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    Minecraftia Survival

    A brand new semi-vanilla survival server (inspired by Mindcrack and Hermitcraft) catered to a more mature audience. The server has been online for roughly 5 days. Several plugins are installed, but none that significantly alter game play experience. The server is 24/7 hosted by Apexhosting.

    How to Apply
    Application for server whitelist. Copy/paste and fill the application. Upon acceptance you will be invited to our discord server and added to our whitelist.

    1. Minecraft username:
    2. Age:
    3: Reason to accept application:

    4. Screenshot of your favorite build:


    • Must be 17+
    • No spamming
    • No advertising/recruiting
    • Be respectful to everyone
    • No links without permission
    • No Griefing or Duping (RAIL DUPING IS FINE)
    • No asking for OP or staff status

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