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    (In Game Name):‏ coolboi360
    Say: Yes , If you understand that asking a staff member about your application means an instant rejection of your application -‏ Yes , If you understand that asking a staff member about your application means an instant rejection of your application
    Real first name:‏ Benny
    Age: 18
    Gender:‏ Unidentified
    Timezone -‏ Eastern
    What time are you most often on? (your time, building, surviving, etc ):‏ Evenings and Weekends
    Why do you want to be staff here? (At least 1-2 good paragraphs):‏

    I have had lots of experience of fallout Minecraft role-play servers and have spent countless hours being apart of great role-play experiencies on many more countless servers in the past. I know my way around fallout lore, if you ask me, and I have developed my building style based on what i have seen and perfected regarding creating fallout minecraft equivalents. I don't know if you've ever heard of a fallout new vegas minecraft server but there was one a while ago ands a big part and developing the Lucky 38 on the strip, sadly this server did not last for too long, as most fallout minecraft servers were. Now I have regained interest in working on fallout minecraft servers and would like to comeback and work on a server which has promise to revive the fallout minecraft community.

    So, why should you hire me?

    Well, I believe I have a large scope of experience when it comes to accurate scaling of minecraft fallout building and I know much about fallout lore where I like to create a world which allows the minecraft player to feel like they are in the real game itself. Sorry for all the run on sentences I have ACDC. If you want a uncertified professional to help with building I can be your (unidentified). Thank you, and remember...

    War, war never changes.
    What experience in Fallout do you have?:‏
    Servers, all games (except the ones before 3), elder scrolls, building experience, caravan expert, pretty versed in fallout lore, can get more work done than your mom when I call her over for the weekend
    Are you multilingual (Speak more than one language)?:
    I can speak American English and Russian, some spanish. No joke about the Russian tho pydarasi
    When did you first play Minecraft, how often do you play?:
    I was a little squeaker boy call of duty type age, fairly often, tryna get back into it.
    Have you ever been banned or temp banned on another server(if so why)?
    Yes many times, becuase they hated me and I was a little ****boy kid.
    What rp(Roleplay) experience do you have?:‏
    Too much, I go to role-play conventions
    (Not required) Do you have Twitch or Youtube account?, if so what links:
    Outube yes, I got a good minecraft vault build vid on there from way long ago

    What is your previous experience in any type of moderation(got proof?)? -‏

    I have experience but I don't have any proof, ffs I don't have the number of a reference I worked with in the past on a minecraft fallout server, what is this a fast food app, pls
    How many hours can you contribute per day? -‏

    I got college but I got weekends and my classes end early most of the week
    What advice would you give someone who had to deal with people younger than them? -‏

    Just be cool and they will be cool, but if they tryna slip in those DMs then they no hope, bye felicia
    Pick 2 of our rules and come up with 1 situation for each both rules:‏

    I didn't read the rules tbh, But i follow rules Ima guess one is don't be a ****head or don't cuss so Ima say a situation for the ****head one some dude acts like a cock applying for a position to be a builder but he's good af, I'd hire him if he proves himself and cuz he's funny and likes making everyone happy. For the second one well, If you a little kid playing fallout and tryna play on a fallout role-play server you already know u think cussing it cool so just let em dot, its 2017 everyone, ffs
    Why should we accept you as staff? (At least 1-2 good paragraphs):‏
    Why should I be accepted as staff?

    Well look beyond my actual experience with these kinds of servers Im a great (unidentified) and I like meeting new people and playing minecraft and playing fallout. The one thing that all people playing on these servers want is a multiplayer fallout experience and minecraft is the best platform for that fr. Look, Im just a guy who's tryna build some cool **** and add to the server, you guys are understaffed as it looks like from the comments and you need more builders. I like building post-apocalyptic style buildings and when its fallout Its my specialty. If you don't want to agree with that and accept that and still need some sort of proof then thanks for ruining the fallout experience once again. Ok ok... sorry I went out of hand, I went to far, look, I just wanna build fallout again fam, I wanna be enclave, and I wanna see if this community is really what it looks like. Look fam, leggo.
    Do you use team speak and a microphone?:
    I have yes
    Do you use Skype?
    WHAT RANK DO YOU WANT? as Staff? (you most likely will be a helper to start off with):
    doesn't matter
    Are you able to record? -
    idk what u mean by that, I didn't know this was a porn interview
    Have You Submitted an Staff Application before?:‏

    multiple times
    What is the date of the last application you made(IF you made one, if not do N/A)?:‏

    Anything else to add that might help your chances?:

    help my chances? I don't believe in chance, I believe in the work of god...

    jk lol god?

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    Elemor Decarys
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    Name: Djumir Kozol

    IGN: coolboi360

    Age: 16, character: 23 (didn't know which one so I just put both)

    Background: Ukar

    Appearance: Darker than most Ukar his skin could almost blend him with the darkness of the night. His stature slightly above the average an Ukar male and hairier than most aswell. He skin is rough and scarred from years of survival and battle, but above his scars he wears cow skin gloves and boots with a cowl sitting atop his widened shoulders. His body large and built, in some parts hard to tell due to the large amounts of chest hairs. His hair made into the traditional battle Mohawk kept long at the back to symbolize his career in battle. A cowskin belt straps his chest while below his belt he wears the basic battle straps of thick woven materials to cover his manhood, he does not wear long pants and allows for the majority of his body to be revealed in order to stay cool


    Djumir was born the son of a Ukarian Bandit who rode in a small band of Criminals claiming to be The Shadow Riders. Their merry band of misfits scaled the reach from East to West and North to South causing trouble and chaos amongst small villages, farmsteads, and herders but never venturing their evil deeds into the cities. As Djumir's father grew elder his brethren joined as arms for the King of Arvas, soldiers for his grand army. Djumir's father on the other hand a simple lonely drunk, his mother a tavern *****. Djumir was born.

    In his younger days Djumir was forced to ride alongside his father across The Reach and throughout his time he learned to defend his father from his own insolent and ignorant deeds while learning to fight and survive for himself. Even though Djumir rode with his father life seemed as much alone as it would ever be, his father to be killed by guards of Severyn after a drunk rage and idiotic attack in anger for not allowing him within the castle walls. As Djumir grew older he took up the art of the blade and the eye of the warrior, for months he spent living off the lands and crossing the terrain of The Reach on his own. During his trek and time alone Djumir became one with the world around him, he learned calmness in the art of battle but also the confidence of the blade he wields.

    As Djumir reaches his 23rd year of life he searches for a new purpose in the world in hopes of making something of himself unlike his father. Djumir's only goal now is to die in this world remembered by all for what he had given to the world, for what he hopes to give he does not yet know.
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    posted a message on [1.7.10] 1944 RP GUNS|ROLEPLAY|CITY|POLITICS
    IGN: coolboi360
    Job: Hitman
    RP Name: Fen Kratt - The Viper
    Where do you live? (rp wise) Darnsheer originally - moves around a lot
    Family: related to dukes and lords of Old Darnsheerian Royalty, all dead now, The Last member of House Kratt
    History: Fen Kratt was raised on the lands owned by his father, a retired once wealthy business man with blood lines of Darnsheer Royalty, The Duke of House Kratt. As a young boy Fen was sent off to the Darnsheer military academy where he lived out his prime being prepared in discipline, obedience, strength, and smart. Fen achieved high marks in all sorts of training, when his files where sent for drafting to the special forces he seemed almost overqualified. During this period of time Darnsheer was nearing a time of much corruption within the government, The current leader, Prime Minister Albeur Danoire, had political enemies at grasping at his neck and scratching at his feet; he was stuck and then it came to him. He established a classified special forces project called Viper, this purpose was to create a team of undercover agents who worked for the government in dealing with issues disrupting its existence, but Fen Kratt would not know this when he was the only capable applicant for the project. During his 7 years of training he learned knew fighting styles, was tested and excelled in neurological exams, and pushed to the limit. In the end he was a different man, and for 10 years he worked for the corrupt Darnsheer government in "dealing with the problem". His family died and he wasn't even told, he was betrayed by the organization at the age of 35. they tried to kill him, whole special forces squad raiding his apartment, he knew they were coming. Fen Kratt continues to run from Project Viper operatives, while he himself was nicknamed the Viper, overall he is feared by the organization but knows that they are much stronger than him. They have the money, the man power, the legitamacy... Kratt continued his work in "dealing with the problem" and is known underground as the Viper, he can be found anywhere and anytime but can not be contacted directly. His form of communication with clients is aproaching him and and saying "What nice weather we are having!" and in response he will hand a piece of paper with information on where to meet him and when. Fen Kratt does other small jobs to keep himself steady and will work for anyone, if the target pays more then the target is the client.
    Physical Description: Tall and Fit male who keeps clean shave and a organized short cut of hair, He is relatively built from special forces training in his prime but seems to be getting older and somewhat weaker( but he's still got it). Blue eyes, he creates the impression that he is a tourist.
    Age: 39
    Mental Description: Obedient, enduring, clever, risk taking, heartless
    Education: The Darnsheer Military Academy: 5 - 18, Special Forces Training - Project Viper: 18 - 25
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    IGN: (Your minecraft ingame name) coolboi360

