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    [b] Luna [/b]

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    Luna is a one of a kind whitelisted server with factions constatly expanding and improving. It is currently based on a 20 slot server but will expand the more popular the server becomes. We already have a few names writen down on our whitelist who have been waiting for the server to go public and we are inviting you to join the live list right now! We are not new to running a server with experiance in Battlefield 2142, Battlefield: Bad Company 2, Counter Strike: Source, Halo and we currently have an Australian server on Call of Duty: Black Ops for our website. All information about the server is below so make sure you give it a read.

    Update the server IP!

    Server IP:
    Team Speak 3: ts36.gameservers.com:9242
    Website: http://www.foxygamers.com (Coming Soon)

    [b]How to apply:[/b]
    Game Name:
    Why you want to join:

    [b]Note: We are also giving 1 lucky person the chance to make there own faction, Simply post what your factions is and why we should make the faction/town ingame with you as the leader.[/b]

    [b]Empire -[/b] Mans best friend is Man according to the Empire. Expanding the boarders and helping each other out is there belief. Empire dosn't focus much on PVP unless its defending there town.
    [b]Bandits -[/b] Banished and wanted dead from all factions, Bandits hunt day and night for unsuspecting prey to kill or chests to rob. As a bandit you will NOT be given protection by a town so you can live anywhere.
    [b]Blade's Edge (Looking for a Dedicated Leader) -[/b] A gathered group of Mercenary looking to gain more power and more money in the Luna. They mostly think of themselves before others.[/b]
    [b]Dagranoth (Not recruiting)-[/b] A group dedicated to causing chaos to other factions around them while expanding there own.
    [b]Paladin - Protector of the weak, smiting down all evil[/b]

    Hey0 - Ganeral Admin Plugin.
    Towny - Create your own town/faction and declare war on others to steal there town.
    ChatChannels - Create your own channel to chat in as well as Local and Global chat.
    LWC - Chest protections so people cannot steal from your chests.
    LeafDropper - Drops the leaves off a tree when you cut all the trunk out linking to the leafs.
    iConomy - Bye, Sell, Trade and Auction!
    Cuboid - Extra Protection in spawn area, Extra Anti-Grief messures.
    WorldGuard - Extra Greif protection.

    - No creating bedrock Blocks, Lava, Lava Tins, Diamond Blocks, TNT, Fire, Monster Spawn Blocks.
    - No Duping, Hacking.
    - No Spawn Camping.
    - Your game must be purchased and not nulled. Nulled accounts will NOT work and will NOT be able to connect to our server.
    - No joining another faction to steal there items.
    - To be accepted onto the whitelist you must type "I accept the rules" at the end of your application.
    - Result in Hacking or Duping will be a perm ban from our server and you will be placed on a free to view list that admins of other servers can place onto there ban list.
    - Swearing to offend or being racists to someone will result in a temp-ban.

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