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    Faction/Nation name: Amos Viper

    Faction/Nation colour: #b30000

    Type of Government: Theocracy

    Culture: Vermicultian

    Others: A nomad type of nation, as in it's swapping worlds every time the all-devouring abomination that is chasing them catches up. The nation is lead by Vermiculus Regis, the immortal king of thaumaturgy (as in he can't die from old age). Its people are naturally skilled in magic, however they aren't at good terms with advanced technology, or any technology that requires electricity, seeing it as abnormal and inhuman.

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    Dis clustergorilla still running? Oh, how low has humanity fallen.

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    Ok, I finally re-started the challenge.

    Version: 1.7.10

    Difficulty: Normal





    Forge Multipart


    Ars Magica 2



    Biomes O' Plenty

    Carpenter's Blocks



    Cosmetic Armor Reworked



    Extra TiC


    More Player Models

    Not Enough Items

    Tinker's Construct


    Thaumcraft NEI Plugin

    Traveller's Gear


    Xaero's Minimap

    Race: Dark Elf

    -Preferred Materials: wood, different kinds of stone

    -Preferred Locations: darker forests, autumn forest, magical forests

    -All houses and other buildings must be built on trees, or pillars made of wood. Farms, wells, mines and the main castle can be built on the ground

    -Most Dark Elves don't worship deities (except Crimson Cultists, or very insane Thaumaturges). They do however worship their ancestors


    -They are skilled magic users, but not too bright when it comes to technology

    -Houses don't have roofs, except the main castle and higher level ones

    Challenge Log:

    Hello, whoever the hell you are. Before you start reading, let me introduce myself.

    My name is Ker'Athri Uroboros. In one of the many versions of my home dimension, Athera, I was the king of Dark Elves. Well, before the Des'Nox family took over. After I was sent to exile, and basically the whole world was in a political crisis, I decided to use the last bit of arcane knowledge I had to transport me and my ship to another world.

    After I successfully sailed to the shore, I could already tell I was in another Minecraftian realm. As usual I experienced the same curse I would have whenever I travelled them, so I turned into a human male, although still having my past abilities.

    Just as I climbed the cliff surrounding the beach, I found a strange obsidian structure, surrounded by pillars with a chest in the middle. In there I found gold, coins and even two diamonds. I thought that now, creating a new kingdom would be easy. So as I walked the new world, I saw strange cobblestone crosses around the area. Last thing I remember is a sleeping dart in my neck and eating some dirt.

    I woke up later, by a lake, surrounded by, guess what, Dark Elves. After a bit of a long talk with me trying to convince them I'm not a human, they explained how they found me two days ago, completely robbed off everything except my clothes and my cloak.


    After about 10 minutes they left, declining to help me until I build at least four houses, and a food source.

    I first scouted the area. There was a greatwood tree and a floating island to the north, and a village to the east.

    After having to chop down some of the trees, I managed to build a simple treehouse. It didn't even have a roof, but I was lucky that there was no rain those days.

    My sleep was constantly interrupted by a random witch duel below, but I knew I would probably die if I charged in with a stone sword.


    The next day I visited the village. The citizens were, to say at best, utterly stupid, with some of them sleeping in the middle of the road. I guess only thing that saved them from death were a few iron golems here and there. Because of that I had no remorse stealing their torches, wool and smeltery components. How did they even know how to make those? Probably some divine intervention by their local goddess which they called "Monarch". I also found an iron pickaxe at the blacksmith.


    Next few days I was busy finishing the smeltery and building a farm. The farm was simple, and I took inspiration from the easterlings' "rice paddies". However the creepers didn't seem to like it.


    Then I built the well. Since I had no iron, thus no way to transport water, I played with this world's broken liquid physics. I first build a cobblestone frame in the water, then dug down from the inside. For some reason that created an infinite water source. later I added the roof.


    After some digging expeditions, in which I found blue topaz, chimerite, cinnebar, coal, and just enough iron to make a bucket and set of shears, I stumbled upon a ravine. There I found essence rocks and lava, which made it possible to make the smeltery work! I still didn't know how to make iron tools so I didn't bother digging it.



    At last I built three more houses, one completely made of greatwood. One of them served as a trophy room, but later on I built a seperate building for it.

    After all was done, my first citizens moved in! Well, it was just three dark elves, who would later become my best friends: Elyssa, Lumia and Boruth. Elyssa was tasked as the treasurer and moved into the trophy room. The other two had nothing to move in so I supplied them with food. Boruth showed great interest in the smeltery so I made him the community blacksmith. Lumia later taught me how to bring back my ability to use magic.

    And from that point, everything went to hell.

    This is just stage one, and it already took way too long. I'm kinda scared about the later on ones. :P

    Also, one question. I have another mod I want to try, called Armourer's Workshop, which literally gives you the ability to create armor and block models/textures in-game, and then apply them to items. However the main block costs one diamond and lots of iron, so can I cheat it in after I finish the first three stages?

    Also, another idea. When I reach the intermidate houses part, can I just convert my old ones to them and then build that much simple houses?

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    Yup, I actually found this challenge through the original one, the one that had specific buildings for every race. I like this format, where those who try the challenge can come up with a race themselves.

    I'm just gonna hope I don't end up having to construct additional pylons.

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    There was force lightning but they removed it because of a few rendering issues. Their probably going to add it again in the next few updates.

