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    posted a message on Whitelist only life steal smp! Accepting applications.

    I'm 14 and I'd say that I'm pretty good at pvp, but where is the server based?
    Discord: Fractal#7923
    IGN: bustybucket

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    posted a message on APLADI SMP | Semi-Lore, clans, wars and more!

    What will you do? Fight along side your friends or betray them and fight against them, the choice is yours in this vanilla* semi-anarchy servers, greifing, stealing and killing is completely allowed!
    The discord and Minecraft server is completely self made, meaning everything that happens will be up to us, none of those big companies that take 5+ hours to respond when the server is down. The server is located in Australia, but don't let that refrain you from joining, as people from all around the world are able to get yellow bars minimum.

    Contact me on discord at: Fractal#7923

    Join the SMP server (to play in the server you must be in the discord server to be up to date etc): https://discord.gg/Q6hyYmubTe

    I'll see you on the server!

    - Fractal

    *This server does have plugins, but none that stray you further from the authentic Minecraft experience.
    DiscordSRV: So you can chat to people on the discord while on the server and vice versa
    Nicknames: For lore etc if you want
    Plasmovoice: This is a proximity chat plugin so you can talk to people via voice (as people get further away from you, they will get progressively quieter)

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