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    Well after yesterdays *sad* I will attmept to not be very text paranoid and only keep one single copy

    of my post on my desktop at all times.

    Today I read "Its dangerous business going outside your door" which admittedly has to be one of the
    most epic fanfictions which i have read so far. (That doesnt say much, I've only read ~100)
    I really liked it and all I can really say is:

    "She squealed so loudly the other ponies drew back. “ROPEY! I really can’t lose ya! Oh, Ropey, you’re
    the best rope ever!” She hugged it close."

    Context: without it, you are lost.

    guys i gtg until fleek leaves i cant sit here with him being a jerk

    Hey, don't leave! Fleek is just a very skilled troll (who has taken it too far) and all you need to do is
    ignore him completely, then he will leave (boredom kills all).

    TOPIC: Fanfiction Academy Awards! Pick three totally random nominations and vote for them.
    "Best crossover", "Best alicorn OC", "Worst failed escape plan", anything like that.

    Also, I'll pick those three example nominations.
    Best crossover - Better Living Through Science And Ponies (a Portal 2 crossover). It has a good
    storyline, plus GLaDOS is acting perfectly IC, while in any other crossover she's just totally maniac.
    Best alicorn OC - Aurora Spark. Oh come on, as if I have a choice with MrBossMan around here.
    Worst failed escape plan - Scootaloo's plan to escape from Rainbow Factory. "Clear, fly, fall,
    complete"? "Somewhat, nearly, failed, not even close to". Three fingers down. "

    To be honest I have not read enough crossover fanfictions to have a valid opinion on this however I
    will nominate "The Breaking of the Wall" for being the most awesome random multicrossover.
    Once again I have not actually read enough Alicorn OC fanfictions (only three actually) but I will
    nominate "Drax" who is present in: "Angst Much?" and mentioned in "Just keep laughing"
    I don't actually know for sure on this one but I will randomly nomiate any of the failed escape plans
    which occur (or fail to) in "Dreams are magic: A dream for two"

    Everyone go ahead and download Desktop Ponies.

    There are TONS of ponys+diamond dogs+pets+zecora to make walk around your screen.
    You can even grab them xD

    AND, they can play football and stuf

    No! I still have yet to download anything of import (apart from my dubious trollfic editing thing) that
    is related to ponies, and untill I have reached my correct amount of critical mass of knowledge about
    the fandom I will keep it that way!

    I'd say Cupcakes are worse. Rainbow Factory is definitely OOC, but average. (Because it goes farther
    than retarded torture scenes) And because Scootaloo having no sense of direction is totally IC. *derp*
    Also, random Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade crossover pic:
    [Funneh pic snip]

    I would have to argue with you there, what is more OOC? One character being evil/cruel beyond
    reason or another?

    I love the next scene in that movie:
    "Gah Gah" *flaps umbrella* *birds* *plane crashes*
    Achievements earned:
    PWNING German fighter planes with an umbrella Like a boss!
    Once you reach max level; you stop leveling!

    There was a alarm, technology y u keep advancing?!

    Yeah I know right, that makes me so mad.

    Raritys a gold digger and spike got his evil laugh back. eh i guess.

    Yeah same here.

    HELL YES. I had a theory that there was a dragon trinity similar to the equine trinity, but Asgard

    didn't approve of it. BUT I WAS RIGHT! Spike's an EARTH DRAGON!
    [Lots of theory and explaination stuff snip]

    Well I am really anticipating whatever your story will be once finished!
    Interspecies shipping endorsed by the writers? this is gonna inspire much stuff like fine wine!

    watch, in the next episode she doesnt give a **** about him.

    Wait? Do you know what happens in future episodes?

    (I have weird rules to keep myself sane)

    I have the weirdest urges...

    @TTXRaven: Why?!? Tenticles...

    There will be a time, when i will see this in the sky. But i dunno when that will be.

    [L.A.A.C.E. pic snip]

    @mytopic: I didn't know royals don't need a last name.

    Nice picture of Low Altitude Aurora Circle Effect (Its been shopped ofc)
    I think that possibly the royal last name is left unmentioned for a very good reason...

    Oh, and sorry to destroy your dreams, but a Sonic Rainboom would break the light spectrum. Not to
    mention several laws of physics

    Oh I doubt it; the spectrum is actually in the right order for this to actually happen, what it would
    require though, is a repeating planar field effect which would energize atmostpheric atoms (and thus
    photons) to the correct energy level and expand outwards simulntailiously. this would of course
    require a predirective driving system (magic) but it could be done with current physics (the operational altitude would remain specific and static though)

    [Logical physics stuff snip]
    In an interview by EqD, Faust says she planned out destinies for all the mane cast in the original pitch

    bible. Meaning there will be a happy ending all around.

    This, I do not want (despite my attmept to retain neutrality) this will be the end, and I will most likely
    never read/watch these episodes if they are ever revealed...

    I have 4 brothers, all older, one is a twin

    Your logic surpasses my mind.
    Wait, your twin?

    She's totally flaunting off that nice plot of hers.

    I noticed this several times during this episode.

    I will post grown-up Scootaloo and you will like it!

    LOL : "She knows what she's doing."

    Alright! Finally watched the episode, excuse me if I make any typing mistakes, two of my fingers

    have been crushed by a foot today

    Tell us how this happened!

    On the topic of ponies:
    Have you ever seen something that you wish to unsee?
    Yeah ._.
    Well I have the perfect thing for you!
    What is it?
    Pony Mind Bleach!
    What does it do?
    Pony Mind Bleach overrides your senses with adorableness that will make you forget about everything

    you just saw!
    Really? Links!
    You can find it here!

    I understand that some people need this sort of thing, but I think it will go unneeded on my part.

    Anyways, did anyone else see Derpy with Lyra and Bonbon?

    Of course!

    Ok, time to start a topic: What character(s) were you fascinated by when you first became a brony?
    My answer would have to be Derpy. Before (and for some time after) I became a brony I would look at

    all these silly fanarts of her doing silly things. It was quite silly.

    I am not a brony, merely an observer with an insufficient opinion.

    Winter themed wallpapah!


    G4 pony is best pony.

    Someone here is wearing Griffindor colors!

    What character do you most relate to?

    Wasnt there a quiz of this?

    Yeah, I took the quiz and retaredly (IMO) I seem to be most like Rarity (which I am not).