    Character Name: (example: Hue Maulzack) Minmurr Braileth, Son of Tommen

    Character Race: (see below for race choices) Human

    Character Age: (see below for race life spans) 25 Years

    Character Description: ( what they look and act like along with what they often do in situations) Minmurr Is a tall 6'4, A rough travellers beard scopes his face, his look is dark and weary( The look of a weary traveler), but his size shows that he is made for strength, Minmurr follows his own path and no one elses, he follows no Kings or leaders but Is out to make his own, He will help whoever is in need but asks for nothing in return, resilient and enduring he sometimes believes his only breaking point is death, leading into that he believes very highly of himself and of his survival.

    Character Quirks: (anything from a strange battlecry to a fear of spiders) Minmurr Braileth thinks he is the Chosen one for the voice in his head he calls Lord Tommen who calls him the Holy Warrior. He is probably a little autistic.

    Homeland: (A made-up land in which you came from before joining this server) Minmurr comes from the Norse lands of Always Winter in the city of Arn, the homeland of Arrnborr, The land known for its unsurvivable winters and gruesome warriors of legendary Norsic tales. Arrnborr was settled Long ago by the family Arrborr, their leader Mirik Arrnborr, with his three sons, Durik, Marik, and Vasyly. Their separation from other Norsic families made them the largest enemy for the many Norsic tribes, this caused years of war and in the end the Arrnborrians and their many people would lose to the horde assembled by the family Brandir, their fierce and suppressive leader Barrakk Brandir The Heavy Fist, Bolshoy Kolok. The Land is now known as the Arrnborrian Deadlands where only the ruins of the once great Arrborrian family remain warm amongst the cold raiding winters.

    Character Backstory: (no set size, but we expect it to be longer than one sentence.)
    From the day he was born Minmurr Braileth was expected to give his better than his best, as a young child his father sent him into the barn to practice swords on hay until he could not hold the sword anymore. His childhood was filled with harsh treatments and heavy tolls of work and training, but he was close with the family Arrnborr. At the time of his birth the Arrnborrian people were at their height of power against their southern enemy factions, Minmurr was trained by Vasyly in sword fighting and the endurance of pain. What Minmurr did not realize was that Vasyly was trying to create the perfect warrior, The Stone Cold Warrior army of Arrnborr was Vasyly's dream and Minmurr would be his guinea pig.

    With Vasyly's death in battle against Brandir's horde Minmurr was left as a scarred man sitting in his homeland watching as his lesser brothers came back injured or not even. Minmurr Braileth grew older and developed a slight mental disturbance, his days of being alone in the cold lifting heavy objects and returning to his home allowed him to create a friend. Lord Tommen spoke to Minmurr every night, he called him the Holy Warrior, the Good Son, The Chosen One, and Minmurr felt good from this. These voices would never go away, Minmurr found himself praying into the moonlight with tears flowing from his eyes to see Lord Tommen, but instead a horse had ridden up to him asking him to come speak with the King.

    Minmurr was sent into the Glacier Lands with 20 men, to get there they must cross the Veins of Ren, the most complicated river system in the Norse Lands. Minmurr accepted the mission seeing it as a sign from Lord Tommen that this would be his Holy Journey. The Result left Minmurr the only survivor of the Harsh Winter, he realized the men he travelled with had accustomed to much to the southern war lands while he had never left the inescapable death cold of Arrnborr. Finding himself alone and with nothing without purpose he tried to pray to Lord Tommen, nothing.

    Surviving off of Norsern Bear cubs and and Two headed Penguin eggs he lived in the Glacier lands for 10 years, One day Lord Tommen finally spoke to him again. This time Lord Tommen spoke of hope in the south, the way south, a new land of opportunity, a land to start again. Lord Tommen also told him that Arrnborr had fallen, Minmurr never directly knew this but believed every word of Tommen, Arrnborr had actually fallen by this point. Heading south Minmurr Braileth arrived in a village filled with adventurers from around the world, and so his new journey would begin.
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    In Game Name: coolboi360

    Age: 16

    Gender: male

    Timezone: EST

    Have you played any Fallout games? Which one(s): NV and 3

    Why do you want to play on this server?: Looks cool

    Did you read the rules?: yes

    Have you read the lore?: yeah


    Name: Marlon Harshaw

    Age: 42

    Gender: Male

    Character's signifying traits and attributes: Self-reliant, stubborn, good-hearted, Slightly psychopathic, anxious, well built,

    (Just like in the game, you have 40 points to add to whoever categories you choose):

    Strength- 8

    Perception- 3

    Endurance- 7

    Charisma- 8

    Intelligence- 4

    Agility- 5

    Luck- 5

    RP Scenario: (Use the scenario written below)

    Time: 3:18 P.M.

    Location: 27 miles South of Seattle.

    As you're walking north along a desolate highway to a few hundred meters ahead you can see 2 large black birds circling in the sky, to the east a few miles off large thunderheads can be seen. Hopeful to avoid the storm you begin to walk a bit more briskly scanning your area to find shelter from the rain. You observe a small light grey smoke plume coming from the median of the highway only a couple hundred meters away. Before approaching the scene you take a quick look in your bag (below is a list of your items). As you approach the scene you can see that it is a Emerald Trading Company Caravan that has been hit, the merchant lies dead near a slaughtered Brahman blood covers his clothing and a box of items is scattered near him. Of the two guards, one lies near a jersey barrier; empty shell casings from the cowboy repeater are scattered around the body. The other guard is struggling to pull himself upright using the one of the carts wheels, his leg has been blown off below the shin and is now nothing but a bloody mix of singed skin and asphalt.

    Bag contents:

    1x 10mm Pistol

    7x 10mm Pistol rounds

    1x bottle of dirty water

    2x mentants

    1x salisbury steak

    1x Squirrel on a stick

    1x small radio (working)

    1x stimpak

    1x Half-used first aid kit (missing supplies)

    What do you do?:

    I stop behind some ruin among the highway, scanning ahead for any movements from or around the fallen caravan. I sit back against some rubble with my bag at my feet digging inside for my gun and some ammo. I pull out some bullets, remembering there should be more inside. I ignore the small droplets beginning to fall on my head. Looking back at the caravan I notice the struggling guard, the dead one,I'm loading the 10mm pistol, and notice the scattered leg across the asphalt. I spit, accidentally hitting the bag, and look again to the event that lie ahead. Fear is the least of my issues, I feel a presence around the situation, a trap? I dig one more time into the bag searching for the squirrel, I take out a piece covered in dirt and take a loathing bite... yum. I stand up from my position behind the rubble, revealing my position to possible charlies, cracking my neck, the arthritis will be the death of me. I begin towards the crash, half crouched and observant of the surroundings. As I near the crash I hear the moans of the miserable guard... "Hel... hell..." he cries a puddle of tears. I put him out of his misery, never was the kind of guy to savor my every last bullet. I remember I left my bag behind the rubble. "Urgh..." I grumble. Searching the caravan I find mostly scavenged boxes and empty bottles, a few caps lie scattered around a broken wheel. Even wood was scavenged, I looked ahead, ~Seattle - 27 Miles~. I crack my neck again, the arthritis is going to be the end of me. I confirm to myself, "Tango down". My mission continues south...

    Character biography (At LEAST 2 paragraphs):Marlon

    Harshaw was born in Helena, Montana. Even after the war it remained a mining town where his father was the head miner of his division. Marlon grew up playing with an intact pre-war football, learning about the arts of mining, and all with only a father to raise him. Marlon's childhood was not easy though, weather it be a midnight attack of radscorpions or the local raiders biting at the food supply during a dry season, he grew up understanding struggle and the reward of preventing it. As Marlon grew older he became a well built young man, working 10 hours in the mine and practicing his throws with his football, he tried for a part time job as a midnight guard. Harshaw's work with a long range gun was horrible, no one had ever seen a bullet go in such opposite of a direction than intended, he "accidentally" killed an old lady once. Marlon was a simple towns boy, everyone knew him, the people of the Helena community were close and that was what kept them alive.

