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    I'll be working on a Mac/Linux version soon (will probably start work on it tommorrow). I'll need to be able to access someone's Mac to test it, however, as I don't have one of my own.
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    posted a message on [TOOL] OptiFinity - Improve your framerate!
    Sure can.
    Pretty sure the only reason it's detected by 2/44 is the code that changes process affinity (which obviously is the main point of this program).
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    posted a message on [TOOL] OptiFinity - Improve your framerate!
    Update: This does actually seem to be working better than I expected. Gave it to a few of my friends, and they reported FPS increases of between 20-30 FPS. I usually get 10-15 FPS on Minecraft (yeah, my computer sucks), but with this tool, I'm averaging 30-50 :smile.gif:
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    posted a message on [TOOL] OptiFinity - Improve your framerate!
    OptiFinity is a little tool I've made to improve the framerate of those of you who have at least a dual-core CPU (i.e. mostly everyone).
    NMGReiniciar (no me gusta reiniciar = I don't like to reboot) is a tool I've made to undo the changes made by OptiFinity without rebooting.


    Q. What is the purpose of OptiFinity?
    A. To speed up world updates.

    Q. How does this tool accomplish that?
    A. It sets the affinity of every process on the system that it can to CPU #1, then sets Minecraft to CPU #2. This essentially dedicates an entire CPU core to Minecraft, speeding up world updates and thus improving your framerate.

    Q. What does this "NMGReiniciar" do?
    A. If you run NMGReiniciar.exe, it undoes the changes made by OptiFinity.

    Q. Is this tool dangerous?
    A. No - all changes made can be undone by either (a) a reboot or (:cool.gif: using NMGReiniciar.

    Q. Will this work with tri-core, quad-core, etc. CPUs?
    A. Yes! It will utilize every core in the system as of r2. It will set the affinity of all non-Java processes to all except the last CPU, and the affinity of all Java processes to only the last CPU.

    Q. This isn't making my Minecraft any faster!
    A. This fix only works if the CPU is racing to keep up with the GPU. It works in some cases, but not all. Thanks for trying it anyways.

    VirusTotal Results
    Click here to view.
    Not sure why it's detected 2/44 by antiviruses I haven't even heard of before. It might be due to the code that changes process affinity (which is the main point of OptiFinity).

    Official Download (from Pwnage.me)
    Official Download (from Pwnage.me)

    1. Start Minecraft.
    2. Run OptiFinity.exe as included in the zip file (if you're on Windows Vista or 7, you may want to consider running it as administrator).
    3. Enjoy! :smile.gif:
    You will need to rerun the fix every time you start Minecraft.
    To undo the changes, simply reboot your computer.


    • OptiFinity now takes advantage of all CPUs in the system - it will set the affinity of all non-Java processes to all except the last CPU, and the affinity of all Java processes to only the last CPU.
    • First release.
    • First release.
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    posted a message on [Request] Some sort of Free Camera
    Use VanishNoPacket with Bukkit. (btw, it uses Bukkit permissions - found that out the hard way when my mods weren't able to use it :wink.gif:)
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    posted a message on I make minecraft.jar files
    Not allowed to do this - it violates the Minecraft ToS.

    Do not distribute anything we've made. This includes, but not limited to, the client or the server software for the game. This also includes modified versions of anything we've made.
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    posted a message on [1.7.2] Nizzy Survival [24/7][anticheat][antigrief][friendlyStaff][20slots]
    Nizzy isn't exactly a new server, but we're looking for players!

    Rules: http://yzz.in/go/tos
    Donate: http://yzz.in/go/donate
    Play! play.yzz.in:25565
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    posted a message on nizzy survival - 24/7 - NEW! - NoCheat/NoGrief - LWC - MobArena - Bukkit
    nizzy - a new survival server to the Minecraft world! Come join for endless hours of fun, meet new people, and battle to the death in MobArena! We have nice admins that are willing to help you with any Minecraft-related problem, whether it be crafting or anything else!

    No griefing, no stealing, no racism.
    Profanity is allowed, but not in excess.
    The Admins get the final decision in any matter.

