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    Quote from Nateboy57

    Thanks a ton for your feedback and recommendations! I think a 1TB will be a good call. I'll be storing and editing 720p video. I'm a youtube nut. If you don't mind me asking, what brand of Hard Drive would you reccomend for a 1TB dive?

    WD will always be my first choice for Mechanical HD's, however Seagate has stepped up their game recently.
    WD caviar black or the Seagate Barracuda line will hopefully serve you well. Stay away from any powersaving or "intellipower" drives... you won't get optimum performance. Keep in mind, however, especially with mechanical HDD's, it's not a matter of if, but when it will fail. If you're going to install multiple drives, drives used purely for storage (such as archived videos) you can drop down to a 5400 RPM drive and save some cash... keep all active drives at 7200, however.

    If you're up for investing a bit more cash, I highly recommend investing in an SSD and making it your primary boot drive (C:).
    I'm currently running the OCZ Agility 3 and have zero complaints. Samsung and Intel make excellent drives, as well, however they will run you more per GB.

    In terms of the PSU, I don't trust Rosewill for anything vital, especially electrical. i've experienced many of their shortcomings firsthand. If it's served you well, thus far, by all means, continue to use it, but if you're looking to upgrade that at some point, Corsair, Antec, and CoolerMaster (in that order) will serve you well.

    Although AMD does offer more bang for your buck, next time I do a (re)/build, Nvidia will be in my system. I've currently got a non-reference ASUS HD7870 in my system, and I frequently run into driver problems, it gets tiring having to find workarounds, or unofficial patches to issues AMD hasn't addressed in 16+ months. The GTX 650 is considered a mid-grade card by today's standards, especially with the 700 series being dropped by Nvidia as we speak, however, it will still serve you well... Don't expect much future proofing, however.
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    You're set to go.
    If I may make a few suggestions, however... I'd recommend no less than a TB drive. I don't know what type of gaming you'll be doing, and/or if it will be gaming exclusive, however I've got A TB, and two 3TB internal drives almost full... My system isn't exclusive to gaming, however. it's also used for work, and video editing. the TB drive is solely for game installs.

    This one is really just personal preference, but I prefer G.skill or Corsair
    for memory.
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    Hello, i'm having a lot of problems with making the shaders to work without lag. When they are not activated, from a scale of 0% to 100%, i have, on settings, 80% of activated things (i mean the graphics stuff, the clouds, trees, fancy things and all that, i also have Optifine) the game runs perfectly but when i activate the shaders it automatically start to lag a lot, even if im 0% or 100%. Sorry about my english and y tried to explain myself. Thanks!

    My specs are:

    -Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
    -Intel Core i5 CPU M 430 2.27GHz
    -Ram 4.00 Gb
    -GeForce G105M 512Mb DDR3
    -It's a laptop (i don't know if this helps)

    Thanks again!

    The G105m isn't a powerful enough card to crank out a solid FPS with GPU-intensive uses, such as these shaders.
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    You could use a template like that, or... just fill a topic with info/screenshots as you see fitting.
    Look through some of the Tp topics here on these boards... get an idea for what's effective.
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    posted a message on 1.8.1 or 1.9pre5?
    For me:
    1.8.1 runs faster overall (average of 40-45 FPS), but doesn't handle large events very well (such as large amounts of TNT) - 8x8x8 (512) stack of TNT crashed my game
    1.9 PR5 runs slightly slower overall (average of 35-40 FPS), but handles large events a fair bit better 11x11x11 (1331) stack of TNT crashed my game

    I'd imagine it all depends on your system though.
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    You want them to look decent or perform decent?
    lookwise, most everything can put on a pretty face, doens't mean it will work well.
    performance, however is limited in that pricerange.
    The best I can offer you (from first-hand-knowledge) are these:
    but they are on-ear.
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    Learning a program language on your own requires dedication and determination. You can't just say you're going to learn, then take a look at it for a few hours every month.
    You have to treat it as though it were an actual school, set deadlines to know "x" by "y". Study what you learn same as you wold for a test in school. If it helps, make some flash cards (I don't know much on java, so I don't know how it would translate), I learned CSS/HTML on flashcards.
    w3schools is what I consider to be one of, if not the best knowledge database for an array of programming/markup languages.
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    since it's coming anyway;
    No pics no clicks.

    Members on this forum are (rightfully) wary of downloading content, especially from members who have very few posts (in your case, one).
    get some pictures up of the map, and you're more likely to see return on your work.
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    posted a message on My brother literally thinks Minecraft plays the same as Diablo
    Please tell him I called him a derpasaurus rex.
    that is all.
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