    He was 23 when he decided to head west in search for more opportunity. His Father was an old man now, dying of radiation poisoning; the medical facilities in Helena were never up to par. He left before at the beginning of spring and began his journey west into a new life. At first he joined a gang, they raided and stole, their best kill was a brotherhood soldier lost among a midnight storm. They knew the land well, and so did Marlon, he was their designated scout. He became paranoid, lying awake during the nights and scanning every corner or land that was around, he thought someone was always coming. He became obsessed with military comics he found, he dreamed of himself as a military general commanding vast armies of his brothers through the wastes, this led to him murdering the members of his gang in the night. He ran through the wasteland, feeding off raw hunts, stalking a passerby, he was a psychopath, he did things some raiders couldn't even think of.

    Marlon found himself, age 33, lying in a pile of mud, thinking to himself, "What have I done". He had realized that he was way off of his path, he went to find a purpose in a cave just 179 miles away from Seattle. In this cave he rehabilitated, and in this cave a voice had spoken to him, the voice he called 'Captain Commander General Major'. This voice told him he had a mission, told him that he must become sane again, it told him that everything was going to be okay. He lived in this cave for 1 month, when he finally dawned upon the light of day he was captured and made a slave.

    Marlon was a slave for 5 years, he never bothered to learn who his slavers where or why he did what they told him. He saw them as a sign from the voice, his obedience to his masters allowed him to become a guard. He traveled around Washington for a long time with the slavers, his final promotion he was given a choice. Become apart of the slavers band or go off on his own, he choose to join the band. The night of his initiation he realized that he once killed his closest friends and members of the gang, with this realization he decided to run off into the wasteland once again but now he was planned and ready. He ran away some days after his initiation, taking a bag with food, guns, ammo, and a map. Marlon never learned how to read a map but quickly understood its aspects.

    He is 42 now, his scrapped the map, it never helped him find his way across the wastes. Still he searches for Seattle but now he feels closer than ever. Marlon believes that he can find his own way across the wastes, he thinks his good heartiness will lead him to kill again so he avoids relationships. Still he mumbles and whispers the old words of "Tango down" and "Charlie spotted" not knowing why or even acknowledging their purpose. As he ages he has developed a slight memory disorder and sometimes remembers things but only when he is thinking about something else, he has not the ability to remember memories by forcing himself to do it. His rugged scars of travel and look of a dirty hag of dust hides his handsome features leaving only an old shagged man trying to finish his mission.

    “The ends always justify the means…”
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    posted a message on CLOSED)☢ FALLOUT: Ashes of Our Fathers ☢ [24/7][Serious RolePlay][Real-life Locations][Factions]
    **Out of Character**
    IGN: coolboi360
    Age: 15
    How did you find us? skimming through the survival servers, thought i might try out a fallout server after a while.
    What Roleplay experience do you have? Fallout 3 & NV, Skyrim, Various Fallout Roleplay Servers, Post Apocalypse Roleplay server, and Medieval/Fantasy Roleplay servers.
    Define Meta-gaming in your words: The act of using information not known to a roleplay character that was either never learned by that character or not existent in that world.
    Define Power-gaming in your words: The act of roleplaying with abilities that character does not posses.
    Define God-Modding in your words: When a character has the ability to do and overcome anything without recognizing their realistic limit.
    Did you join our website? I shall after this application

    **In Character**
    Name: Jeremy Frederick Wilson
    Nickname: (Optional)Bompety-Boo(with multiple extended o's when spoken)
    Gender:Transexual, prefers to be called a male.
    Appearance: A thin squirmy child wearing rags and tags of old world clothing that has been ripped and barely patched back together. He is pale and tall for his age group, a whooping 6'5. With rough black hair that has not seen a bath in months, and dirt growing between his finger nails, toes, and butt. He isn't a hairy boy, when first looked at, but under his pants lies the resurrection of the amazon forest. Bones are outlined by his tight skin which gives him his thinning and squirmy look, but it's his eyes that make him look like he has been smoking opium since days rise to days end.
    Personality:friendly, naive, homosexually driven, ambitious, charitable, loyal, weak
    In-game RP example: (Include dialog)

    A familiar wasteland wind blew over the stacked bodies laying at the bay of the atlantic, mutilated human parts and gory buckets of blood sat at the back of an old truck, that was not operable, as the morning sun appeared beyond the hills
    Bonestick: Grrrrrr! I hungry for human flesh!
    Diaper: Noo!!! Noo!! We don' eat until we drop out the shells of meats.
    Diaper grabbed 3 dead human bodies that previously laid stacked, walking to the water he stopped where his feet began to soak with oceanic fluid.
    Diaper: GARRR!
    Diaper announced a loud roar as he threw the bodies far into the water.
    Garglemouth: Hey! I foun' somethin', A Youth Flesh!
    Garlesmouth revealed a large child from his sack, dropping him to the sandy beach of the atlantic. The child squirmed away into a corner scared with what he was seeing, the fear was defined through the vastness of his eyes and the wideness of his opened mouth.
    Bompety-Boo:(In his usual high voice, similar to the voice of mickey mouse)Stay away muties!Ahhh!
    Bonestick: stay still and we won' cut you so sharply!
    Garglemouth: Stop eeet! I don' to much huntin', I cut eem!
    Diaper: Nooo!! Meee!!
    Bonestick grabbed a nearby melee weapon, a barb wired baseball bat, and charged for Garglemouth bat first. In Bonestick's attempt at hitting Garglemouth he failed and was thrusted into the sand by Diaper. Bonestick was angry with mindless rage, and charged for diaper now, his attacked succeeded. Bompety-Boo watched at the sideline looking for an exit strategy. Bonestick was on top of diaper beating him to pieces, while Garglemouth watched in excitement.
    Garglemouth: Hit em' Bones, HIT EM'!!!!!
    Bonestick: ARGHHH!!!! (as he pounded away on helpless diaper)
    Diaper was dead meat, irradiated bits and pieces of green muty meat that even a cannibalist muty wouldn't dare take a wif of, Bonestick was still in anger, his rage only increased. Garglemouth found chains lying around and attempted at catching Bonestick to calm him, but it was no use after 3 tries. Bonestick toppled over Garglemouth choking him with his almost broken bat, Garglemouth was tired out. Bonestick stood to his feet and began smashing Garglemouth's face in with his foot until it was flattened and messy.
    Bonestick: What I have done!
    He began to cry sitting against the old truck and remembered the whimpering child. He looked around but found nothing.
    Out along the coast of the Atlantic Bompety-Boo was running breathless away from the crazy Mutants. He eventually could run no more and dropped at the border of land and water with the salt of the ocean hitting one side of his face. Looking up at the sky the sun had by now shined brightly but the clouds blocked all sight of the beautiful view.
    Bomptety-Boo: I should just kill myself, I can't take it anymore.
    Taking out the knife from his pocket he put it out in front of his chest holding it with two hands. He knew he had to do it but he knew he couldn't, it was too difficult and he could only imagine the pain that followed.
    Bompety-Boo: Come on Jeremy you worthless *******!
    Jeremy: what did you say?!
    Apearing a man from the dunes with a confused and angered face, Bompety-Boo was caught in an unlucky twist with someone who looked as like a killer. The man stood at the dune and glared at Bompety-Boo for a short period of time and then began to descend down to Bompety-Boo.
    Bompety-Boo: my name is also...uh...jere...mm (he gulps).
    Jeremy: how do you know my name you little radscorpion!
    Bompety-Boo: I..I... I don't. M..ma...my name is a... also Jeremy.
    Bompety-Boo was trembling in fear, by this point Bompety-Boo's knife was pointed toward the man and he was slowly attempting for the water, he could not swim.
    Jeremy: hand over the knife kid or die!
    Bompety-Boo: here! (he throws the knife across to Jeremy)
    As Jeremy catches the knife Bompety-Boo finds it's opportunity to run off into the dunes. He attempts his escape as Jeremy's eye catches his triumph, Bompety-Boo runs off into the dunes not to be chased by Jeremy.
    Now without a knife Bompety-Boo has nothing left and continues his misadventures through the wasteland.
    Background: (Be detailed and in-depth. Also explain how you came to be in Utah.)
    Bompety-Boo was once Jeremy Frederick Wilson,a boy living in the wasteland of what was former Detroit. His father died at birth, so his mother had raised him throughout his young days across the wasteland of Detroit. His mother was a nurturer, a caring and friendly woman who gave all and every to keep her boy alive. She worked as a sex for hire in the city, and was known as Bouncin' Bethany with the returning customers. But her business earned her good caps, enough that she found a caravan to travel with to go east to the capital wasteland. The Capital Wasteland was known to many as a safe haven for wanderers and travelers of the wastelands, Rivet city was told as a supersize refugee city. But as Bethany, Jeremy, and the Caravan traveled east they realized they were going the wrong way, southeast. Finding themselves in the bays of Virginia, they decided there was no Capital Wasteland and set up home in a small abandoned town. Jeremy was about 5 when the town was raided and scavenged by the worst of the wasteland. His mother was raped in front of his eyes along with the caravaniers. when the raiders cam to rape Jeremy they found that he did not have the correct parts they were looking for, they though they had mistaken him for a girl, they were confused and left. Jeremy was a 5 year old transexual left on his own to fend for himself with nothing but a knife and some leftover food. He decided to leave the town and head south, for no reason at all. After a few days he was out of food and barely walking, a group of survivors found him barely alive at the bottom of a hill. He was taken to a shore town built after the war, the buildings made with sheets of metal and old ruined building materials. He was cared for by a doctor named Willis, who brought him back to health and studied his transexuality. Doctor Willis was amazed that a human could look like a boy but sound and have similar organs as a girl, it was astonishing to Willis and the community. the Town leader pronounced Jeremy their prophet sent from the light and asked Jeremy what he wanted to be called, he said "Bompety-Boo". Bompety-Boo lead was treated with gifts and food from all towns people and his presence even increased the town's population to allow a small militia. By the age of 15 Bompety-Boo had seen people come and go, live and die, he was less cared about for now. The Militia leader of the town said that Bompety-Boo brought nothing good the past 2 years, it was time for Bompety-Boo to go on his own to venture through the wasteland. Before Bompety-Boo was sent out into the waste he was given a BB gun, his famous knife, and a radscorpion knee pads, along with some food. As he was walking out into the waste he looked back to the town that was being ravaged and burned by raiders, that day he couldn't believe his luck. Bompety-Boo traveled the coast North for 6 months until he was captured by mutants and almost killed escaping almost barely. After the incident with the Mutants he decided to head west because he met a man who said he was a "cowboy" from the west, he thought cowboys were cool. So a year and a half it took him until he reached Salt Lake City, halfway travelling with a psychopath caravanier and the other half a three legged dog named "Bits' n' Pieces". As he approached a city in the distance he was captured by an unknown group of people who raped him and through him out into the world naked, all his things were gone. Finding clothes rather quickly he returned on his path but was scarred for life, and so his journey began.

