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    posted a message on [1.5.2][Forge][ModLoader][SSP+SMP] Davidee's Updated 1.5.2 Mods! ~AutoJoin, Painting GUI, Note GUI,Toggle Sneak/Sprint~
    There is not enough room to see the options for the toggle sneak. Anyway to make a second page?
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    posted a message on Looking For People To Test My Mod
    IGN: ForgedTrinity
    Will You Leave Feedback: YEP
    Will You Report Any bugs: Sure thing
    Have You Used Any Mods Before: Lots. Developing my own right now
    Will You Keep This A Secret: Sure thing buddy
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    posted a message on [Question] Particle spawning
    Quote from quonk

    The most simple effect (constant sparkling) you get by putting simply this method into the class for your block:
    public void randomDisplayTick(World world, int i, int j, int k, Random random) {
    world.spawnParticle("reddust", i, j, k, 0.0D, 0.0D, 0.0D);

    The coordinates are world coordinates. To move the sparkling from the lower corner to the middle of the top face of the block use

    world.spawnParticle("reddust", i+0.5, j+1, k+0.5, 0.0D, 0.0D, 0.0D);

    If you want the effect to start when you walk over your block then your class must implement the method onEntityWalking(). See the class BlockRedstoneOre for an example. For that class, there are two fields in class Block, both of which get assigned a BlockRedstoneOre, but the field "glowing" is initialised to either true or false. So one of these represents a dark redstone ore block and the other an active one. The methods glow() and updateTick() switch between these two.

    P.S. Differently to what someone else proposed, I wouldn't add a field "world" to your class but simply use the parameter "world" that the methods onEntityWalking, updateTick() and so on have.

    I used that code and got my block to have the particle! What would i need to make it use that particle all over the block?
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    posted a message on How do i add redstone particle effects to a custom block?
    I want to add the particle effects of redstone to the new block i made, and have it stay on until the block is broken. How would i make this happen?
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    Come check out this awesome pvp factions server! If you love hardcore pvp or factions, this is the server for you!

    The IP is as follows:

    or if you want a pvp kit server go to:
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    posted a message on HuckCraft [HardcorePVP] [Factions] [MCMMO] [ICONOMY][24/7]
    can u also possibley make Cocacoleuh member? We know hghoir.
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