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    Quote from Jonathanwtf»

    Name: Jonathan

    MC Username: MuchCunfooz

    Your Age: (13+) 15

    Rank Applying For: Co-Owner, Admin, or Management (I feel as though i'm qualified for either of them :) )

    Way of Contacting You: Skype:Gilgamesh2071 (You may not be able to find me, as most people say. If this is the case PM me your Skype so I can add you if I'm accepted :) )

    Why Should you be Chosen: Something that definitely makes me stand out is my experience in working on other servers. I've had countless experience on servers and although I can't give you proof, you could give me a trial period to try to prove myself. I am applying for Admin, but my abilities are not limited to doing things in only those fields. I can also supervise builders, assist in building, and manage plugins (do not be mistaken by this, I do NOT know how to code)

    Past Experience: I've had plenty of experience with other servers and other staff positions, as explained above, however, I will go into it more thoroughly in this question. I've been Admin (along with other things) on about 3 very long lasting servers. Although they have failed in the long run it is mostly due to lack of funding and initiative from the server owner. On these servers as an admin I usually took charge of the following tasks:
    - Observing and Supervising Builders and other Staff Members
    - Managing Customer Support and other Player Resource Teams
    - Assisted in Building
    - Managed Plugins of a Large Variety and Necessity

    What can you do to help the server: I have a wide array of skills and i'm not just limited to the one thing that i'm applying for. I have excellent people skills and know how to be the leader that other staff members and possibly players can respect, and maybe even look up to. I will also be a trustworthy person that can be trusted to handle things if you (the owner) ever needs to be away or cant do something at the moment

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    Quote from iStoned»

    Name: Michael

    MC Username: iStonedNation

    Your Age: 14

    Rank Applying For: Any staff rank to be honest (not builder, dev., etc.).

    Way of Contacting You: Skype (if accepted), Steam, Email if necessary.

    Why Should you be Chosen: I consider there to be an age group in Minecraft that splits from 7-10ish, 11-13ish, and 14 and up. Being in the 14 and up section, I have a high level of maturity and have played this game for long enough to have a good idea of what I should/shouldn't be doing.

    Past Experience: I've been staff on a handful of servers, some going down after a few weeks/months, and some achieving a very high rank on server lists. Some of these examples were PriorityPvP (failed quickly), and RealPvP (had a total of nearly 50,000 people come on). In addition, I have also owned my server for a few months so I can give good advice if you had a problem with something in your server.

    What can you do to help the server: Despite the overall inferred duties of a staff member, including being nice, helpful, and problem-solving, I also put a lot of hours in this game daily and can be on frequently.I can be on when needed as well as be on as a friendly staff member when I have the time. I could also try to advertise this server to get more players on average.

    I usually create much longer applications, but I did not want to overwhelm you. PM me if you would like me to give you my skype and I could go through more thorough questions. Thanks! -Michael

    P.S. Another reason I should be chosen over others is that going through the other responder's accounts, they all have multiple (hundreds) applications to be staff on servers, and I would like to reassure that I would be dedicated completely to THIS server, not others.

    Accepted, I have pm'd you. you will start out as helper
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    Real Name: Mohammed

    Position: I would like to shoot for the stars and go for Co-Owner or Head Admin

    Minecraft Username: My minecraft username is SuperCoolMomo

    Skype Name: live:mohammed.dassu

    Age: I'm 19 years old

    Where do you currently live?(Country): I live in the United States of America

    Are you multilingual(Speak more then one language)?: Sorta

    If so, what languages do you speak?: I fluently speak English, semi-fluent in Spanish

    How long have you played Minecraft for?: I have been playing minecraft from Alpha, a little before the release of Beta

    What experiences do you have moderating a server/community?: I have Co- owned a factions server for two year, called Twixcraft, with my partner snixtwix11, where I learned how to manage plugins and code from snix. I have served as moderator on Banancraft, a pvp server active until the release of 1.4. I have been a Head Admin on Almost Original Survival at the same time I co owned with snix, and have much experience multitasking in the aspect of doing my part in every server I have been staff for. Lastly, I was an Helper on InstinctMC for a few days before its closure about 10 months ago. Since then, I've been behind the scenes just helping manage plugins with snix and having fun enjoying the art of Minecraft.

