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    Have you ever wanted to control Minecraft with the new Leap Motion Controller? Now you can!
    After receiving my Leap, I thought to myself, "Why can't I control Minecraft with this?"... because no feasible method existed to do so, of course. Leapcraft aims to correct that, and actually allow you to control Minecraft with the Leap.

    NOTE: If the name isn't evident enough, this mod requires the Leap Motion Controller to operate.

    Planet Minecraft post: http://www.planetminecraft.com/mod/leapcraft---leap-motion-controller-support-for-minecraft/

    • Use one finger above the Leap to look around. Multiple fingers are supported, but may be buggy.
    • Make a very slight downwards motion with the tip of your finger to place the block currently in your hand.
    • Move your finger forward into the "touch zone" to break blocks/attack entities.
    • Ideally, you should be using the left hand on your movement keys and the right hand to look around/place/break/attack (or vice versa if you normally use the left hand for movement keys).
    Installation Instructions
    1. Download Leapcraft.
    2. Read the READ_ME_FIRST.txt.
    3. Add everything from the ADD-TO-.MINECRAFT-FOLDER to your .minecraft folder.
    4. Navigate to your .minecraft folder. Find the versions folder.
    5. Copy the 1.6.2.jar from the .minecraft/versions/1.6.2 folder to the .minecraft/versions/Leap-1.6.2 folder. Make sure the jar is named "Leap-1.6.2.jar".
    6. Open Leap-1.6.2.jar with your favorite archiving program.
    7. Delete META-INF!
    8. Drag everything from inside the ADD-TO-LEAP-1.6.2.jar folder in the Leapcraft ZIP into the Leap-1.6.2.jar.
    9. Create a new profile in Minecraft, using the version "release Leap-1.6.2".
    10. You're done!
    Known Bugs
    • Sometimes while placing a block, your view will appear to move up and down rapidly. Workaround: Make a smaller motion with your finger.
    • Sometimes, your finger's position is incorrect compared to where you are looking. Workaround: Press ESC (to access the in-game menu), move your finger to where you would like it to be, then resume the game.
    • Attacking entities is buggy. This will be fixed in a future release.
    Planned Features
    • Virtual mouse cursor to completely eliminate the need for a mouse.
    • More realistic gestures.
    This mod is still in beta, and I'll be updating it to add more features and fix bugs quite often.

    Mod Compatibility
    Known working with:
    • OptiFine
    Not tested:

    Not working:
    • Forge - compatibility is coming very soon (as in, the next update.. that kind of very soon).
    Leapcraft 1.6.2-A1 for Minecraft 1.6.2
    Download: Mega

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    posted a message on [1.0.0] Glazz - the Minecraft Client Mod API
    (I'll get a better logo... eventually.)

    What is Glazz?
    Glazz is a mod API for the Minecraft client. It's similar to Bukkit in many ways, so if you're familiar with Bukkit, just think of it as Bukkit for the clientside. I'm creating this out of a lack of a good modding API (ModLoader allows loading mods, sure, but it doesn't implement an entire API, and mods can cause conflicts very easily if they both modify the same file).

    So what does Glazz let me do?
    Glazz lets you create almost any plugin you can imagine - a world editing plugin, a HUD plugin, singleplayer mods, and almost everything else.

    What parts are there to the Glazz project?
    The Glazz project contains of two seperate parts.

    Glazz is the API itself, and is what you will reference to create a plugin.
    CraftGlazz is the modded Minecraft client, which is able to run Glazz plugins.

    Why not just use Spoutcraft?
    Spoutcraft, from my understanding, requires a connection to a multiplayer server to use mods. CraftGlazz does not.

    Okay, okay! Fine! CraftGlazz is still a development build, so it may be unstable (and it's certainly not even close to feature-complete at this point), but you can download it from Jenkins!

    Jenkins: http://ci.forairan.com/view/Glazz/
    Direct link to latest development build: http://ci.forairan.com/view/Glazz/job/CraftGlazz/lastSuccessfulBuild/artifact/target/craftglazz-dev-SNAPSHOT.jar

    How do I install it?
    First, ensure that you have a clean minecraft.jar file (by using the "Force Update" option in the launcher).
    Open your minecraft.jar and the craftglazz-dev-SNAPSHOT.jar and place them side-by-side.
    Delete META-INF from minecraft.jar.
    Drag the contents of craftglazz-dev-SNAPSHOT.jar into minecraft.jar (including META-INF).
    Congratulations, CraftGlazz is now installed!

    What does it do?
    CraftGlazz just allows you to run plugins (which can be put in your .minecraft/plugins directory). It also includes a built-in console - press ~ (tilde) ingame to use it.

    I want to code plugins for Glazz. How do I do so?
    First, go learn about coding Bukkit plugins if you don't already know how, as coding Glazz plugins is extremely similar.

    Next, to code a Glazz plugin, simply reference the Glazz (not CraftGlazz!) JAR file in your project. Have your plugin's main class extend "Plugin" instead of "JavaPlugin". Be sure to have a plugin.yml, and you're set!

    I found a bug! What do I do?
    Report it on our JIRA instance at https://craftglazz.atlassian.net/.
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    posted a message on [TOOL] OptiFinity - Improve your framerate!
    OptiFinity is a little tool I've made to improve the framerate of those of you who have at least a dual-core CPU (i.e. mostly everyone).
    NMGReiniciar (no me gusta reiniciar = I don't like to reboot) is a tool I've made to undo the changes made by OptiFinity without rebooting.


    Q. What is the purpose of OptiFinity?
    A. To speed up world updates.

    Q. How does this tool accomplish that?
    A. It sets the affinity of every process on the system that it can to CPU #1, then sets Minecraft to CPU #2. This essentially dedicates an entire CPU core to Minecraft, speeding up world updates and thus improving your framerate.

    Q. What does this "NMGReiniciar" do?
    A. If you run NMGReiniciar.exe, it undoes the changes made by OptiFinity.

    Q. Is this tool dangerous?
    A. No - all changes made can be undone by either (a) a reboot or (:cool.gif: using NMGReiniciar.

    Q. Will this work with tri-core, quad-core, etc. CPUs?
    A. Yes! It will utilize every core in the system as of r2. It will set the affinity of all non-Java processes to all except the last CPU, and the affinity of all Java processes to only the last CPU.

    Q. This isn't making my Minecraft any faster!
    A. This fix only works if the CPU is racing to keep up with the GPU. It works in some cases, but not all. Thanks for trying it anyways.

    VirusTotal Results
    Click here to view.
    Not sure why it's detected 2/44 by antiviruses I haven't even heard of before. It might be due to the code that changes process affinity (which is the main point of OptiFinity).

    Official Download (from Pwnage.me)
    Official Download (from Pwnage.me)

    1. Start Minecraft.
    2. Run OptiFinity.exe as included in the zip file (if you're on Windows Vista or 7, you may want to consider running it as administrator).
    3. Enjoy! :smile.gif:
    You will need to rerun the fix every time you start Minecraft.
    To undo the changes, simply reboot your computer.


    • OptiFinity now takes advantage of all CPUs in the system - it will set the affinity of all non-Java processes to all except the last CPU, and the affinity of all Java processes to only the last CPU.
    • First release.
    • First release.
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