    What? I don't like hiding my insanity, it makes 2 of my voices very sad. I have the most badass voices

    in my head ever, the Mane 6!

    Page claim for Rainbow Dash

    Well at least you're honest with yourself.
    Wait, what?

    Wasnt there a quiz of this?

    Yes, but it was limited to the mane 6, here's a similar test that shows what cutie mark best suits you.

    I took the quiz and got: "Sparkle
    Witty and very bright. Loves to learn and explore. Inventor of clever ideas."
    Which is sort of wrong; I'm not ithati intelligent and exploring is really not what I do best.

    It's a good thing literature hasn't reached that point yet, or I'd give up now.

    Stephanie Meyer?

    I guess she's the only exception...

    I would argue rightfully (having actually read the entire Twlight series just for such an eventuality as
    this) that Stephanie Meyer actually has some writing talent.
    However she fails to utilize it properly in conjunction with and aquedate story untill the last 30
    minutes of her last book; which made me very very angry indeed!

    Discord is epic?

    Yes he is; in his own way he is the best appearing charecter in the entire show based on pure style.

    And speaking of music, everyone should listen to this PMV:

    This is the second time I have seen this vid, and it very nearly reaches out to me.
    I am almost urged to actually care, but not quite yet...


    Thats more than discord dude D:
    This Oc has twice as many points as the great composition of the semi-divine numbers 8 and 2

    representing the raw and substantial universe itself, 10!

    Lol, I feel so geeky now xDD

    And note that star theory is exponential. So she doesn't have twice as much energy as the universe,

    she has...

    Does that equation even work? What's the rule for doubling exponents? :I

    Anyway, depending on the relative values, it's a hell of a lot more.

    Edit: Also, you may have been a bit more careful with revealing the fact that we've theorized about

    Discord's pointation to the entire thread. I suppose it doesn't really matter, though, it's just that I'm

    worried a tad too much evidence could tip someone off to some of our ideas.

    Jair, on 11 December 2011 - 01:10 AM, said:
    Yeah I kinda noticed that and kinda chuckled to myself. It's waaaay too many but I decided the design

    as a whole was good so I didn't make a big deal about it. But I noticed it and it rubbed me to if it

    makes you feel better.

    I suppose it may not count, since there's a hole in the middle. Star theory is just a theory, after all,

    and even in-universe they aren't entirely sure of it all. Cutie mark interpretation is a very tricky


    I am trying very hard not to think about WTF you guys are discussing in open here.
    Argh! Brain, Stop!
    You know what happened when you started getting into timetraveling clones and paralell universii!!!

    *shuts down brain before too much damage is done*

    First time writing something serious.
    Figure it out yourself!

    "It seemed time slowed down as Twilight's horn approached Dashie's forehead.
    I remembered everything we had done together, our memories were coming back,
    and as Twillight's horn reached her forhead, i blacked out.

    I woke up, and noticed that i was in my old apartment. I looked around, and
    noticed everything was like it was before i got Dashie. I went to her room,
    and found it empty,i checked the photobook which turned out to be empty too.
    When i walked back into my livingroom again, i noticed a thing i didn't notice before.
    In front of the spot where i had woke up, on the carpet, lying on the floor, was my Simba toy..."

    Oh, well done!
    I see what you did there, and I semi don't approve.

    By the way, topics of discussion are contained within tactical spoiler:
    [Failbook (memebase) clipout snip]

    I would say that that one guy/girl unfreided that other guy/girl.

    [Funny equine frustration vid snip]

    I have two entirely diffrent fanfiction ideas in my head, but I do not know what to do!
    should I write about etho (from ethoslab) landing in equestria?
    should I write about the dementional traveling salesman named dr. com traveling to equestria and his

    adventures there?

    I am severly glad that I have solved frustration for my own part!
    sorry cannae help you.

    Except that's ridiculous. I'd already find it odd that Ent____ is only about half as powerful as Ord__,

    then it was really itching me that the gap got larger, and I'ma not allow it to get so stupidly huge. Just

    leave it at exponential, kk?

    Then explain why 6 can lift an Ursa Minor, 7 incapacitate and banish an Ursa Major and 8 is able to

    move the frikkin Sun.

    And the hu_____ sacrified themselves to remove and emprison a natu___ l_w: Ent___.
    Additionally is a certain bunch of semi-intelligent artifacts able to transform this "being" to st___ and

    bends reality without equal exchange.

    Guys, Guys, GUYS!
    Couldn't you just PM eachother with multi people invited inot the chat rather than posting this in the thread.
    You are really starting to make my Want-to-know-everything-vibes flip out.
    Like really!

    Just curious MBM, what time do you think you and Asgardian will finish Aurora Spark?

    I second this question, atleast answer how many chapters you estimate. (I want to read this!)

    Is anypony else experiencing some weird stuff with the forum?

    I! Sometimes my posts get deleted and I get the ****s then I use my rage solution and I get the
    dumb, then I get the silly.

    Concerning the new episode:

    Any theories?

    I think that he will grow normally like the sleeping mountain dragon in dragonshy he will have reason
    and self control (though still hoarding treasure).

    Seems like you'll have lots of fun.

    Best pony: [Illogical-Rarity-eating-ruby pic snip]

    That doesn't even make sense!

    When Fluttershy and Dashie are trying to 'convince' Spikezilla to drop Rarity, Spike swings his tail at

    them and snags them with Rarity's cape. When they hit the water, you can hear the same splash

    effects as in Minecraft.

    Either they're making a very subtle hint, or they happened to use the same sound.

    Yeah I noticed that, I think it's a sploof.

    Got a new question bugging me now. And this time it has nothing to do with how Cloudsdale deals

    with waste management.

    If being bitten by a radioactive pony worked like getting bit/scratched by a werewolf, then what would

    a werepony even look like? And for that matter, what's the market value of radioactive isotopes that

    could do that to a pony?

    I am seriously worried about what your fanfiction will be describing...

    I'm getting off, I'll leave you guys with this. (I thought it was funny)

    [pic snip]

    She gets closer!

    Lol at the rickroll eye-chart.

    Hate it when people do that, the only good thing about Rainbow Factory is the ending line

    The ending line is the best. I agree!

    I love it when people post there really long thoughts about the episode.

    No one reads them :3 because no one cares.