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    posted a message on [1.6.4 beta]Fallout: Wasteland Legends (A post-nuclear Role-play server)-Guns- -Pvp- -Factions- -Karma- -Hardcore RP- -vertibird
    Out Of Character
    IGN?: coolboi360
    Age: 15
    Sex (Optional): Male
    Have You Read All The Rules?: Yes
    Why Us?: Looking for a fun new fallout server
    How Have You Found About Us?: searching the forums
    RolePlaying Experiance?: Fallout 3 and NV, Skyrim, various Fallout rp servers

    In Character:
    Name: Ayeden Price (pronounced: I-Den)
    Age: 26
    Sex: Male
    Personality: isolated, survivalist centered, socially cautious, good hearted
    Profession: (not at the moment) hired gun/ guard

    (Your S.P.E.C.I.A.L, you have 40 points to put in this. this

    will be used for performing certain actions in events and

    campaigns and will go hand and hand with your characters


    Strength: 8
    Perception: 8
    Endurance: 7
    Charisma: 4
    Intelligence: 5
    Agility: 6
    Luck: 2

    Traits: rough look about him from travelling, does not worry about how he looks, Himself comes first, Life or Death situation is everywhere(realization), calm until angered
    Race: White Human

    D&D ailment:(if you dont know what D&D ailment to pick

    just take this quiz http://www.wizards.c...d/dnd/20001222b) Neutral
    Picture of you:
    BackStory (Minimum 1 Paragraph):
    Ayeden Price was born outside of The Capitol Wasteland, born to a dying mother and without a father. The man that gave birth to Price was doctor Alengin, not the most qualified but the only option, a man who was a role model figure for Ayeden in his early years. The Doctor had foreseen the death of Ayeden's mother months before the birth, he had to make the decision of leaving the child or bringing it up with him. Doctor Alengin was a man of presence in his position, he was come to by many locals and travelers seeking help and healing; Alengin knew the land well. Throughout his life he traveled the lands around what would become his medical station searching for knowledge in healing, he believed that healing was the key to saving the world from the dangers and worries of the wasteland. He met many wasters and met many problems during his travels, but by his reaching late years he found that the wasteland had vacuumed his remaining energy and settled into his station learning and helping passerby's and locals. Ayeden's mother was just another patient, she had developed a lung disease in her later years and was guided by the doctor in search of a cure. It was to the misfortune of the doctor that his medical books did not contain information on treating any lung infections of diseases; One book had the pages for a lung disease chapter ripped out for reasons unknown. As the months came closer to the Birth of Ayeden the months came closer to his mother's death, it was only some weeks after the birth that she suffocated in her sleep.

    Ayeden didn't surround himself in the doctor's medical business even though Alengin tried aimlessly to interest the boy, Ayeden was too busy discovering the world around him. Because of the awkward refusal to participate in Alengin's medical work, Ayeden found himself very anti-social. he attempted to avoid acquaintances and patients of Alengin and wasn't interested much in Alengin either. Alengin regretted his decision in taking in the boy, he did it out of good heart but no one would ever know that. Ayeden fell farther away from Alengin and more into gang business away from the where he lived, Alengin lost hope in the relationship and kept the boy only because he didn't know how to approach him. Ayeden found himself fooling around with the local troublemakers and scouting out dangerous locations, even trying to trick up some mutants. As he grew older he joined a gang and ran with them further towards to East.

    Ayeden ran with a gang of misfits for 5 years, until his was 21. During those years he robbed and stole and killed without the blink of an eye. The gang mostly went around trying to look tough, tricking and hurting, they were dealt with one day by the sheriff of Megaton. The Sheriff tried to gather to group of troublemakers at the center of the town but they had scattered to fool the old sheriff, this had tripped his nerve. The boys didn't expect the good ole' Sheriff to shoot a bullet through an organ of theirs, so they kept prancing around and laughing at the confusion brought on. But one by one at every moment the Sheriff caught a boy with his eye and would shoot them right down to the ground of cold metal walkway. Finally they realized it was no joke, most scattered off, but Ayeden was caught.

    Ayeden was given to chose from one of two options, die right there and then or work as the deputy and help prove his worth to be let go. Ayeden tested his bravery by by choosing option one, this surprised the Sheriff, but the cowardice of Ayeden played in when the gun was shoved into his mouth. Ayeden was given one job, to guard the center of megaton from morning to night, he began to think this was a lifetime job. for 6 years he guarded the center without a question, the sheriff found loyalty in the man and found that he actually held a good heart. Ayeden had worked a later shift than usual, tired and a little curious, he decided to ask the sheriff what was next for him. The Sheriff was speaking with traders outside, Ayeden came to him for answers. As Ayeden was about to ask what was next,the sheriff was handed 100 caps and he pushed Ayeden over to the caravan trader. Ayeden didn't speak a word for the next miles but all he knew was that he was the new caravan guard.

    Later than evening, sitting at the campfire somewhere outside of the Capitol Wasteland, he finally spout a sentence. "What if i killed you right here and now"? the other guard cautiously neared his gun. The trader responded lightly "Then I'd be dead", a second passed when he continued "but then you'd be dead too, my customers are the feisty ones". Ayeden didn't understand the joke but everyone laughed, he went to sleep early.

    Waking up the next morning he was the only one, thinking about his next step in life he couldn't really imagine what was happening to him. He couldn't process if he was sold or traded, it was quite a confusing morning. When everyone had finally woken up they had lost Ayeden, a gun, and some food, he was never to be seen again.
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    posted a message on [1.6.2] ☢ FALLOUT: RED SKIES | SERIOUS RP | IN PRE-ALPHA BUILDING STAGE ☢

    Age: 15
    Past RP Experience: Fallout 3-NV DLCs, Skyrim, Various Rp or Hardcore Role Play fallout,medieval, or post apocalyptic RP servers.
    Time you can Dedicate: weekends
    Why do you want to join: looks interesting
    Did you read the Rules:I have read the rules.. ..