    How many hours a day can you moderate the forums and in-game?: On weekdays I can moderate anywhere from two to four hours a day. On weekends and special occasions such as any holiday, I could be on anywhere from five to twelve hours a day, permitted I am free of plans (I do a lot of Robotics)

    Why should you be a HeadAdmin or CoOwner?: I believe I should be a HeadAdmin or CoOwner because I add not only a sense of protection and guard for the server, but a source of laughter and enjoyment. I'm aware of many hacks, due to a customized computer snix,s sister built for us (she is a computer science/computer engineer major) that detects and offers methods of termination to the hackers. As I have worked with much of code, I could also manually remove the hack without having to ban the player, (though it takes too long, I'd rather just ban). Nonetheless, I will surely add to the family oriented staff in an unforgettable way, so that both staff and players can have the best time deemed possible.

    Anything Else?: I'm very flexible, I could start of with helper, or even builder (I can show you a little bit of the projects I've done and am working on). Thank you for taking time out of your schedules to read my application! I hope all goes well, and best of luck to all of the immediate staff!

    - Super

    Accepted, you will start out as helper!
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    Quote from J_S_Magi_10_19»

    Name: Maggie

    MC Username: J_S_Magi_10_19

    Your Age: (13+) : 14

    Rank Applying For: Co-owner

    Way of Contacting You: Skype { teamerasermaggie }

    Why Should you be Chosen: I am very mature and I can handle situations the right way and of extensive moderating experiences, and friendly and helping nature. I do not abuse my commands by giving players things that they cannot normally get like bedrock. I am very patient with players that are annoying. I like to help out new players and give them tips on how to play the game. I know every type of server that there is in minecraft. There are a few mini games I am not aware but I have a lot of knowledge in minecraft. I am very trustworthy. I have never abused and also not planning on ever abusing commands that a owner gave me. Abusing is out of the questions for me. It makes me so angry that some staff members give special treatments to some of their friends and gives them some items for free.

    Past Experience: I have been staff on 7 servers in total. This number may not seem high, but on each one of those servers, I started as a Helper and usually finished at Admin or Manager .Also, I've had a server of factions for a month and I've been configuring all the plugins by myself and been building, searching for plugins and trying to make the server fun. Unfortunately it only lasts a month as my budget is tight and i can't afford to pay for it. Also, i've been a developer on a server for 2-3months. But unfortunately, the owner can't afford to pay anymore so the server shut down.

    What can you do to help the server: I will help any new members with questions they may have. I will welcome every player that joins and create a conversation with them so they see that we have a good community. I also like to use proper grammar while helping and chatting so people would feel more comfortable in speaking to me. Also, i know how to build medieval buildings, i know how to code with java ( a little as i just finished the course) [but i do configure plugins]. So, i am here to make this server a better one.

    You have been chosen to be a Helper to start of with, but don't worry you will work your way up quickly!

    Accepted, I will pm you soon!
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    Quote from JozMC»

    Name: Joz

    MC Username: JozCreator

    Your Age: (13+) 15

    Rank Applying For: Admin

    Way of Contacting You: Email - I will tell you it when you PM me, to avoid spam from other people reading this :P

    Why Should you be Chosen: I know all of the Essentials commands, along with Bukkit (NOT editing/creating them) and I chat in a clear, correctly-spelt way, making it easier to understand for younger players :D . I also get along with staff very well.

    Past Experience: I have been staff on 3 servers, twice admin, once promoted to co-owner :P

    What can you do to help the server: I can patrol and appropriately punish people who break the rules. I can also do a bit of building for this server, if you like.

    If I do not get accepted for staff, I will still play on the server, if you want :D


    Denied, you need more information
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    Quote from twj99»

    Name: Thomas but prefer Tommy

    MC Username: twj99

    Your Age: 16

    Rank Applying For: Co-Owner or administrator

    Way of Contacting You: Email is probably the easiest or Skype, i am not putting these out publicly so please PM me for them.

    Why Should you be Chosen: I normally just play on minecraft as a normal player, never really been taken in on any staff of any kind except for 2 small servers that never got people on them. I am looking for the next thing to do on minecraft so I thought staffing a server would be it. I am a very good leader in real life. I love to play minecraft. The two servers I talked about earlier are ones that I did more of the creating and actually moderating of than the true owner/owners. I never got appropriated for what I did on those servers and then people just stopped playing on them so I don't really pay much attention to them very often.