    You are wrong! There are plenty of people who do nothing on this thread but read (guests who
    outnumber members most of the time) and I will most likely read it regardless (if I have time).

    I was thinking while eating, how awesome it must be to have a rainbowdash poster in your room. But

    I'll never be able to buy a poster of him or print one. Still waiting on that moment when something

    happens and I'll find/get a pully/poster/ I don't care what of rainbow dash. I'm thinking if I would give

    my birthday party ( it's still long though, I have my birthday in July. I did not give any party on my

    previous birthday though... We'll see how long mlp will last, hopefully atleast still one year ) and ask

    for like a sweater that you can buy online, if somebody would actually give me one. Ahhhh, that would

    be so awesome!

    I see what you did there XD trolls gonna troll!

    "I came!"

    Lol; just lol!

    Have some Derpy crossover.

    I saw that movie.

    Quote from wackymon

    have you ever had to proof read a fanfiction?
    if so, what?

    I have edited some trollfics (under my own violation)
    and posted the edits (very very bad of me I know) but I always gave the author the option for deletion of the material.

    Well that pretty much concludes my post for today I will just inform you guys that I survived a near death experience late last night. I was reading this page in particular the comments after having read the trollfic in question.
    this is my comment:
    I first came across the subject while browsing the MineCraftForums Brony thread:
    the topic was "worst fanfiction ever"
    The person kindly included a link to the DA page of the spiderses.
    I read it in complete seriousness.
    I returned to MCF and commented on the fiction (unfortunately because of certain techical issues my post was deleted; for an explaination look at page 717 of this thread:http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/730306)
    I then stumbled upon this page and the folloing events I cannot describe so I'll just settle for describing the aftermath:
    * I have most probably lost A YEAR of my lifespan. (I am laughing that hard)
    * I have because of hyperhysteric axphiliation a blood adrenalin level which is causing everything from the tips of my fingers to the nails of my toes to vibrate haphazardly. (The tingling is killing me!)
    *I have woken everyone in this household and most probably some people in the vicinicant apartment block.
    All of these things were caused by me reading this page and all of the following comments.
    This is all I have to say really. The trolling of the owner(?) of this site has reached a level I have never observed previously and I shall look forward to seeing this topped by anyone or anything for the rest of my days.


    I think that I actually came close to blacking out, but I couldn't stop laughing even as the fear induced by my involuntary yet self inflicted autohysteric-asphyxiation began to cloud my mind all I could do was laugh all the harder.
    Needless to say I am still here and I need some grimdark/sad fan fiction to read lest this sort of thing happens again!
    Also: My mind is full of opportunity and possibility (I recently read about the current paralell universe theory and it seems to match up quite well with certain Things which I have observed).
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    Well I did something ****ing retarded and deleted my replytab which had a message about 550 words long so im just going to fast **** post before my power runs out:

    @ emo suicide dude (I forget name): This I wrote a large paragraph for you but I have no time so you're a selfish ******* (ill explain later)

    @Fleek: epic troll but you over did it. Id appluad you but I dont have time...

    @rumblealex: you did good. (ill rewrite my 100 words of **** thanking you later maybe)

    rest: Read the description and comments

    It is full of win.
    Sad face for loosing my entire saturdays work :sad.gif:
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    Quote from Murderous Pie

    Cmon... I was only supposed to watch the season one pilot so i could make fun of it... Im' on the 15th episode... WHATSWRONGWITHMEEEEEEEEEEE :sad.gif: (at least all my freinds at school are bronies, should make the transition easier)

    There is nothing wrong with you*, you are simply coming to the realization that you are infact tolerant and don't mind seeming slightly uncool.
    You will also find that you like nice things instead of nasty ****.
    now tell me is that "good" or "bad", "wrong" or "right"? you decide, for it is your journey which you travel.

    *opinions expressed are solely my own and though they may be shared by others present the should not reperesent a guiding
    moral to the way you view yourself. thank you for listening to total neutrality.

    Racism jokes; they are the worst (but still halitosis)

    also wtf is my title? "stuck at home"?
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    On http://www.fanfiction.net/cartoon/My_Little_Pony/: 2,329 found: Page 1 2 3 4 11 .. 94 Next »

    HOLY ****!!! It looks like I will have to read a far more daunting amount of 500 fanfictions to reach my critical %
    well atleast I have already read 100!

    Really this is going to take a while, even if I read 5 fan fictions a day (going on my rate that would be a good average)
    it will still take 2 2/3 months!
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    Quote from faloxx

    Okay this thread is so slow today... Let's trow a topic in.

    Topic: Do you think anypony in the show knows anything related with guns etc. Because RD was singing she needed a pet as fast as a bullet. (That was in "May the bestpet win!" btw.)

    TBH, I think that that was simply and inconsistency/fail on the behalf of the producers (and song needs to work right?)
    I seriously doubt that chemical projectile firearms exist outrside of Fannon in equestria. The fact that the royal Guards exist and that they actually serve as the main apparent protection of the princess does point strongly towards this.

    Well, in Fallout: Equestria there is a gun made for "Little Macintosh", otherwise, try
    looking for something in "Over a barrel"

    obviously much Fannon does introduce firearms into the universe, yet you might notice that the only real sort of weapon used in "over a barrel" is apple pies.

    It's just a figure of speech, maybe they have guns, but I don't think so. They do have a lot of technology though ( already crains and stuff, it's getting insane, they are having almost the same technology as we have )

    This is something with which I have become increasingly aggrivated about; the show's Canon is steadiliy becoming inconsistent.

    Topic 1: Episodes

    * Favorite episode: The double pilot episode in season two
    * Why?: Because all of the characters loose it and caos ensues, but the day is saved by moral.
    * Worst Episode: I will have to rewatch the current episodes before deciding.
    * Why?: Because I am unsure of what could be my opinion of the "worst" episode.
    * If you could make a custom episode, what would it be about?: Origins of the alicorns (history).

    Topic 2: Fan Fiction

    * Favorite fanfic: I am undecided between a few very good ones (list can be provided under request)
    * Why?: I also can't voice my opinion before I reach my critical % (150 fanfics) I am currently at 100.
    * Worst fanfic: "S.A.M."
    * Why?: Whatever you do: DO NOT READ IT!!!
    * What is the best type of fanfic?: Trollfics Because they are the best.

