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    Quote from Voltue»

    Apologies, didn't see your comment and have not came on recently due to internet troubles. It hasn't been released sadly :)


    Ok No worries I am really excited to play it!
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    Hello my name is ElementalFlames. I am a build team and I am willing to help you

    Heres my work

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    Quote from ryjay_rulz»

    ~Application for Co-Owner/Senior Admin~

    IGN - Ryjay

    Age - 14

    Timezone - GMT (00:00)

    What time are you most often on? (your time) - 1:00pm

    Are you multilingual (Speak more than one language)? - Partially. I speak Spanish, and a little German & Maltese.

    When did you first play Minecraft, how often do you play? - I play everyday and I started playing Minecraft just after Major Release to the public.

    Have you ever been banned or temp banned on another server? - I actually have never been banned from a server (Nor Temp Banned). I like to play and stick by the rules. It makes it more fun for everyone.

    What is your previous experience in any type of moderation? - Well I owned my owner server called OptimalPVP and it lasted for about 6months. We had many players but I simply couldn't afford to pay for it any longer. I've also been moderators/admins on : Nerdy Society, Codus Network & The ZEROGaming Server.

    Where are you most active on the server? - Helping people that request help & also enforcing server rules and making sure everyone abides by these rules.

    How many hours can you contribute per day? - 1hours - 5hours

    What advice would you give someone who had to deal with people younger than them? - Stay calm and nice. Always remember that they are younger than you and that they may not have as much experience with the topic as you.

    Do you use the teamspeak/skype and a microphone? - Yes I do.

    Anything else we should know? - I would like to thank you for taking time out of your day to read my application and providing an environment for others to enjoy.


    Accepted as Admin

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    Name: Will

    Age: 18

    Nickname: Warrior

    Minecraft Username: will_the_warrior

    How can we contact you: Via Skype - will.the.warrior

    Timezone: GMT -6

    Position Wanted: Admin or up if available
    Past Experience: I have been a Moderator, Admin, Head-Admin, Developer, and Co-Owner on previous servers, which I feel has taught me a lot about the various positions and their respective responsibilities.

    Why you want staff: I feel that I would be beneficial to this server given my past staff experiences and skills. Due to the diversity of the positions I have held, I am very familiar with not only the commands/operations of the server, but also the interaction among the staff team and with the players. I am very responsible and will stop at nothing to ensure the server succeeds. As a staff member, I will ensure that the players are having the best experience possible and return time and time again.
    How can you help the server: Regardless of what position (if any) I am offered, I can help the server by sharing my knowledge, experience, and by simply helping out in every way possible. In order to make any server successful, you must establish a relationship among the staff team and among the players. I will work to develop this relationship and make the server a place that players want to come back to day after day. Operations wise, I am very knowledgeable when it comes to plugins, commands, etc. and can help wherever I am needed. I have helped establish and grow countless servers, so I have a lot of experience in beginning stages of servers as well.

    Thanks for considering my application!

    Congratulations, You are Accepted I will add you to the list of staff and add you to the Private Message as well.

    You will be a Senior Admin. Your job will be just to make sure all the administrators are doing what they need to do. This does not mean you will not be working. Its very similar to admin but way more responsibility.

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    Quote from MrEtho»

    Name: John

    IGN: TheCdoubleOL

    Age: 13

    How will we contact you: Skype: CdoubleOL Cool, if you can't get me in skype msg me you Skype on the minecraft forums!

    Position Wanted: Manager or Head-Admin(Head-Admin more so)

    Past Experience: Owner(OrbitCloud), Co-Owner(JLanServers), Head-Admin(Fusion-Gaming), Admin(DiddlyCraft), Moderator(HorizonGaming)

    How can you help the server: I can help a majority in my experience, but I also am kind and friendly to everyone I meet! Every time I have been staff on a server it was the next biggish server! I am like a magnet for people. I can also advertise on YT, PMC, twitch, MinecraftForums, and Twitter!

    Why do you want staff: I want to be staff because it has been a while since I was staff member of any server just because I got busy with school and stuff, then I just wanted to have fun but I am now ready to get back in the swing of things!

