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    posted a message on Your biggest noob mistake?

    Digging straight down.

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    posted a message on The Problem With Elytra

    I think the fireworks are broken just a bit. Someday I should try and stick Duct tape some small rockets (Which barely lift themselves) onto leather wings and fly straight up without stalling. Probably won't work too well will result in death. I think the fireworks should give boost but you would still lose altitude at a pitch of like 70 degrees or more. Also no flying underwater. Water is a much more dense fluid than air and so at that speed you would be ripped apart or something.

    The wings wouldn't survive.

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    posted a message on I want to see an airplane in Minecraft...maybe?

    I am thinking a simple aircraft design that could be progressed as you advanced in the world.

    As an early level (Just starting to find diamond) you could construct a Cessna-type plane using mainly iron, powered by gunpowder (Only good explosive substance), or they could add oil.

    When you are in the Nether but not yet past the End, there would be the ability to make a jet. This would require a lot of fuel however, and would use Blaze powder. It would require a lot of iron ( I would say half a stack of iron blocks at least worth of it).

    Then, there would be the final endgame project, which would require at least a stack of diamond and many stacks of iron, as well as a Nether Star, would allow you to travel hundreds of blocks a second and would be good for the End, if you could find a suitable runway. (Any flat area 100 blocks long about would do. It wouldn't be realistic.)

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    posted a message on What Do You Want Me To Build?

    Here is my build idea.

    Construct a 1:1 scale (or close) Boeing 747 and Airbus A380.

    For reference:

    Boeing 747

    Image result for boeing 747

    Airbus A380

    Image result for a380

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    posted a message on Navigating The End's outer islands

    Exploring the outer End is difficult or time consuming. And sometimes both. Especially if you are lagging, in which you place a block and it disappears right away, dropping you down. Thanks, potato host. I've seen some flying machine designs before, but getting down can be a pain, and the resources may be hard to get back. Plus the machine may stop with you far over the void and a city in the distance, in which you better hope you brought enough blocks. Building is probably the safest way until you get elytra and fireworks.

    Also, Why is "Elytra" counting as a typo on a minecraft forum?

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    posted a message on How to automate this farm ? :D

    A simple method I have seen before is to place pistons above the farm, "crushing" the pumpkins/melons. Then use hopper minecarts under to get the sweet loot! On a Survival server this worked to get me stacks of pumpkins, using farms like that. This was 1.9 though when I did that.

    This layout would allow you to modify the existing farm, rather than making a new one, and I am remembering something, about using slabs, but I don't exactly remember perfectly. I hope this works, but if it doesn't, sorry in advance.

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    posted a message on Go home Minecraft, you're drunk.

    Updates. The mushrooms do look drunk though...(That's a science experiment, what will happen if you water a plant with alcohol? Will it make Molotov Flowers?). The mushrooms make a good base for towers, especially if they spawn on top of a hill.

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    posted a message on Small relaxed private server 7 days old looking for members!

    IGN: ForceWarrior

    Age: 13

    I like to build things and gather resources and make public stuff usually. I have built several public farms on other servers.

    I also like to build big things...with...stone brick...vines...spider spawners...and daylight sensors...very long and winding big things...with a grassy area in the middle..

    Welcome to the Glade.

    I'm new to forums bcecause I never bothered to make an account until I saw this post.

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