    Topic 3: Characters

    * Favorite main character:
    I have not decided on which pony is my favorite one yet.
    They all have their own loveable, unique qualities:
    Fluttershy is the most shy, adorable and cute thing (I cringe upon the dreaded *meep* )
    with a hidden danger just waiting to explode.
    Pinkie pie is the closest thing to insanity you will find in that lovely world
    yet for her its all just good fun.
    Rarity is the most beautiful creature, we all know how she effects Spike
    and yet she is not a shell of a being, not selfish as most Such people here are.
    Rainbow dash ... is rainbow dash.
    She is the Spartan, the sportsmaster , the athletic champion
    and yet, she is loyal,
    with the colors of the rainbow as her banner she will assist her friends before she looks out for herself.
    Applejack is the hardworking force, the one which seeks to do that which is needed to keep the world turning
    and yet she is not some mindless machine,
    she looks out for her friends and cares for them.
    Finally there is Twilight sparkle:
    Possibly the one which I could relate both the least and the most to.
    Intellect, magic and knowledge is her forte, yet after certain events (of which we know well)
    she has found that friendship is the only thing worth living for in the end.
    And that’s about it.
    I cannot decide and I refuse to.

    * Favorite background character: I am undecided as of yet.
    * Why?: I have not read enough into the charecters yet.
    * What character would you like to appear more?: Luna
    * Favorite CMC(Cutie-mark crusaders)character?: Scootaloo (why is she always referenced as a chicken?!?)

    Topic 4: General

    * What is the best about the MLP community?: The general mindship of fellowship, tolerance and friendship.
    * Bad thing about community: R34 (though it haunts all things on the internet).
    * Are you unrogue?: No. I consider myself not to be a "brony" rather merely researching bronydom as an observer.

    Oh god why.

    View Postasley1234, on 17 September 2011 - 02:29 PM, said:
    you just whined about people whining

    Meta. That is all.

    It's a first day in my new school and I already have a friend who is a brony. I'll tell you how, so basically during first period the entire time I tried to find as many excuses as I could to slip in a pony reference. Whenever I did some guy kept looking at me, then during lunch he told me to follow him into an hallway and he whispered into my ear and asked me if I was a brony too. This had made me super happy so he just noticed my smile and smiled with me. Throughout the entire rest of the day we just kept talking about it.

    This was possibly the best day I've ever had so far.

    :l wish i could get some IRL brony friends, but for now, no.
    I suspect it might be harder for me since MLP isnt big in sweden.

    Edit: Oh well, im going to make a discord shirt, then wear it,
    then ill see

    It gives me a warm feeling (something reletively hard to accomplish for me) to hear of all of you bronies encounters with eachother, spiting social ineptude, defieing the opinions of the masses and uniting in the face of Haters!

    I'm actually a little sad. I tried drawing a pony body and I either made them too thin or two fat. I then tried to draw RD's face but I botched it too. (The nose, head width, and ear)

    You posess about five times more talent than I, so don't be dissapointed!

    If there are they didn't speak up. There's one or two likely candidates, but that's relying on a broad generalization of skinny nerdy-like kids.

    I am a skinny, nerdy like "kid"...

    I think i should start with references. Scince almoste no1 seems to read skype update posts when they are chatting with me. But i have no clue where i have to put them. Yeah, im asking for reference tips. The only thing i do is humming some MLP songs. Or sometimes even sing quiet. But that doesn't seem to help.

    Just insert the common Pony memes into your daily conversation (without seeming weird)Only use them where they are appropriate, Always use them when appropriate. Whoever knows of them will pick up quickly.

    A convert? you guys are starting to sound more like a creepy cult than a fanbase.

    You do have a good point (which is why I remain as an observer) but I would counterargue that the cause is good and the most dramatic thing involved is talking about odd subjects and quoting seemingly random phrases.

    Some of us may not have seen this yet! We might have never found out!

    I thought everyone saw Derpy in the coop. Maybe not.

    When it was released all the top-comments were basically "Look in teh ch1cken c00p!"

    Oh that? I was expecting something else, yeah I saw that right away.

    Nevermind; Found the rest.

    [epic story snip]

    Whoo! That was a good read and it even tied up some loose ends in Canon.
    Nice surprise ending.

    A thought occurred to me while watching "Sisterhooves Social." The ponies can manipulate ionizing radiation to their advantage (smoke alarms), yet they still use ink and quills and other old technology?

    Inconsistencys in canon (yeah it aggrivates me too) But I would argue that in this case magic could be a valid substitute for radiation.


    Pinkie Pie wouldn't be surprised at all.

    Pinkie Pie surpasses the fourth wall indescrimintely, even in the episodes!
    I am sure that the rest would be shocked/disgusted with certain undertones for each of the charecters:
    Twilight would be inquisitive and curious.
    Rainbow Dash would be full out competetive (and reveling in her surperiority).
    Rarity would be measuring up new posiblities in fashion.
    Futtershy would well... *meep* (Argh NOO! I DIES!)
    Applejack would... I don't acutally know; someone else answer this please.

    @Zygrograxgra: your avatar speaks volumes of what would happen if ever derpy were to encounter a windows 98.

    A cult! No of course not, but to me it's the closest I'll ever get to religion.

    Some of you saw me lying my ass of a few days ago, sorry for that I sometimes lie compulsively. Everyone in my old school still thinks I'm a mercenary. Again sorry...

    I have been fantasizing about going to comic-con, finding a MLP booth, and power-sliding into it, for like 7 hours...

    Has anyone else been writing friendship reports? I write them on old scroll paper roll them up, then burn them. I dip them in chemicals so they burn a green tint.

    I'm crazy...

    Hey, atleast your honest about it... no wait? What?

    What's your favorite Season one song?

    None. (The songs make me feel dead inside.)

