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    Hello, can you create your own discord server? Where will you post the mod / its progress.

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    I need people, and I need fans of Bakugan Battle Brawlers
    I need:
    5 encoders
    3 modelers
    5 people who know how to make textures.
    Beta Testers - up to 30 people

    What's the point?
    The bottom line is that we will make a mod about Bakugan, I am a fan of this anime (old) and I dreamed of playing it in the Minecraft game, volunteers are needed who will do all this, alas, there will be no payment for this (
    But you will feel the joy because there are very, very few mods about Bakugan!
    for those who want to participate write to HP in discord: Fram#5098
    preferably Russian people, maybe I don't know English very well.
    I am waiting.

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    posted a message on Looking for a team to help develop a bakugan battle brawlers mod

    Hey! please, when will the mod be made, will you write to me in discord? Fram#5098

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