    Name: Earson Bigglehorn
    Age: 47
    Place of Birth: Right outside the Shi's headquarters
    Appearance (Match Your Skin): Dark Brown hair, Hairy, Brown Coat, Old Rugged Head Band, dark eyes, Rugged face of a traveler, Vault-Tech Speedo, Black Leather Belt, Large Pre-war military boots, Leather Detective gloves
    Traits: Perceptive, Agile, Eduring, Lucky
    Personality: Emotional, Dramatic, Engaging, Positive, Poetic, Romantic, Confusing, Ambitious, Adventurous, Fierce, Content
    Ethnicity:Korean Native Siberian Bolivian American with a smidge of Arab
    Biography (2-3 LONG Paragraphs): Earson Bigglehorn was never always Earson Bigglehorn, at first he was Nathan Kwon. Like most wasteland stories Nathan was born to a prostitute mother and an unknown customer father of his mother. Nathan's father happened to be, without Nathan ever knowing, one of the most important members of the Shi who happened to sneak off in search of some fine Asian American like himself. He succeeded and months later Nathan had popped out. What that Shi member didn't know was that the one was not only Asian American but had roots going all the way back to communist countries Russia and Korea. Way deep in the blood line was some good ole' fashion native american and for some reason Bolivian. And since we're talking about the blood line it'd be good to mention that some arabic blood is there too. Nathan was born with an immense sex drive, at the age of 10 he had already been attempting to buy prostitutes but was pushed off every time.
    Nathan grew up like any other wasteland kid, surviving, thriving, and becoming apart of this disassembled society. At the age of 13 he ran away from his mother and unknowingly went North East into heading towards Montana. During his journey Nathan changed his name to Earson Bigglehorn because he thought it was funny and was quite immature at this time, he found an old ragged red bandana which he called charlie, and ultimately became the ultimate survivor. As he traveled toward Montana he grew older, a new state brought atleast another two years since he lived in them for a while. He ran with the 80s for some time, walked with the khans, sneaked through the legion, and ended up in the great state of Montana at the age of 20. In Montana he settled in small towns, sometimes grouped with tribals but other times he ran on his own.
    ​It was never explained earlier how he acquired his rugged red bandana, but now it will be. During a town raid with the 80s he walked into a house guns blazing, screaming "Come Out Come Out Wherever you are!" followed by hundreds of bullets falling to the ground. Searching the house he found nothing, but a person who hung themselves in the basement and a red bandana. The red bandana was lying on a table in one of the upstairs rooms, the moment he saw it he had fallen in love right away. From that day on he wore it forever.
    At the Age of 21 Earson had gained a ton of body hair and facial hair, now his entire mouth area was covered in beard and it would become hard to see his mouth. His chest was fully engulfed with hair and his lower area had become the amazon forest. It was surprising though that as he grew older he lost none of that hair but only had on his head. Even though he began to bald in his thirties his bandana kept him looking good without hair on his head.
    By the age of 30 Earson Bigglehorn had established quite the reputation for himself in South Western Montana, he had a farming business where he sold crops the people of a village called Ammerston not to far away and had developed a relationship with a woman named Jane. To Earson Jane was the most beatiful girl in the world, the perfect girl. It surprised his co-workers though, since Jane was a Brahmin. when Earson asked Jane to marry him she responded with nothing and he ran away further into Montana never to be seen again.
    Earson had found a vault-tech speedo which he wears as his pants, he found it during a prospect of an old vault in Utah. He does not find wearing it weird and thinks it is unique.
    At the age of 47 Earson had appeared coming out of a cave with a dried tear on his cheek. He walked out pulling his coat over more since it was a cold night, his hair was thicker than ever. Looking into the moon he howled, not knowing why but he just wanted to, walked into the wasteland and was prepared to begin life anew... without Jane.

    RP Example:
    Earson: Jane, it's nice to see you again... I was thinking about you.
    Earson: You know i've been wanting to ask you something for a while now...
    Jane: *looks at Earson in annoyance and continues chewing*
    Earson: I don't know how I can say this but...
    Jane: *blinks continuing to chew*
    Earson: Will you marry me Jane *gets to his knee hugging her leg*
    Jane: *looks down to Earson and back up to continue chewing*
    Earson: Jane? Jane?
    Jane: *continues to chew and attempts to get Earson off of her leg by swinging it gently*
    Earson: *flys off hitting the fence, he begins to cry* WHYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!! AHHHHHHWAHHHHHHH!!!
    Jane: *walks away*
    Earson: Fine, walk away... I didn't even like you because you were fat! * jumps the gate and runs off into the distance*
    Jane: *stares aimlessly at Earson as he runs off into the wasteland, continuing to chew*

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    posted a message on ♘ The Tavern MC's: Wild West ♘ • Unique & Custom Roleplay Experience • *Custom Plugins & Generation with New Biomes* ~Guns, Dyn

    That is the longest backstory I've ever seen, Man you put in the time to post that. Accepted, great backstory and I just really like this entire app.

    thank you! I've heard great stuff about this server so I'm excited to begin RP!
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    posted a message on ♘ The Tavern MC's: Wild West ♘ • Unique & Custom Roleplay Experience • *Custom Plugins & Generation with New Biomes* ~Guns, Dyn
    In-Game Name: (Put your minecraft username here) coolboi360

    Did you read the rules?: Yes

    Why do you wish to join the server?: Looks fun and something new to me

    Character Name: (The name of the character you will be playing, Please keep it original not things like LoneRanger) Jeremiah "Bullseye" Jones

    Character Gender:(Male or Female) Male

    Character Age:(Your characters age, not your real age) 33

    Character Quirks:(Fears, things he dislikes and likes, things that make him stand out from other people)
    Fears: Being Ambushed, Bring Trampled to death
    Likes: Moonshine, Darts, Night Riding, Smoking cigars, Sport Shooting
    Dislikes: Inexperienced Shooters, "Intellectuals", Highly Educated People, City Folk, Abiding by set of Rules, Waste money
    Stand-Out Attributes: Good with a gun, Wears a familiar cowboy hat but no body knows where its from, healed up scars on face

    Character Skills: (skills such as blacksmithing, gun-smithing,hunting, medicineman (if you are a native of the land),ect)
    Skills: Long - Medium Range Rifle Shooting, Revolver experience, Hunting, Gun-smithing, Moonshining, Survivalist

    Character Backstory:( Post your characters backstory here. The longer the backstory the better

    Early Days:

    Just like every story starts in the wild west Jeremiah Jones was born at the rising sun. The Physician came from miles away, the nearest city days in fact, to help Jeremiah's mother, Nora, give birth. His father was out trekking when the birth was taking place and he would not arrive for it either. The Physician was asked to stay for the upcoming days to help care for the child, during these days a love between Nora and the Physician had developed. Jeremiah, only a newborn baby, unknowingly witnessed his mother cheating with another man. When his father, Alpert, had arrived after a month trekking with his friends he came to Nora and the physician in bed. Alpert had burst, his friends didn't hold him back, there he beat the physician until his head was a fountain for blood and killed his wife all under the eyes of little jeremiah.

    Jeremiah does not remember how his mother died, nor was he fed the truth of her death. Two graves sit outside Jeremiah's old house, one marked Nora and the other Edna, the grandmother of Jeremiah. But the person in the second grave was never Edna, it was that physician.

    Alpert raised Jeremiah, holding together the roof and the cattle. Alpert now lived with his friends who were looking for a place to stay after their town was burned to dust by outlaws. For months they had been planning to locate the outlaws who burned down the home of Alpert's friends and when Jeremiah turned 8 they had located the outlaws' position. A camp about 10 miles south from the house, in place of an abandoned mine shaft. Jeremiah was told to care for the house alone while they had gone and without a moments notice they had rode away on their horses into the wild.

    Jeremiah's father had never returned, but one of his friends did. The youngest of the passe, Mike "Corncob" Avermoth, returned almost dead on one tired horse with blocks of gold falling out of his pouch. Jeremiah did everything he knew to fix Mike but after 5 struggling days he had died. Lying in Alpert's bed and moved to the grave site where Jeremiah buried him. Alpert and friends never returned but only a note was left for Jeremiah, a note reading "I am sorry that I cannot return to you boy, hopefully one day I will meet you again but it will not be in this world. Good luck son, I love you". Jeremiah cried after reading the note, but he knew that things would have to change if he was going to protect himself, his farm, and his future.