    Well last night I read "Of Mares and Magic" it was a really great fan fiction and it marked my 100/150 (two thirds there!) meanwhile I have discovered THIS website, there is so much stuff to read! and so little time!
    I am still open to links for fan fiction before I compile my opinion and list of ranking and catagories for fan fictions, I have a lack of hardcore Grimdark/sad fictions so if anyone knows of any good ones pm me a link please.
    my list of read fictions:
    Cupcakes and derivatives (9)
    The end of the Rainbow (2)
    Rainbow Factory (both)
    Derpy's Eye
    Reminicent of Cupcakes
    Slender Mane

    My Little Dashy (2)
    The Final Dream of a Filly
    Dry Wall
    Rainbow's Redemption
    Moving On
    A Clever Pony
    A Pony in Passing
    Just Keep Laughing
    Blue Feathers

    VR Pony Fun
    Five Minutes
    A Dream for Two
    Twilit Sperkle Tyme
    A Dashed Reputation
    Tubular's FlashFics (8)
    Friendship is Ninjas (2)
    Da Fic
    Spike’s Evil Desire
    My big ponies: Growth is Magic
    Boredom and Muffins (2)
    Cooking by the book: Pinke teaches Rainbow Dash: Cupcakes
    A Party of Two
    Unicorn Horns
    The Wrath of Socks
    Twilight performs a Spell which turns out just Fine
    The Talk
    Rainbow Dash Always Dresses in Style
    Five’s Company
    The party hasn't ended
    To be an Alicorn
    The Equestrian Guardian
    The Birds and The Bees
    Lightning Crash: (2)
    Angst Much?
    The Breaking of the Wall
    A Hero’s Tail
    Why Didn’ Ah Stay At tha Farm?
    Of Mares and Magic

    Pony Scales
    Double rainbow (a pain in the cortical function)
    Swayback Mountain
    Love and Pranks
    Calling the shots
    Princess Molestia
    Life Happens
    Suggestive Food fics (3)
    Take It!
    The Mane Attraction
    Twilight Reacts to Cupcakes
    Four Year Aniversary
    The 108Th Page
    The Horn Warmer
    Lily’s Medication
    Twilight Sparkle’s Dream
    A Dangerous Bet
    Something’s Off
    Like Fine Wine
    Raise the Moon
    Chomping on the Bit
    Corporal Punishment
    Total: 100/150

    Meanwhile I have continued in how fewmy failing efforts to aquire the knowledge of a Brony IRC channel (without sucsess). I am surprised but in conseration it is reasonable how few people actually are aware of rhe concept of "Brony" (I must have inadvertedly introduced it to over 50 different people in IRC).
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    posted a message on My Little Pony : FiM (All Pony-related things go HERE)
    There is most probably and equestria themed Texturepack for Minecraft, however I wonder if the MLP mod wuld work with THIS Texturepack?

    Also Apples! (D:) I am eagerly awaiting the .MOV for the other charecters (wrong of me I know).

    and a very humorous complicated multi crossover The Breaking of The Wall

    (Warning: Do not read of you cant handle over complicated situations, meme and reference spamming and Flutterage!)

    Also, holy muffins. They shipped RD from Rainbow Factory and Pinkie from Cupcakes.
    [Epic Pic Snip]

    That is not only epic but very scary!
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    posted a message on My Little Pony : FiM (All Pony-related things go HERE)
    And thus today begins with some lols:

    Quote from DarthJonny

    The computer dictionary or the dictionary in your head? Cause if its the one in your head you could shock yourself every time you use it. That would erase it. :tongue.gif:

    You know that is an irreversable process right? You would erase all existence of the word and become retarded, instead you could ratherforce yourself to check and spell the word right every time you type it and then as a result instinctively spell it correctly forever afterwards.

    Just finished Rainbow Factory. That's weird, I thought it was a sadfic, but it's a grimdark gorefic. It was good - not too much gore (well, it was described badly anyway), some good emotions, but somewhat too much F-strikes for my liking. Obviously I didn't feel touched by that (MLP gore/darkfics that can touch you? CHALLENGE ACCEPTED. For now, I win. Not talking about sadfics, My Little Dashie is a headshot) because of how badly OOC everypony (duh, the whole thing has only 2 canon ponies) was behaving, especially

    Yeah, I thought that the story was quite wring in the charecter aspect but still well written, and then the ending line is just perfectly random and yet poetically beautiful.

    TOPIC: If MLP was dubbed in <your_country_language_here>, would Applejack keep her accent?

    Ill just say that I will never watch any episode in any other language then english. (Dubbing realy sucks.)

    In Ukrainian, you can't switch those character names properly. For Twilight Sparkle, you'll get something like Твайлайт Спаркл (transliteration that just won't sound right) or Cутінковий Промінь (that sounds like a freaking Peter Pan fairy or something). So I am NOT expecting a good dub. They won't ever make it anyway, duh.

    You know what "Twilight Sparkle" means in english right? Yeah, it does sound like something in that area anyway.

    the mane six "as Ghaeilge" (some parts had no direct translation so I guessed and worked around...)

    breacsholais spréach (Twilight Spark)
    úll Seán (Apple Jack)
    pióg bhándearg (Pink Pie)
    neamhchoitianta (Rare)
    cúthail geidimíneacht (Flutter Shy)
    tuar ceatha dais (Rainbow Dash)

    What language? Gaelic?

    I just read "My Little Dashie", first story ever to make me cry.
    The story is a masterpiece, read it, please.

    Read it. No tears. No emotion. [Insert random exposition about me being a souless person here]

    Just watched this whole thing ( when I should study, but I'm pretty smart, so it's ok :smile.gif: )

    [epic brony documentary vid snip]

    It's just a masterpieces, I love it. I learned a lot from it.
    I'm still confused about love and tolerate. So this means no hate on people who don't like it, but is it ok to just keep sending them links ( not spamming ) so they may like one? I think so, just something I was wondering

    Yeah I like that vid alot! it was funny and I leanred some things about bronydom and the history of MLP.

    More stuff from my upcoming fanfic, this one is fun.

    Wait is this the one which was suggested about the Mane six switching species/roles and having to deal with the associated problems?

    Her name's Vicious, she's an OC pony from the creator of the tumblr Squilt linked above.
    I'm an idiot, she's actually nameless...

    Viscous (she's melting!) and WTF your avatar is drooling at me! Stop it!

    So, guys, something interesting happened today in third block. We were all sitting around before class had really started, and one of my classmates (Gannon) engaged me in conversation. The transcript is as follows, with two other seated students (Noelle and Tanner) joining in later on.

    Gannon is very sarcastic and tries to be funny, so this conversation isn't exactly as serious as it seems. Still, he seemed to have a legitimate interest in the show.

    [events snipped]

    Then the rest of the class proceeded to be uneventful. Oh and, as always, they used my real name, I just censored it with "Boss" because u no get to know who I is.
    The End.

