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I am a new programer, on my way to learning the advanced stuff.

One project I made in my C++ class was a two player ticktacktoe console game; but I over did it and put in an AI, which was not smart and based it's moves on the time of day and the available spots on the board.

I have recently started a project on a game called SecondLife, a HUD system that will be used to replace all the rest; easy to manage and customizable, I have drawn allot of inspiration from Minecraft. I say this because even though it's not a Minecraft wanna-be, you can change it's skin and it is modular, being that you can add and remove parts of the hud so that you have only what you want to have.

I hope to learn HTTP, PHP, more C++ and C#, and I may even dive into Java so I can start making mods for minecraft.

You might be wondering "What kind of mods would I make?", well the only mod I have on my mind to make right now is a mod that adds a scroll bar to the controls page; Why? because I am using Smart moving, and Equivalent exchange and I can't edit all the key bindings!!!

But if anyone see this and decides to make it, then that would be alright, just dont forget who suggested it!

Oh and by the way, that is some nice sssstuf you've got there, mind if I help you'sssss with it?
Interests Minecraft duh :P I may get into deeper programing, I know the basics of C++ and C# but I think I might learn the advanced stuff, and some java and HTTP and HTTPS and all that stuff. I am also a scripter in a game called SecondLife, but I stopped playing cause I can't stay away from minecraft.

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