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    Strange how for all that time you spent at a library, you still can't spell.
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    Epic. I think I'll post how I used this to improve my house!
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    Quote from Sidis

    In Creative, I always try to give them glowstone, but they never want to pick it up. They always want to pick up dirt instead. I keep trying to give them the glowstone, but eventually they just get mad and start teleporting everywhere, but won't attack me. I guess they just don't like glowstone. And here I thought it would be a nice gift.

    :ohmy.gif: That's just crazy! So crazy it's worth an insanity wolf!...

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    Okay, I just came up with this really awesome idea for a way to totally revamp how bow and arrows could work!

    We start with the quiver, which is made by...
    :Notch: :: :Notch:
    :Notch: :: :Notch:
    :Notch: :Notch: :Notch:
    (Where :Notch: = leather)

    Now, the quiver is placed in a new armor spot, your back. (Capes could also be put on your back to show off.)

    Once you have a quiver on your back you can place arrows in it. Now why do this? Well, because you could have multiple types of arrows, each made by replacing the flint with something else while crafting, such as fire arrows (sets bitches on fiyah!) diamond arrows (instant kill,) and wait for it... Okay here it is, ENDER-ARROWS!!! To make it, put an ender pearl on a stick and feather. Shooting it will TELEPORT YOU!!!

    What do you guys think?
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