    Ok, I didn't really get what that was about, but the point was that you were letting on to some of your classmates about your Brony status?

    It's inevitable. My exploits here are going to be discovered sooner or later.

    And we will be boring here and say that I uphold the Applejack principle IRL (on the net I lie nearly compulsively). So if someone asks if I am one then I'll say yes.

    Oh, I try to stay honest both on the web and off (though I usually omit info for personal reasons).

    View PostLarsurus, on 07 December 2011 - 11:35 PM, said:
    Who will Fleur harass next with her careless posing?

    Fleur posing with Fleur.

    Dreaded multidimensional/time traveling Fleur!


    Strike the pinkies

    Put in molestia.

    I just read "raise the moon" NTY Molestia!

    I don't know either.

    [Img snip]

    Paint.NET isn't exactly the best program ._.

    Wut? No! Don't the ...

    what do you think would happen if pinkipie appeared in your cupboard, screamed:

    and started making cupcakes to throw a party to everyone you knew the name of, and also everyone you ever met.
    (yes, that includes fictional caracters)

    I'd say: "**** it! Ima sleep in abit longer, this party is gonna take a century!"

    TOPIC TIEM: Favorite background characters by looks alone (i.e. no fanon)
    My answer: Octavia,
    Fleur (she counts since she has no spoken lines and is not addressed or elaborated on),
    and Allie Way. In that order.

    Ignoring Fanon,Cannon and Lore?: Twilight Sparkle.

    Ha ha, what a great story Mark.

    Any way...
    Blues, Lyra, Violette.

    Don't question Violette, I know she's not Octavia, I KNOW IT!

    Not even close. I don't have the personality of a Mark, nor of a Joseph. The closest anyone's ever gotton to my real name was Evest, and he saw it in a dream.

    So, Blues and Lyra are your favorites based on looks alone? Really? No fanon at all, just the way they look and the way they carry themselves. I guess you could like Lyra for her posture, but I think you're stretching the topic with Blues.

    Guys, stop bothering MBM abotu his name, if He (I assume you're a guy) doesn't want to reveal it then let him keep his anominity.

    Guys, I have a question:
    [Trixe Pinecone Image snip]
    Why does Trixie like pinecones?

    IRDK, but it could be that she has to eat off of the land these days having been ruined as a travelling magician,
    and pinenuts are quite nutritious.

    Meantime, have a comic:

    [Posted Image snip]

    Anypony else feel the same?

    It is sad to me that some people's lives happiness does depend upon ponies, and that is why I do not wish to become too involved.

    Speaking of Skyrim...


    NOO! not the dreaded *meep* of DOOM!
    I fear it more than anything else!


    [WTF Vid snip]

    Wat. Da. Fuk.

    I Really, this is what the charecters would be if their flaws vastly outnumbered their...

    "Co" means "two equal parts," as in "co-op." We're both coauthors.

    We decided early on that our parts were practically equal. He created the original character, I created the original storyline. We both added onto both concepts. He writes originally, I edit. Thus, we are completely equal and make sure to say so all the time.

    However, when it's my choice, I tend to put it in alphabetical order. So many of the ideas were his, it's not funny.

    Imagine working with 23 other versions of yourself from alternate paralell universii.
    Yeah thats what happened in my brain today.

    Co-op is good though good for you two!

    Well, it's funny, looking back. He designed Aurora originally in ponycreator, but I had the original idea that she'd be born by the mutation revealed in this last chapter. He wanted the story to happen in modern times, I wanted a legend; I came up with the current compromise. It appears we simultaneously and independently thought up the big plot twist in this chapter (this also happened with the decision to place it, chronologically, pre-pilot). The new setting next chapter I originally conceived, but he did most of the in-depth designing. I came up with the basic concept of the ultimate series finale, but he's imagined an inconceivable amount of backstory (which I helped with all along the way).

    Then there's a hell of a lot of history, lore, and backstory that he designed, and he's constantly ranting to me about it. But I have often organized them and found ways to put them into the actual plot. Of course, I can't do so for all of it, and for a ton of them we're just going to have to wait and see whether they come up.

    So yeah, it's a give and take the whole way. In general, I'm better at the "big picture" decisions, but he's good with little (but very important) details. But unquestionably, this story would suck if either one of us weren't present.

    Edit: Also, a long time ago, he compiled a list of potential names, including Spark, Lumina, Aurora, and a few others. I was the one that picked out the ones that obviously got in.

    Aww don't spoil anything for me, I still want to read your entire story when you have finished!

    What if there was a drug called "pony" that had absolutely no relation to the cartoon. I wonder what would happen. xD

    That would be very bad And you will NEVER mention it again!

    There kind of is...

    I call horse-apples until I see proof. >:v

    View PostTG09, on 08 December 2011 - 04:40 AM, said:
    What effects would it have? Plus if I would mention ponies near my dad he'll assume I'm taking Pony instead of MLP or real live ponies.

    Haha. Maybe it could be a hallucinogen.

    *Has a nasty vision in head related to one of more islly cupcakes versions...*

    Never seen Fluttershy as a newborn till now...

    NO! Remove that abomination! this is worse than "Chubbys"!

    I just realiized, we are a cancer. I'm not sure I want to be part of this.
    NAH! I'm just kiddin'.
    Bronies for life! (Or at least until Faust gets fired)

    umm, too late? (she quit after season two was fully realized.)

    Is your avatar supposed to be like that? Or is he last frame there for randomness?

    I messed up when making it and left an extra frame in, I could fix it easy but I'm way to lazy and busy to do right now.

    It reminds me of another gif (which is a bad thing).

    Something about being a brony seems to bring out the best in artists. And also the strangest. :huh.gif:

    [lol gif snip]

    Boy, that pony sure does love apples.

    Yeah IKR.
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    posted a message on My Little Pony : FiM (All Pony-related things go HERE)
    This on youtube:
    I came here hoping to see the death of those god damn movies based on an overrated collection of books about a emo vampire and his equally bland girlfriend ... but all I saw were ponies.... FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!

    Oh yeah and Garamond (why was he banned?)
    Your story: epic, too quick, I didn't get any bible references except the first scene thing. And though I don't like Modern day tech/war stories it was pretty good but with some grammar and tense fails.
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    posted a message on My Little Pony : FiM (All Pony-related things go HERE)
    Quote from Dinh AaronMk

    Holy quote Batman.