    By the age of 10 Jeremiah had learned to cook for himself, herd animals, farm, build, repair, and hunt. Hunting was his favorite part of the week. Food ran low rarely for he was the only one eating in the household but when it did hunting was one of the only options. Jeremiah didn't know why or how but he was blessed with the ability too shoot, every shot took a kick out of him, every shot felt like he was healing a strong unending pain. He loved to shoot, setting up a firing rang in the hay house and going out to buy tools and supplies to create his own weapons. He became quite experienced with rifles and revolvers when he reached the age of 16, and now new conflicts had arose for him alone in his middle-of-nowhere home.

    Young Adult:

    By the age of 17 Jeremiah now began to deal with more people issues. Travellers passing by his home, scholars, scavengers, and outlaws all looking for a place to crash or bash. Jeremiah looked older for his age but only in early 20s would be an estimate. Outlaws attacked during the night, he fought them off from a distance. Stealers pretended to friend Jeremiah but could not fool him with their kindness. The only reason Jeremiah survived was because he had no contact with people for a very long time, and knew when lying was lying and manipulating was manipulating.

    The largest attack on Jeremiahs farm happened when he was 22 years old, already bearded and built. 37 Gang members of a large Eastern Gang called The Bullocks had attacked Jeremiah at dawn, Jeremiah's rise. Jeremiah had kept his favorite rifle Stacey under his bed after a girl he liked that was passing through his home years ago. He stationed himself at his window overviewing the entire farm and location of the land with the road, hay house, stables, and other buildings. He shot down the Gangsters one by one, almost everything shot a bullseye. Someone shouted "God damn can't not get a bullseye!" when right after he was shot between the eyes. The gangsters eventually broke into the home taking Jeremiah "Bullseye" Jones as a hostage.

    As Jeremiah laid tied to the horse watching behind him as his home was burning to the ground. The remaining Bullock Gang Members, along with Jeremiah hostage, rode west into the heart of the wild. Their they stopped at a town looking to sell Jeremiah to some wealthy businessmen. He was sold, and then given from one man to the other.

    The older gentleman that bought Jeremiah had his sideburns running down to his chin but wore nice clothing made of nice cloth and fabric. He wore expensive boots, nothing Jeremiah would wear for hunting or travelling. The man was combed, civilized, and up tight, and Jeremiah hated him. Jeremiah and the man arrived at a farmstead, but it would more look like a town. The man gave jeremiah his bed in his room and told him to meet at the front of the house in the morning, he said that if Jeremiah tries to run he will find him.

    Jeremiah was a worker for the gentleman for some many years, until he was 27. The older man found Jeremiah's skill in shooting and made him a guard, soon enough he became the older gentleman's most trusted guard and friend. It was the dawn of some morning, when the sun peaked over the mountains in the background when the older gentleman allowed the option for Jeremiah to go free as a payment for everything Jeremiah did over the 5 years. Jeremiah accepted and rode off into the wild west.


    Now, 33 years of age, after surviving in the west he begins a new adventure in a new land that he had never explored. Over the course of his adventure after working for the old gentleman he learned to make moonshine and instantly loved it, went looking for a hidden treasure but instead found an old worn cowboy hat that he wears to this day, and got into a tussle with a bull where he was trampled but saved by the local shot. He arrives with new hopes and new ideas, and before a new adventure awaits.
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    posted a message on CLOSED)☢ FALLOUT: Ashes of Our Fathers ☢ [24/7][Serious RolePlay][Real-life Locations][Factions]
    Time you can dedicate:2-3 hours +
    Why us?: Looking for a fallout server that looks alright and doesn't have bad lore
    Define Role-Playing in your words: (See front page for examples)Role-Playing is acting as a character with a background and purpose who journeys to create RP situations where he/she talks or interacts with other characters. In Role-Play story is a big factor, the character and many others develop that story.
    Define Meta-gaming in your words: Using Information that the character does not know or OOC info In-Game.
    Define Power-gaming in your words:When a character does something impossible in Rp or plain unreasonable and cannot be done by this type of character.
    Did you join our website? I can do so after I make this app

    Name: Nick Sculley
    Nickname: (Optional)Space Guy
    Appearance:wears a full-body pre-war spacesuit which remains mostly intact but is cannot operate for its initial purposes, worn mostly for cosmetics and because Nick liked it. Helmet is separate from the main suit and the connecting to suit mechanism has been broken. The Helmets Sun-Ray reducing glass has also been broken but randomly comes on when night fall strikes, useless. The Suit has few rips and tears because most are intermediately patched up. The suits only plus is that it could keep Nick warm if the weather was death cold, luckily Earth is not the Moon. Nick prefers to keep the suit on at all times, even during intercourse, a hole was made at the penis area but underneath is not pure nakedness.
    Personality:Charismatic, Wandering, Curious, Defensive/ Protective, Patriotic( but nothing to be patriotic too), Charming, Appealing
    In-game RP example: (Include dialog)

    A giant rat pattered to a insignificant beat as it ran across the hall of the Charleston High School. The clicking of cans was heard beyond the hall into one of the classrooms where a man had appeared. For a moment it was silent, but faint steps could be heard 10 seconds after the clicking and clacking. A door slowly creaked as it was pull open into the class room, but out came that same man. Looking left and right, crouched, the man searched for signs of human life in his visible vicinity. After a moment of scanning no signs of humans life were discovered, luckily. The man began to move swiftly through the hall, forward toward the boarded up window. He retained a straight standing position next to the boarded window taking out his .44 Mag revolver out to see if it was still loaded from the gun fight earlier down the street. He opened the slots where the bullets where loaded, only 2 remaining and he was out of ammo. The man peered through a crack in the boards to see the outside, it was empty like he left it. Disrupting in his tracking of the wasteland, foot steps where heard loudly coming up the stairs to the second floor.
    Voice: We're coming for ya' Nicky Boy!
    A Pump-Action Shotgun, from the sound of it, was pumped precisely after the ridged voice was heard coming down the hallway. Nick needed to act fast, running quickly down the hallway in a crouched position he slid into the women's bathroom and hid in one of the stalls.
    Voice: Where are ya' Nicky Boy? Where are ya'?! Roddrick check the bathrooms.
    Nick gulped, the man went into the men's bathroom first since the first 10 seconds remained silent ones. Nick docked onto the seat of the toilet, it was closed so he could stand on it. He pointed the gun to the stall door to be ready to fire right when the man appeared, Roddrick, rest in peace Nick thought
    Roddrick: Urghhh.... Where the hell is e'
    Stalls began to fly open with the sound getting closer and louder by the second. Nick positioned the gun straight, he was ready now, the stalls continued to open louder.
    Voice: Roddrick, come here I think I found him.
    Was this luck, fate, Nick stood still for a moment to ensure he was safe from the Men. He listened in on their conversation.
    Voice: Get Craps to Lockpick the door, he's hiding in their I can smell him.
    Nick smiled and tried smelling himself taking in a smell of mixed brahmin dung and stale Nuka-Cola, which was surprising because Nuka-Cola was long lasting.
    Craps: Yeah whats the fuss?
    Voice: Open it Craps.
    Craps: Alright, Alright. No need for violence detective rogers.
    Voice: Roddrick you checked all the stalls?
    Roddrick: Notin'
    Voice: urghh. This bastards gonna get beat real nicely when I see his little shiny blond hair showing in that closet.
    Craps: someones got a crush.
    An unsettling giggle was heard afterwards, sounded like it could be Craps. Nick imagined the three men while they attempted at the closet which he was not in, He knew how the man without the name looked like but the other two were probably new guys. Craps looked like a squirmy tryna' look slick kinda fella, and Roddrick seemed like and utter dumbass. Nick smiled once more but was interrupted with his moment when the voice began speaking again.
    Voice: Gah! he's not here! How? Why? I saw him just a day ago!
    Roddrick: Did you ask Millard?
    Millard was dead, Nick clearly remembered shooting him straight into the head.
    Voice: Millard's dead!
    Craps: Ey' Boss, whats next?
    It was silent for a moment. Nick took a deep breath, and managed to spit out some words quietly.

    Nick: Jennifer...
    He looked down to the tiled floor and thought of his lost girlfriend, either enslaved out somewhere in the waste, wandering, or dead. Then the man began to speak.

    Voice: You got it, kill her.