    Past Experience: As I stated earlier I was a moderator for 2 small servers but did most of the creating of things on those servers. When people played on them I enforced the rules more than the owners did and played on them more than the owners did.

    What can you do to help the server: I am wanting to help create and make a server that everyone would want to play on, I want people to feel that they are safe and can have a good time on minecraft servers, most importantly I want people to help spread the word about minecraft servers because we my past experiences are that people done get the word out about a server and then the server just dies off after all the hard work people put in on the server.

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    About Phoenix Network

    Phoenix network is a new project that I have been working on. We are a new server that once was an idea and is now coming to life! My goal for this server is to make a regular faction server with custom plugins and features that make this server better. Right now I am looking for almost all positions and more! So lets talk about the requirements!

    Server IP: I will give out to the people who are accepted


    1) Must be over the age of 13

    2) Must have past experience of his/her position

    3) Must have some way of contacting you (Email, Skype, etc)

    4) Any more requirement you can think of (Lol cant think of anymore)

    Available Positions

    Co-Owner (1-2)

    Developer (1)

    Management (1)

    Administrator (2)

    Head-Mod (1)

    Moderator (1)

    Helper (3)

    Builder (2)

    Application Format


    MC Username:

    Your Age: (13+)

    Rank Applying For:

    Way of Contacting You:

    Why Should you be Chosen:

    Past Experience:

    What can you do to help the server:

    Developers and Builders (Extra)

    Can you make custom plugins (Devs)
    Images of Work/Projects (Builders)


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    I private messaged you

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    Server IP: mc.electrenetwork.com


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    Quote from hj154»

    Name: Hayden

    Minecraft IGN: Mr_Fanciful

    Your Age: 14

    Rank Applying For: Administrator

    Way of contacting you: Email - [email protected] skype- koaladude154

    Why should you be chosen: I have played minecraft for 4 years, and am willing to do almost anything I am asked..

    Experience: I have owned 3 servers in the past. One was a modded SMP, another was a UHC, and the last one was a Vanilla pvp server. I have been admin on a couple other servers and a co-owner on one.

    What you can do to help the server: I can be on at all times (almost, I have to sleep). I can create a relaxed and fun atmosphere, while still enforcing rules and disciplining players.

    Thank you for looking at my application!

    Accepted as Mod (Please join server
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    Quote from P3luca606»

    Name: Diego

    MC Username: P3luca606

    Your Age: 13

    Rank Applying For: H-Mod

    Way of Contacting You: skype

    Why Should you be Chosen: on the server you will see me as a hard working staff that rarely gives up on his jobs and objectives I want help people in the minecraft community i feel when someone joins our server that i want them to leave think wow what a wonderful server with the best owner and staff. I would do my best to represent our server in the best way possible. I have a little Process i do when it comes to scenarios: Spammer I give 3 warnings the a temp mute for 2 hrs then contact owner or higher staff. Advertiser I give 2 warnings then a perma banned because they ruin all the fun. Hackers I dont just go up to the alleged Hacker and say get banned I have a little process where i inspect the hacker from afar then up close and I always tell the owner. I guess you can call me the solo Scooby-Doo.

    Past Experience: I have been mod on 1 servers TailedPvP,Mine4lyfe,and H-Mod on 1 server buddies prison

    What can you do to help the server: I want to help people in the minecraft community and want them to enjoy there time on he server and make sure one is hurt bullied and or cussed at. and will be closely monitored and will do my best to keep a good rep and get people on an to make sure they leave with a smile. :D also i speak spanish

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    Quote from FireTeam»

    MC Username: Strahinja321

    Your Age: (13+) 14

    Rank Applying For: Anything possible

    Way of Contacting You: I'm making a g+ account soon, so until then, this forum will have to do.

    Why Should you be Chosen: I have had lots and lots of past experiences as admins on servers or internet sites. I am mature, and I can stop fights. I also am used to administrating an such. Plus, I have great grammar.

    Past Experience: Read above.

    What can you do to help the server: Anything possible except coding, I can build, maintain the server and help new users, plus I can share this server to other people.

    Denied looking for more info
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