    Yeah, it gets hard when you have to catch up on ~15 pages daily
    And then there is the weekends (when I dont have internet).
    BTW I still expect the people whom I have asked in my post to respond as if I had asked them by single post.

    I have to go now, so ill make another post tomorrow.
    Also: guests since there are so many of you, you could get on the IRC Channel (MLPFiM)
    to chat and stuff (it would make me less lonely).
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    posted a message on My Little Pony : FiM (All Pony-related things go HERE)
    Well Today, I hope that my post will be posted (unlike yesterday)

    Quote from faloxx

    I think i have decided. Tomorrow midday i will go unrogue. No matter what happens. Everypony, wish me luck! And... Anymore things i need to know before doing so?

    All I can say is this:
    Your decisions in the past have determined your present, your decisions in the present shall determine your future. You can have anything and everything you want and need, if only you choose to believe (and have the appropriate patience).

    Now choose what you want and have it: Good luck!

    Also: i read Rainbow Factory, i have to say the whole thing was just plain stupid.

    Which Rainbow factory did you read? there are two which are substantially different apart from the basic concept of turning Ponys/bodys into color.

    Was it the one with Rainbow Dash or the surprise ending with another pony? (the one you least expect.)

    On the subject of going rouge... Made this a FB status:

    "Someone once said about a bushel of apples: "I didn't put those in my bag!""

    "You're such a brony."

    To which the response to that was:
    "You have a problem with the herd?"

    If I ever felt pressured to do something similar I would say:
    "How many percent is 1/5 and when applied to the removal of Heat; what Connection does it have with the entire visible light spectrum? Also: why do we fear mention of "Cupcakes" and the pretty pigment color?"

    Watch pinkie pie in the ending of Episode 9 - bridle gossip.

    She breaks the 4th wall!

    Yeah she does that numerous times throughout the episodes.

    I haven't gotten Skyrim yet ... wait ... that's a bad thing...

    I'm prob going to ask for it either on my B-Day (the 17th of Dec) or for Christmas :3

    Yeah, Im getting skyrim for Christmas, But I am unsure whether I can play it on my laptop.

    Evest, on 06 December 2011 - 10:49 PM, said:
    I'm definitely glad Haddaway didn't use it.

    Other than that, which is everyone's favorite pony dress?

    Of the main six?

    If so, none.

    The olympian one. (RD)

    Garamond wanted me to post this on his behalf, guys, as he's banned. It's for his fanfic.

    Why is Garamond Banned? (Oh **** I just realized that my review of his story got deleted ****!)

    I think you will all enjoy this.

    I think you slipped with the last one there, I mean Hagrid IS adorably cute and all but on the other hand flu...

    I think ill re-ask my 2 page old question. Anypony here has a good explanation/review of what we are and why we are that?

    Have some wierd looking Rainbow Dash.

    Man that pic feels wrong.

    I have to agree with you there, Recolor/mane of Fleur?

    So, anyone used the "Love and Tolerance" rule? Because today my brother was using the google speech search, and tested searching for "Paul is a *****" (I'm Paul) But instead of fighting with him, I just said to myself "Remember to love and tolerate", so anyone got a story about love and tolerance to share?

    I have been following a similar guideline from long before I had even heard about Bronys and memes even.
    Ever since I found out the simple truth that you can control your emotions and of you don't; then they control you.
    You can do this with people too, just modify your positive emotions and reactions upwards (turn the "volume" up on them) and turn your negative (bad) emotions down. Eventually you will find that everything is easier and so will the others around you.
    If it seems like a pointless exercise to you then think on this: Is it worth being sad or angry rather than glad and placid?

    Guess what I just did.

    I went to the middle of the town a mile away from my house, set up my I-pad or whatever it's called with badass speakers.
    Put on this song,

    Everyone loved it and started dancing and such, 2:45 into the song it says My Little Pony.

    Everyone panicked, a guy passed out, and 3 people asked me to email them a link to the show. 3 new bronies and I cause mass panic!

    You are awesome

    Not really, I just realize that no one knows where I live or who I am. I live in a Fluttershy type house a mile outside town, It's like a block into the forest so it's fairly secluded.

    Ever hack a 15 foot TV screen and big ass speakers? I can put on MLP episodes remotely, did it twice already. I'm a badass! I also spray painted rainbow dash on a billboard, you wouldn't believe how little of the law you have to follow when you don't exist.

    Careful there, don't want it to turn nasty and then become an "example"
    You're still awesome

    Approve? Why would I care what cops think? Or did you mean the ponies, because I think they approve of the defeat of hatred.

    Who wants to hear a story? You do!

    I once almost got caught during the billboard thing, but I was wearing a Rainbow Dash mask. (Thanks Walmart!) So they can't see my face. I have a gun made of a tanning light, a pipe, a car battery, and a prism, It shoots rainbows!

    So I just shoot them in the face, doesn't hurt much but it burns your eyes like hell. Then I left. THE END

    Now now; dont go bull****ing us further.

    So have any of y'all read Fires Above? It's been an interesting read so far.

    It looks interesting, but I only read complete stories for personal reasons.

    I was just about to make sure that me and this guy weren't the only ones who noticed this:

    Please tell me everypony else noticed this.

    I noticed something to do with the music, but I didn't get it before now.

    Alright, fellow bronies. I've seen some pretty messed up, dark, twisted things online (including plenty of things that go well beyond high octane nightmare fuel for most people). However, even with a built up tolerance to such things, this still sent a chill down my spine.


    I guess there are just some scary works of fiction that no grown man can successfully steel his nerves against.

    I lol'ed
    But really I would like to have links to the worst stuff there is out there (especially after what I've been reading lately).

    Question: Do you like the fandom's music?

    I know I don't...

    3 days, 9 hours and 40 minutes.

    TBH I haven't really listened to much so any opinion i voice is void. (I don't listen to any music at all anyway so then it is further void.) However I would say no. That song just below your comment is quite nice though...

    This is the only song I that think is actually decent:

    Swagberg Page Claim.

    3 days, 9 hours and 23 minutes

    This (though not too bad) is the reason why i generally disregard all music in the first place.
    So no.

    I'mma let you guys finish, BUT THIS IS THE BEST PMV OF ALL TIME.


