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    posted a message on Sliding door..FOUR blocks high

    Vindicar.. Just built last you sent me. Very nice. I had to only slightly modify the base to get it to work with PE. Will make another Youtube video. Will give you credit as "Vindicar" if that is good with you. Thx again.

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    posted a message on Creative MCPE Realm Server


    Hi! My realm is brand new and is CREATIVE. Here are more details. If you are still interested after reading the description again, just message me again and I will add you. Thanks.

    I just started a new realm last week. I am a serious builder and am hoping to find a few other like-minded adults(or teenagers-but plz, no kids) who love the endless creative possibilities that Minecraft offers.
    We do not necessarily need to constantly collaborate on buildings or towns, but I am open to the idea as long as we are respectful to the architectural style(a skyscraper in a medieval town might not fly...) of the community we are building in. But if you want, you can find a corner of the world to also do your own thing and we can just connect our communities with bridges and roads. Whether we work solo or work in teams, it does not matter: the goal is to create a world that is beautiful to behold and explore. I am in this for the long haul and see this as a project lasting for years or even decades. Come join and let's have some fun!
    My gamer ID is FortShugnugg.
    Please drop me a quick note here with your Gamer ID and a bit about yourself and why you would like to join and I will invite you.

    ALSO: I do back my realm up, so griefers should not be a huge problem.

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