    Background: (Detailed and in-depth, 2 paragraphs)
    Nick Sculley was born in New Canaan, Utah to a proud New Canaanite family that was not originally from New Canaan but war refugees from the NCR-Brotherhood war who fled in 2253. His mother and father had met in New Canaan both being refugees from the war. Giving birth to two sons and one daughter the Sculley Family settled in nicely and became proud mormons.Nick, being one of three kids, was never a fan of Mormon ways even though he was expected to be. He went to church and said what needed to be said when it needed to be said but he never found a purpose in it all. Nick was always searching something to be part of that wasn't mormon, but it was no surprise that he hadn't since he never allowed to leave New Canaan. Nick was a charismatic boy, ambitious in speech and curious to explore all opportunities of life Nick found himself knowing every crook and cranny that was in that city. Eventually he found his way out without getting caught and found himself hours later in some place called zion canyon. He was scared off by local tribals of the canyon and ran back to make it home by morning unnoticed. Nick became good at sneaking around and finding his way with words over the years, but it made him quite the trouble makers. By the age of 19 Nick had finished with his schooling and had chosen to leave New Canaan. His parents and siblings disagreed with the statement but after Nick's most complicated argument he finally convinced them that he should leave, with his mother crying as he walked out into the wasteland. Utah didn't bring much to Nick, mostly ruins upon ruins and avoiding tribals. Nick survived talking his way out of bad situations and sneaking through bad locations. Nick visited the northern reaches of Utah where he met his girlfriend Jennifer, a traveller just like him. They came together like yin and yang, travelling Utah together and messing with raider groups for the fun and run of it. At 21 years old Nick and Jennifer were caught by some 80s Headhunters and taken to a nearby town of called Charleston where they were held to be killed for the 80s leader and only heads to be taken to him. Nick had escaped the Headhunters at dawn killing 3 members and hiding in the Charleston High School, there he hid and slid away from the Headhunters with the knowledge of Jennifers supposed death. He escaped Charleston and went southwest into Utah. At the age of 22 he became a prospector in the Mojave and came across the REPCONN Test Site. There he explored the many rooms and secrets of the old world, one thing that caught his attention is a space suit. When first found it was perfectly in tact, at first sight he loved it and from the day on he would wear it. There was one problem with the suit though, it was not operable for its original purpose which Nick did not know. Nick would wear the suit forever from then on having an unusual liking to it, he was overprotective of it but he cared for its repair. by the age of 25 he had reached the San Francisco area, space suit lesser than it was when he first acquired it but still in tact.

    ​Powers up the pip-boy 3000

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    posted a message on ☢Fallout | Echoes of War - A Post Apocalyptic Roleplay Server☢
    OOC -
    IGN: coolboi360
    First Name: Ben
    Gender: Male
    Age: 15
    Skype (To Stay Updated, Pm's are also acceptable): ~Acquired~
    Have you read the rules: Yes
    Have you read the lore: Yes
    RP Expierence: Fallout, Post Apoc, Medieval, and Skyrim Rp Servers. Skyrim and Fallout 3 and NV
    Fallout Expierence: Fallout 3 and NV
    Define Meta Gaming: Using OOC Information IC, also using information the character is not supposed to or does not know IC
    Define Power Gaming: Acting upon a Person, Place, or Thing IC without being able to becuase it is unrealistic/impossible or illogical.

    IC -
    Name: ~Ranger~ Arius Anniston, Arius, Ranger Anniston, Ari
    Gender: Male
    Age: 27
    Height: 6'3
    Weight: 187
    Race: Human/ Wastlander
    Appearance: Arius Anniston looks as if he has traveled many endless miles and through many dirty patches in his path. To begin with his head, wearing an old used Pre-War Sahara Version Military helmet with cuts and patches that have been created over time. The helmet is surrounded by a black elastic rubber band which circles the entire helmet holding in the back re-loadable lighter and a pack of cigarettes with a small glass travelling bottle of water. The helmet itself is the color of a darkened sand along with most of his other clothing being made of some sort of died bighorner skin that has been layered. Below the helmet is the face of Arius Anniston, Rugged from travels and a shadowed growth of facial hair which grows back every dawn. His eyes, darkened from mutation but remaining a visable dark blue on only one eye. The Right eye is blind and no matter what can not be fixed, it is a recessive genetic disorder passed down in the family and has only been seen in his grandfather before. Moving down unto the body he wears an old Pre-War Military Travelers Coat over which is held open in the front to vision the died Bighorner skinned Shirt with a sowed in name tag peaking out at the left reading "A. An...". At the back of the coat is a belt which usefully sits to not hold the coat together but to keep Arius's personal knife in place. A knife forged in his home town by weapon makers with the resources of hard rubber handle melted and shaped over a hard/ rough melted and shaped metal which can be shaped and cleaned. the knife is meant to resemble a military commander knife but instead of using military grade resources it is made with the resources listed earlier. Moving down unto the pants, which are again, died and made the same as the shirt above, without much detail to them. Then to the bottom where old Black Traveller boots are worn and tied with old string which has no known origin. Without the clothing Arius is a built man, has various cuts and bruises from travels but most are healed (by the time reached Eureka). He is not a very hairy man but wherever hair can grow and be visible at first sight is medially grown. His look seems to be of late 30s but is actually at the young adult age of 27.
    -Weapons and Armor: Old fixed up Military clothing (Helmet and Coat) which is lost much value for being repaired with post war tools and resources, a small military travelers glass bottle which is intact with few scratches and cracks which do not affect water falling out. A reloadable Lighter created from cheap metal and shaped to look like Charles Darwin, it is a pre-war creation. A knife, a attempt replica of a military grade combat knife which is different in the matter of failed shaping and longer blade, but not by much( like 2 cm ). Died Bighorner skin Shirt and pants, layered onto 3 layers of somewhat thin Bighorner skin sheet. Travelling Boots with new laces. A small journal he carries around equipped with a few pens, the journal is half-way filled up.
    Occupation: Oathed in as a Ranger of the North ~Disbanded~ (But he doesn’t)
    Signifying Traits: Friendly, Protective, Observant, Adventurous, Rational, Directive
    Signifying Skills: Melee, Survivalist, Self-Management, Teamworking
    (40 points to distribute, maxes out on 10)
    Strength- 6
    Perception- 4
    Endurance- 6
    Charisma- 7
    Intelligence- 6
    Agility- 8
    Luck- 3

