? What I mean is there are programs out there that let you edit maps and stuff but my friend previously, couldn't find one that was both fairly easy to use for this task and also easy to identify which chunks contain what.

    Back then the Anvil format was still new so not many tools were available..What are your suggestions for this task?
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    posted a message on OH COME ON!
    Possibly because although you can download v1.3.0, it hasn't actually launched yet (Due to time zone differences) and the master server/login server hasn't been updated to recognize the new version yet.
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    posted a message on I let go of the key, but I keep walking!
    Quote from epiclinkfan101

    I have sticky keys constantly disabled so that the window doesn't even pop up anymore.
    Ah, good.
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    posted a message on Do you think it's not "Survival" if put your brightness to the highest level to not use torches in caves?
    I tend to use it simply because even though I can see fine with it set to Moody, it greatly reduces eye strain when turning it up and makes playing for several hours significantly more comfortable..
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    posted a message on I let go of the key, but I keep walking!
    It could be caused by Sticky Keys.
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    posted a message on Prolong the effect of a component? (Redstone)
    Thanks everyone, I have what I need now.
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    posted a message on Prolong the effect of a component? (Redstone)
    Repeaters allow me to delay something yes, but I don't believe it allows me to prolong it.
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    posted a message on Prolong the effect of a component? (Redstone)
    I'm trying to make a trap that triggers when you press a single button and it requires that a part of the configuration last longer then the other components. Is that possible to do?

    Basically I want to have a particular Sticky Piston be powered for a longer period of time then all the other pistons.
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