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    posted a message on Hexxit REvisited, a 1.7.10 redo of 1.5 Hexxit, following the legacy and adding to it.
    Quote from LightningZBolt»

    Thank you for the feedback! It's nice to see people enjoying my pack! I'll probably make the Adminium Arks rarer in my next update, though I feel it's not necessary as the sword is not effective against every mob and it's easy to lose.

    Quote from deaddelgado»

    Well we're always open to suggestions/questions. If you have any feel free to post 'em here.

    I would love to use this modpack in my 50k subs channel!!

    Could you please upload the server? I'm really bad at configuring servers and I would love to have everything set up and just play.

    Thank you!

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    posted a message on Streaks editing

    I'm playing with the Streak mod, but I would like to change how long (in ticks) streaks last, in my opinion it takes a lot of time for streaks to disappear so I want to change them to half the length.

    It looks pretty easy, I managed to open the Streak.class file inside the jar and there were lines mentioning this:

    Streak time
    How long (in ticks) do streaks last?

    And then this: CONSTANT_Integer : 2147483647 (7FFFFFFF)

    So it must be easy to do, but I don't know anything about mod editing and that's why I'm asking you guys.

    Here's a link to the mod so you can download it and help me. http://ichun.us/mods/streak/



    PS: Can I change it with WordPad?
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    posted a message on Wallpapers (vertical carpets)
    Edited op! Thanks guys ;)
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    posted a message on Wallpapers (vertical carpets)

    Crafting 2 wool in a vertical position gives you one wallpaper. Is just like a carpet, but vertical. You place them like you do with Item frames.

    It helps a lot if you only have a 1-block wide wall.


    See you!

    EDIT: As it's a wallPAPER the crafting could be two wool and one paper in the middle (vertical) and output 3 wallpapers. Thanks Smiliez7a for the suggestion!
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    posted a message on StarQuest [Starships][Planets][Space][Ranks][Towns][Factions][PvP][Economy][Trading]
    IGN: FranEGL

    Where did you hear about the server: On the front page.

    Do you understand and accept the rules: Yes, I do.

    What's our policy on raging: I can't rage, I just have to be a man, face that I have lost and get better to win next time.

    In case I get whitelisted, I'm planning on uploading videos of this server on my Youtube channel (2400 subscribers, it's something!). Can I apply for a friend too?

    His IGN : Nilcobax

    He heard about the server from me, I told him to read the rules, he's very mature (he's 21 years old) and will upload videos of the server too, he has more than 3k subscribers.

    Is there a Youtuber rank?

    Oh, by the way, we speak Spanish, but we understand everything (I'm fluent in English because I've spoken English since I was 6 years old).

    Sorry about plain text, I'm writing from my iPad.
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    posted a message on Is this PC good for gaming?Reply ASAP
    Quote from Lee_lemon

    Then every youtube video and consoles must be pretty laggy

    I can easily play at 15 fps, maybe at 10

    It's different, when you watch Youtube videos you don't play, you just watch them. It's different, in my case if I have to play I like to play smooth (and to sync the frames with my display) to look at every detail in the screen, but when I watch a video I just enjoy looking at what they do.

    If you play at 15fps and you're happy with that it's because you've never played @60fps.
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    posted a message on Please make a skin from Google pictures (reward)
    I'm a Youtuber and I want a skin for Minecraft, so I'm asking you guys if you could make me a skin of this amazing guy. His name is Juan Roman Riquelme.

    Pictures (I don't want any sponsors at all -no BBVA, no Megatone- maybe the Nike logo only if it doesn't look bad):




    Leg and Boots


    REWARD: If someone can make me a skin I can put any link you want in the description of a video with 200,000 views (50,000 views per month).
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    posted a message on Hotkeys or Mouse Scroll?
    I always use the scroll wheel but when someone attacks me (a mob orna player) I press the hotkey 1 because that's where my sword is and it's much faster than scrolling.
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    posted a message on Screen Recording Programs
    I use Bandicam with a 2011 Sony Laptop. Of course it makes games lag but if I can record Minecraft at 60fps with a ton of mods, BF4 at medium settings.. It means Bandicam is not the problem. If you have a bad computer, you can't expect the impossible. You can't make a silk purse out of a pig's ear. Well here's the same. Upgrade your computer, and if you can't, try action mirillis. I have never used Action but it may work for you. But still, Bandicam is a perfect option.
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    posted a message on Minecraft in schools for the future
    Minecraft for educational purposes... Mm no. First of all what can I learn from Minecraft? The social aspect of the game is pointless, you have normal, real-life breaks. Redstone is a little complicated and it doesn't teach essential stuff... I don't think so.

    It might end up being like: "Jake griefed my house DDDD:"
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    posted a message on The hobbit adventure map-texture pack-[Puzzle-adventure-accion] 7000+ +dloads! [part 2 out]
    Quote from hatate

    sure, but please in the description of your video, put the link, the your subs could play

    Of course, that's already done. I think I will just edit this post and add the video here.
    Oh, could you also edit the topic and add the video there too?
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    posted a message on The hobbit adventure map-texture pack-[Puzzle-adventure-accion] 7000+ +dloads! [part 2 out]
    As soon as the video is on my channel I'll post it here, ok? Because they've closed the other thread :S
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    posted a message on El hobbit-mapa de aventura-(version español)-[acertijos.aventura.accion] hatate
    Muuy buen mapa! Lo he grabado y mañana lo subo a mi canal! (/TheFranMG)
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    posted a message on Is there interest in the community for a minecraft movie thats actually a movie?
    If you make a Minecraft movie and upload it to YouTube I can guarantee it will hit the 10 million views.

    I can help you with the project, but it needs proper organization. Honestly, I don't believe your project will go too far the way it is now. You should make a topic with more detail, the names of all collaborators, the positions needed, etc.

    What can I help you with?
    1. Dubbing (adding my voice to the characters). I'm not a native speaker but my pronunciation is very good (IMO).
    2. Help with the main plot (maybe secondary plots too?)
    3. I can help with the animation. I don't know how to use Blender, but I know the basics of Cinema 4D.
    4. I can upload the movie to my YT channel (/TheFranMG) and subtitle it in Spanish.
    5. Maybe I can help with the script if you want.

    Cya and good luck!
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    posted a message on Have You Ever Lost a Seed, or Have One Ruined Because of an update?
    I've lost seeds, but when that happens all you have to do is click the tall grass until you find more.
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