    OK... *stealthily shuffles out of the building*

    Why don't you make one, instead of asking for one?

    What do you enjoy more? "Fanon" or "canon"?

    I am merely cataloging the two in addition to "Lore" therfore I am exempt of an opinion thus far.
    However I would have a tendency towards Canon since much Fanon is bad/wrong/sick and Canon is somewhat consistent. (It has to be by nature.)

    Also: (I asked this yesterday but Curse forums...) WTH is that THING your avatar?

    I kinda put an explanation of what a brony is. Cuz everyone knows and reconizes MLP. I tought it would make them easier to understand. I just hope so. And for the wallpaper... What i did is, i took my favorite pony wallpapers. And i made it that the wallpapers change every 5 minutes. So now i have like 30 wallpapers, every 5 minutes there is another one.

    Thats what Ive done just with pictures of the "view" outside my window. (I have nothing pony related in my laptop apart from this thread.)

    Rainbow dash makes colors when she flies fast.

    Rainbow dash shatters the aether to produce a magical release that shows itself in rainbow colors.

    Yeah I love that technical stuff, the only problem being that it is nearly always (by nature) inconsisten with other Fanon. The fans end up creating multitudes (like thousands) of alternate universes each with their precise set of Fanon.

    I still think this is underrated.

    Also, no news yet on my unrogue. Skyping with a irl friend but i dont think he noticed anything.


    Ok thread stalking is finished for today. (It took a while.)
    Ive now read a grand total of 92 fanfictions (a couple uncounted) and I have been reading the (sadly incomplete) "Beating The Heat" which is one of the most tense and halitosis stories I have read yet. I still want any links to GrimDark, Gore and Sad type stories. (I have to get the whole spectrum) though Not Fallout EQ or "Total War" (which I read about 20 pages of and gave up on for the time being)
    my list of read fanfictions:

    Cupcakes and derivatives (9)
    The end of the Rainbow (2)
    Rainbow Factory (both)
    Derpy's Eye
    Reminicent of Cupcakes
    Slender Mane

    My Little Dashy (2)
    The Final Dream of a Filly
    Dry Wall
    Rainbow's Redemption
    Moving On
    A Clever Pony
    A Pony in Passing
    Just Keep Laughing
    Blue Feathers

    VR Pony Fun
    Five Minutes
    A Dream for Two
    Twilit Sperkle Tyme
    A Dashed Reputation
    Tubular's FlashFics (8)
    Friendship is Ninjas (2)
    Da Fic
    Spike’s Evil Desire
    My big ponies: Growth is Magic
    Boredom and Muffins (2)
    Cooking by the book: Pinke teaches Rainbow Dash: Cupcakes
    A Party of Two
    Unicorn Horns
    The Wrath of Socks
    Twilight performs a Spell which turns out just Fine
    The party hasn't ended
    To be an Alicorn
    The Equestrian Guardian
    The Birds and The Bees
    Lightning Crash: (2)
    Angst Much?
    The Breaking of The Wall
    A Hero’s Tail
    Why Didn’ Ah Stay At tha Farm?

    Pony Scales
    Double rainbow (a pain in the cortical function)
    Swayback Mountain
    Love and Pranks
    Calling the shots
    Princess Molestia
    Life Happens
    Suggestive Food fics (3)
    Take It!
    The Mane Attraction
    Twilight Reacts to Cupcakes
    Four Year Aniversary
    The 108Th Page
    The Horn Warmer
    Lily’s Medication
    Twilight Sparkle’s Dream
    A Dangerous Bet
    Something’s Off
    Like Fine Wine
    Raise the Moon
    Total: 92/150
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    posted a message on My Little Pony : FiM (All Pony-related things go HERE)
    aww **** it

    The crappy forum just Cursed me and deleted a over 400 word long post

    anyway have some funny: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/3693/1/Why-Didn't-Ah-Stay-at-Th'-Farm?/
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    posted a message on My Little Pony : FiM (All Pony-related things go HERE)
    Quote from The Scout

    I've read Cupcakes....

    I can't ever look at that the same way again....

    Well you're just being lame... I have no problem seeing that the way I believe it is intended to be looked upon.
    anyways, could you guys suggest some really grim/dark stuff for me to read? I left my list of read fanfics a few pages back.
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    posted a message on My Little Pony : FiM (All Pony-related things go HERE)
    Well; I'm not discussing the fanfic (I wont be reading it until it is complete).
    But I am playing Aceofspades which is quite fun especially on the brony server.
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    posted a message on My Little Pony : FiM (All Pony-related things go HERE)
    Well that is very interesting ( I want to do genetics later).
    Ive been playing Aceofspades (which is very fun)
    Is there any people on the IRC? *goes to check* There is now
    connect at MLP:FiM

    It seems as if many of the people here need a chat outlet (Not to mention all of the guests which usually outnumber members on this thread)
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    posted a message on My Little Pony : FiM (All Pony-related things go HERE)
    Ok, back for today.

    Now I read Garamond's "A Hero's Tail" and the first thing I would like to say about it is that it was from the first line too fast paced, not detailed enough and and a good story in general.
    From "Brutus Cantered through the meadow" I immediately felt that I was missing out on something important related to the gist of the universe.
    This was feeling which followed me throughout the rest of the story (which is bad.)
    Unfortunately I was unable to spot any major bible references(I don't know much about the bible so that's probably moot).

    I disapprove of modernization and war/army stories in general but Ill let it pass this time. (It is you story after all.)
    I feel that I understood most/all of the plot and technology involved in the story.

    There were a few grammar errors and word misplacements (which I am too lazy to look for at the moment).

    Otherwise the story had a good variety of word usage and if some of it's not so major issues could be fixed up it would be much better.
    All that said; I would never have the skill, knowledge, talent and artistic drive to create something half as literate, a fifth as long and a third as good that story so you are good for doing it!

    Now I must be selfish and demand: One of you simply MUST make a Pony meme or poster of Twilight Sparkle looking inquisitive and/or nosey/intrigued while slightly blushing with the captions:
    "This requires...

    ...Further Investigation!"

    (for an explanation read This)

    Otherwise I am hoping to get some links to various fan fictions as I only have 65 left to read before I compile my opinion on Bronyism in general and decide whether I want to join it for real or not.

    may edit later
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