    RP example:
    *A boot strikes the head of Arius squeezing and uncomfortably moving into the skin around his skull*
    Arius: *urges the pain to retreat* Urghhh… *he squeals as he grabs for the leg of Lord Commander*
    Lord Commander: What did you do wrong? *Pushing the boot more forcefully into the skull*
    Arius: *grasping the leg tighter while struggling he manages to pull out a few words* Fighting a fellow Ranger… *weakens but regains his voice* Sir…
    Lord Commander: What in the Damn Raider Hell brought you to this Ranger? *Returns the pushing of the skull and steps back crossing his arms*
    Arius: *lays silent facing away from Lord Commander as he watches two Trainees training in the distance, he scrunches and acts refusing to the Lord Commander*
    Lord Commander: Well?! *Without patience he runs over to Arius and kicks him straight into the back where the spine is located and a cracking sound is heard*
    Arius: Arghh… Fuh… *Screams oozing in pain stopping himself before screaming a profanity, he breathes heavily to reduce the pain*
    Lord Commander: You stubborn little ­… *looks away in shame and unto a tent in the distance* Get yourself together and bring me ten stacks of wood, I want five at a time and I want them in 30 seconds! *turns his body away from the suffering Arius and walks away rubbing his head and face*
    Arius: *attempting to get up he is helped by a friend who come out from a corner*
    Friend: You really need to find your ways with Commander, next time I swear he’ll ­ing kill ya’ *said in a Canadian accent as he helps up Arius*
    Arius: I think he broke my spine… *rubs the back where his spine is located*
    Friend: you wouldn’t be up right now * steps back from the standing Arius and exams his form*
    Arius: *begins walking past his friend into the distance where the stacks are located, he stumbles on a limping leg*
    Friend: *sighs* get yourself together Ari!
    Arius: *quietly groans and continues limping towards the stacks* time’s up… * he says looking over at Lord Commander’s tent to find Lord Commander peering out and glaring at Arius*
    Childhood: Arius was born in the year 2258 on an evening drenching with the snow of a late December. With the snow patting the windows of his small Roadside town home he had exited the womb of his late mother Julianne Anniston. His father, Eric the Fixer, and the town Physician, Dr. Miles, stood helping the mother birth the child to be named Arius Anniston. Finally, the head had popped out and along with the rest of the body and with Dr. Miles’ assistance Arius was out into the open world. He was given to his mother who lay tearful and tired from birthing as his father watched kneeling at the bedside. “What shall we call him Eric?” She asked looking into the eyes that were passed from father to son, but the son only acquired one eye from the dad. “Blind…” Dr. Miles presumed to the couple holding the child, “Only one eye luckily, at least he can see the other half of the world” which was responded too with “the wrong half” by his father. Other than the one eye blind disorder Arius was a healthy child, surprisingly. Arius’ Father was not called Eric the Fixer because he fixed things, oh no, Eric the Fixer was a fixer of Fixer. Anyone looking for a good time, Eric could supply and for good price. Julianne did not know of this secret business run by Eric, ironically she was a town council member for Roadside, Montana. Arius would grow quick in his childhood, learning with toys and games and being introduced to a toy sword at an early age. He was obsessed with toy, carried it everywhere and even named it “Biwwy da’ Stick”. He learned language fairly young, and began to read not long after that. He excelled in charisma and would talk with anyone and anything that he could find interesting for a conversation. But the childhood of Arius wasn’t always the “child’s play” ironically. At the age of 6, Arius’ Father, Eric, was found dealing Fixer by the Rangers of the North. He was sentenced to exile from Roadside and with him his wife and riches discarded to The Bank of Roadside. The Bank held many interesting things, old relics, retrieved riches, and obviously caps. When Eric and Julianne were forcefully kicked out of Roadside his wife, Julianne, howling a beg of forgiveness. Arius, by the age of 6, had understood what had happened but still not why. With this mild knowledge of the situation he turned himself to a little rebel in Roadside, from charismatic talk of the day to mischievous no-good-doing rebel. Arius was put into the Rangers of the North school of training, there he would put out his hate for his parents and build his strength and agility until when he finally understood his father was a crook. After 7 years in the Rangers’ School Arius was finally ready to enter his teenage stages of life and by the age of 13 was one of the best fighters in his squad of brothers, Arius had given his oath as the youngest oath giver to no matter what, become a Ranger at the age of 19. The Rangers of the North, protectors of the North, Guardians of Roadside, Soldiers of the Force, and Brothers of the Waste were a name that Arius was taught to look up too. He placed the Rangers at a high trust in his life and would call the Rangers not only a brotherhood but a “lifestyle”. He trained till he fell and he worked till he reached his goals still somehow finding ways to be a little troublemaking rascal. The Rangers would shape the life of Arius and ultimately made him into the purest form of ranger, the Ranger once described in the Ranger Rulebook.
    Teenage: At the Age of 13 Arius had already developed a patriot lifestyle for the Rangers of the North and many new skills and friends. Charles Auburn, his closest friend and brother was always at the side of Arius. They did missions together and fulfilled most of the same things together, they were pretty much the same boy but with one difference. Charles was the son of Roadside’s head council member, the leader of Roadside, and Arius was an Orphan struggling with only one Seeing Eye. Charles knew that he wasn’t working as hard and well as Arius because he didn’t have a blind eye or was an orphan. As they grew older in their teenage years they became competitors, Arius would always come out successful in their similar missions. It was one boring night, Arius and Charles were assigned to go out together and acquire some plants for medicine. They had gone out into the darkness of the wasteland night searching for the 5 plants when finally at their 3rd hour got lost in the darkness of the night. Charles had blamed Arius pushing him and poking at his blind eye for being the downfall of the mission and everything that they did together, Arius was not someone to go over the limit with. Arius had taken out a knife that he carried everywhere he went, a knife forged by the famous weapon makers in Roadside to be a “replica” of a military commanders combat knife; he was ripped off with what he wanted but instead was still given quite the good weapon. Charles saw as Arius approached him with the knife, Charles knew that Arius was something special with his melee and Charles knew that he went over the border and even further on. Arius charged at Charles who dogged the running boy, Arius quickly turned back to Charles and began fast walking towards him. Arius had pure anger on his face, pure hate for his friend, but Charles was no more his friend. Anyone who passes the limit with Arius is not more his friend and with that Arius had attempted to strike Charles with a knife to the heart. Charles grabbed the hand of Arius trying to convince him to stop but the sweat from the head of Arius continued to grow. Arius pushed but Charles was stronger and threw Arius to the ground, Charles then wielded his smaller knife. Arius rose quickly, again rushing towards Charles but now he had went for a different side of the body into the neck. Arius forced the knife before all matter in his way cutting part of Charles’ hand and going deep into the neck. Blood began to slowly rush from the bottom of the insert where the knife still stood. Arius regained his sanity… he began to cry at the bottom of a dead tree as he looked onto the dead body pierced with the knife that was his friend. Arius returned to Roadside with Charles personal knife, every ranger had their personal custom knife as did Arius. To signify the death of a Ranger was blood smeared across the blade at the color red, from that day on Arius was hated by Lord Commander and the Head Council man who was Charles’ father. Arius knew he was a monster and would dream of the moment he pierced the neck of Charles for many years to come; he was not exiled but instead was suspended from Roadside for 6 months. Arius was 16, prepped for survival without much supplies and little idea of what to do he lived only 2 miles outside of the Rangers’ camp. For six months he perfected his survivalist skills and became quite the excellent hunter and gatherer. The blind eye had never stopped him, but only made him feared by wastelanders. At the end of his 6 month suspension he was returned into Roadside to new faces and new ideas. Men, Woman, and Children dressed in rags and colored faces and bodies roamed the cities trading and talking with the locals. Arius asked around for what had happened and was told that a new leader had taken Roadside and made a great profit with it, the profit was never known to Arius. Roadside was taken by a man who was once educated and then choose to live as a tribal for his experiment and would continue his life as so. He grew the tribe and expanded their knowledge of survival and power, eventually bringing together three tribes from the East along with his. The Rangers were not fond of this man, and when Arius had turned 19 and was finally an Official Ranger of the North, the Rangers had split off from the ruling force and city of Roadside taking some followers and of course its members and trainees. The Rangers set up outpost as a large camp in the middle of nowhere in the Montana waste, but prospered well.
    Young Adult Hood: Now that Arius Anniston was officially a sworn Ranger of the North he was able to go through with more dedicated, complicated, and interesting missions. He was given the purpose of the Rangers of the North, to rid the wastes of all evil and hate and create a new waste under the protection and defense of the great and wise Rangers of the North. He would go on missions like killing off raiders and exploring the further wastes. Since Arius was one of the most able rangers he was put for some of the hardest missions, sometimes even purposely by Lord Commander who hated Arius to the thick of his bone. Arius was 26; he had ventured through many missions and discovered many things. He was said to be the Next Lord Commander of the Rangers of the North, but his behavior had always put him bellow his ability. It was one day, he had angered Lord Commander to the point where Lord Commander could not stand to listen and see Arius anymore. He was angered to the point were at every sight of Arius he would beat and bruise him hoping that his breathing would stop. Lord Commander Assigned Arius the “Making Mission”, as they called it. He assigned Arius to go South East to discover new lands and bring back information of that land, for much was heard by travellers heading north. Arius, being the most patriotic to the “Making Mission” and to the Rangers of the North he had proudly accepted, put on his Ranger gear armor and his helmet strap to hold supplies. He made a safe place for his personal knife, his symbol of being a Ranger. Gathered the food, the courage, and the want, said his farewells and was on his way.
    Year of Hardship: Arius ventured one year until the age of 27 to reach Eureka, the town of Dust and Demons. His travels consisted of gathering information and writing them in his little journal and learning of new ideas and factions that lived in the South East of the Ranger Base. He travelled hard, some days without food and some without water. Pulling through the hardships he also had gain, he showed people the ways of the Ranger of the North but only is someone asked and those people would travel North West to the Rangers’ Base. By the ¾ point between the Rangers and Eureka the Rangers were attacked by the man controlling Roadside and his little army. The Rangers had horribly lost, resulting in the disbanding of the Rangers and “The end of something great” the dying Lord Commander exclaimed to his slayer as the camp burned. Arius would never learn of the disbanding and would continue his mission as told, a clueless man but what remains of “something great”. Arius had crossed his last mountain and in the distance saw a city in the far. He grabbed his water bottle from the back of his helmet and began drinking as he looked into the distance. Sitting in the grass plain looking into his future he could smell water; Lord Commander said that when reaching a large body of water he could finally come home. But before him stood something that gave him a tingling feeling, something big was here. He placed the bottle back into the place it was before and stood up; he sniffed the air and looked up to the blazing sun, looked down to the city in the distance and began to walk…
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