    Thanks. For now we'll have to use Ars Magica 2's Beam-Lightning Damage spell (except it shoots it out of your mouth)
    Quote from TJB_Minecraft»

    Luckily for you i just finished making a Sith Warrior Skin from SWTOR using the Eradicator Armour but with Revans Mask

    Is it the old or 1.8 skin format? Also, pictures?
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    Hi, whichever staff member is viewing this! I have a few suggestions:

    -Could you sometimes in the future add content from, example, swtor or kotor? I know you are focusing on the canon movies, but still. For example, when starting a new game, you can choose which era you spawn in. If you choose it in the past, Sith train on Korriban and Jedi (Who aren't rare like in the future) train on Tython.

    -Since you added the inquisitor double lightsaber, why not make it spin while blocking?

    -Add more Sith abilities, like force choke, force lightning, Nihilus-like life drain, force storm etc.

    -A very rare Tatooine structure, the Sarlacc Pit. Basically a deep hole that screws you for life if you fall inside it (By that I mean you get instakilled by the mob on the bottom, then it sets your spawnpoint to a bedrock-enforced room underneath for 10 in-game days).

    -Make it so your title (Padawan, Jedi Knight, Sith Acolyte etc.) shows up before your username.

    -Add a third faction, Gray Jedi. Your invitation can be either a rare chance after respawning, or after narrowly avoiding death. The faction focuses on both the Sith and Jedi abilities.

    -Add a shipwreck of some spaceship that spawns in the overworld. It can house the Tatooine Hyperdrive.

    These are just suggestions, do whatever you want with them, I know that whatever you do the mod will be great.

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    Nice to see this rebooted. Especially now that I got an unreal computer.


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    "Even horses understand us? What a crazy world this is becoming."
    "We are this island's natives. Aborigines. If you are asking for our race's name, it doesn't have one."
    "Thank you for accepting to help us. Here, take this."

    The orange-skinned reptile takes out something out of his cloak. It is a large, round teal crystal with a golden frame. It resembles an eye. Actually, it looks like it could exactly fit in one of those eye-shaped holes on that obelisk from earlier.

    "My brother gave it to me three months ago. Found it in a terrifyingly mangled animal corpse. I hope you know how to use it"

    Meanwhile, an army camp spots the orange wisps' arrival.

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    "Gah, alright alright, you don't have to bore us to death. We remember while you still communicated using screams and hands."
    "You can stay here as long as you want. But if you would be kind to do something for us..."
    "We are short on food. All our spears broke against the thick skin of the forest creatures. They adapt, just like us."
    "But you... I saw you do something flashy and suddenly you speak Zhissg. You know how to use magic, don't you. The animals will be no match for you."
    "Please. We expect two more tribe members to come tomorrow."

    They look at the group leader with hope.

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    All happenings in Amos Viper freeze as I log out. To be continued tomorrow morning Europe timezone.


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    Quote from Zyngard»

    One of them just casts Mass Comprehend Language and asks them to please repeat themselves

    "What are you doing here? Nobody dared set foot after the invasion."

    Now all three reptilians look at you.

    "The mankind itself never explored these lands. Those who came by boat sunk near the cliffs."
    "Although we can not be sure those invaders were humans"."
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    The mage group doesn't find anything interesting for a time, but then comes across a tent. Three figures in ragged hooded cloaks sit around a campfire. One of them looks at you, revealing itself to be a lizard-like being.

    "Areg'zog yegallar khisir? Ahir tek vir polesh'ios."

    Meanwhile, Vermiculus Regis picks up the runed tablet Connor left behind and teleports back to the Crimson Hold

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    The UFO continues watching the kingdom, attempting to gain as much information as possible.

    Scans show patches of the Taint, strange obelisks and strange purple mist in one section. Fauna is almost nonexistent.
    Quote from Nucleep»

    "I think that this is best left for the DEPT if what you're saying is true."

    OOC: I'm sure the TAINT of all things will accept them with open arms...

    OOC: Shush! Shush while they still don't know!
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    Quote from jorcool»

    "Well I'm sorry about that. I did not know this was your territory. We only wanted to find if someone else lives on this planet. My name is Jord Artac by the way. We'll be leaving then if it's a problem that we are here. Could you explain the 'flying things, group of mages and wisps' though? We have only arrived here recently

    "Ah, you aren't even from this world. Neither am I, we settled here a few weeks ago."
    "Well, recently there were some weird metal objects flying towards us. One of them even turned into a human. I think they are called "Drones". Mages are, well, mages. If you don't know what magic is, you will learn that soon. Wisps we only saw on the northern coasts, they are beings closely connected to magic."
    "Also, how is this thing flying without any use of magic? I heard nations here are known for "Advanced Science" or something. Seems very unpractical to me."
    "Well, if you are gonna leave soon I recommend you going to the purple landmass south of this teritorry. People there are very friendly and kind, you can learn more from them than from me."
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    Quote from jorcool»

    Everyone in the carrier's bridge stood still. After a few seconds the auxiliary generators turned on, lighting up the bridge. "Hey who are you, and what are you doing here?" The captain says.

    "Oh, I forgot to introduce myself. Vermiculus Regis, the king of Amos Viper."
    "I asked you to leave. Why do I always need to ask people something three times?"
    He drops down the sword, and now appears behind the captain.
    "Now, why does everyone seem interested in my kingdom? First some flying things, then a group of mages, then Wisps, and now you."
    "So, I ask you to leave. Again. Because if I come over to your nation, it won't be to research you or whatever the hell you want here."
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