    Maybe... Join the server

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    Hey Guys my name is InfernoMinecraft I am the Co-Owner of a upcoming minecraft server called Ender Realms. We are still planning out everything please respond! We will take any idea out there! This post is to inform you minecraft players that we need almost all staff and we would love if you could take some time out of your day and apply!

    Positions Needed

    Owner (1/1)


    Co-Owner (1/1)

    FortuneGaming (me)

    Developer (0/2)

    Head-Admin (0/1)

    Admin (0/3)

    Moderator (0/3)

    Helper (0/3)

    Builder (0/2)


    Minecraft Username:



    Position Wanted:


    How will we contact you?:

    Past Experience

    How can you help the server

    Can you code: (DEVS ONLY)

    Pics of Work: (BUILDERS ONLY)

    Can you be trusted with op: (ADMIN+ ONLY)


    Once you are done with your application you will get a response from Me or DragonSlayer003. Our group will have a private message chat to give all of you guys information about the server and when it comes out. If you have any questions about the server or what you will be doing you can talk to me or DragonSlayer003 and we will discuss it with you!


    InfernoMinecraft (IGN)

    Need Staff!

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    Skype: InfernoMinecraft

    Name: Brian

    Age: 16

    Time playing Minecraft: 3 years

    Why you want to be that rank: I want to be Co-Owner because I believe i can help with a lot of things like Group Manager (Im really good), also I can help build. but all i want to say is I want this rank because I know this server has potential. I also want to be staff because this looks like a good server and I really believe in the growth of this and I want to be apart of it

    Can you advertise: Yes

    Can you pay towards the server: Sadly no Sorry!



    I am applying for Co-Owner. My IGN is also InfernoMinecraft.

    Also I dont need to be payed im free!

    I also can help with Group Manager and PEX as well as build you a pretty good spawn

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    Name: Moss

    IGN: billy5344

    Age: 15

    How will we contact you?: My Email [email protected]

    What position applying for: Moderator

    Experience: I was staff for 2 years on a server that sadly had to close down due to low funds and i am a Moderator on another server at the moment

    How can you help?: I'm Good with people (and trolls!) I'm Friendly, I have a good amount of experience.

    Extra Information: I love video games, I'm Irish, I'm on my Summer Holidays so i could spend a lot of time on the server, would love to get the job. And Im pretty good at building too


    Billy5344 :DSWORD:

    Accepted as Mod

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    Hey guys my name is Blake but you can call me Flames. I am currently waiting for my server to be made by a host. Triangle is the host so its taking a while but in about 1 hour it will be finished and ready to join. so I decided to make this thread to get some staff. EVERY RANK Is available so if you want to apply for a high rank I am fine with that decision. I am looking for the ranks below.


    The co-owner will be the most important role on the server. He will have to have a lot of experience in

    everything really. Its a big responsibility so it is extremely hard to get, and there will only be 2 so try your hardest

    to make the best application you can. The co-owner will also have to be on at least once a day to help the server.


    The developer is EXTREMELY important for this server since I will be having minigames. The minigames will

    be easy but this rank does require knowledge of command blocks, Redstone, coding, and even plugins. I will need

    3 developers for the server.


    The server-manager will manage meetings,staff,sales and more. He must also be on a lot like the Co-Owner.

    I am looking for ONLY 1 Manager so work hard for this as well.


    The head-administrator is the leader of all the admins. He must be a good leader and watch chat carefully. They must be

    active and have experience. I am looking for 1 head-admin


    The administrator is responsible for the same work as the Head-Admin. It must be active and watch chat, and help at

    anything that the head-admin sais.


    The head-moderator is the leader of all moderators it must be a good leader as well as the admin

    I need 1 Head-Mod


    The moderator is responsible with the same jobs as the Head-Mod. It must follow orders from higher ranks.

    I need 3 Moderators


    The helper must watch chat really good and report/kick/ban/tempban anyone who does not follow the rules.

    I need 4 helpers


    The builder must have pics of its builds. It must build and be ready to build every day. Like I said it must

    be active because they will build a lot of minigame maps and more!


    The format

    Be creative with your format. I don't care what it is. You MUST include your Username,Age,Skype or Email, proof if builder, and what rank you are applying for

    Thanks for reading now you can apply!


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