    FckYoMudkipz (owner)
    InsomniaGod (admin)

    MobArena - fight mobs to the death for prizes! Use /ma j to join the arena. Click a sign, then click the iron block when you're ready. Use /ma l to leave the arena. Use /ma spec to spectate an ongoing match.
    MyHome - set your home! Use /home set to set your home at your current location, /home to go home, and /home invite to invite someone to your home.
    LWC - chest/door/furnace protection - use /cprivate (name1) (name2) (name...) (nameN) to create a protection!
    BigBrother - grief logging and rollback - if anything of yours was griefed, contact an admin and we'll sort it out right away.

    Connect to play.yzz.in and join in the fun today!
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    posted a message on [1.3_0] [WIP] MCWebLauncher - handler for minecraft:// URLs!
    Beta 3's out, with plenty of new features. :SSSS:
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    posted a message on [1.3_0] [WIP] MCWebLauncher - handler for minecraft:// URLs!
    For those who haven't noticed:
      [*:1ovj45fb]I've released the source code as well as a video on how to compile it yourself for paranoid people out there.
      [*:1ovj45fb]I've released a video demo if you didn't understand the main post.
      [*:1ovj45fb]I've released Beta 2 with a few fixes.
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    posted a message on [1.3_0] [WIP] MCWebLauncher - handler for minecraft:// URLs!
    Quote from Shay »
    I understand in your post that you claim that the information entered is not passed anywhere except straight to the launcher, but I have my doubts.

    I've seen way to many programs and "mods" for other games that supposedly pass along information to the game launcher, but in fact just harvest the information.

    Now, don't get me wrong... I think this is really awesome, and an innovative way to pass along and quickly connect to servers (I'm thinking like the irc:// and steam:// protocols). Unfortunately, I don't thing the server I am on, nor myself personally will use this, unless it's officially endorsed or implemented by the creators of minecraft, for my own personal account safety.

    Good on you though, for trying to be innovative. -thumbs up-

    I could just release the source code if that'd be proof enough (doesn't mean I'd stop maintaining it).
    It's created in AutoIt 3, so anyone could easily download and compile it themselves if they don't trust the official version :smile.gif:

    Even so, people could monitor the packets sent/received by MCWL if they wanted, possibly by entering a fake username/password and using something like Wireshark. MCWL.exe itself sends no packets - MCWLInst.exe only communicates to download the required files.

    I was already thinking about this when I started creating it, so I placed the "Privacy Policy" button in a very prominent position. The Privacy Policy says:
    Your password is never stored without permission.
    We will only store your password if you tick
    the "Save Password" box (not yet implemented).
    Your credentials are only sent to the Minecraft
    login servers. Nobody else.
    Don't believe me? Monitor this program's TCP/IP
    Why? This program is simply a wrapper for the
    Minecraft Launcher to enable joining servers
    directly via the minecraft:// URL scheme.

    EDIT: I've released the source code in the main post with a small license.
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    posted a message on [1.3_0] [WIP] MCWebLauncher - handler for minecraft:// URLs!
    Pay very close attention in this post to text in bold type!

    I've been working a while on this, and it's finally here! :Notch:
    MCWebLauncher is a protocol handler for the minecraft:// URL scheme.
    As a few (or many) of you might have noticed, you can now have the new Minecraft Launcher connect directly to a server upon login. This is where MCWebLauncher comes in.
    Say that a server owner at example.com wants a way to let users directly connect to their server. If their server name is mc.example.com, they can put a link on their website pointing to minecraft://mc.example.com/, and people with MCWebLauncher who click on the link will be presented with a login window, as follows:

    Once the user has entered their credentials (which aren't sent anywhere, by the way - they're just passed to the official Launcher) and clicks the "Log In and Join" button, provided they've entered the correct username and password, they will be connected to the server.
    If you don't understand, download MCWebLauncher and click this link:
    (note: didn't mean to advertise, but I had to use some server to make a valid URL as an example!)
    If you're using one of the supported browsers, it should (after a few prompts) bring up the MCWebLauncher window.

    Demo videos:
    MCWebLauncher demo (Watch in HD!):

    How to compile MCWebLauncher yourself (Watch in HD!):

    Download (Beta 3.1):
    The MCWLInst.exe file requires administrative privileges to install MCWebLauncher on Vista/7 (as it needs to add the URL handler to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT and put a few files in %ProgramFiles%\MCWebLauncher). Some antivirus programs may also incorrectly say that it's unsafe due to the UPX-packed files inside - make sure you run it outside of their "sandbox" or it won't work!

    Works with:
      [*:tjmvk8mo]Internet Explorer
      [*:tjmvk8mo]Mozilla Firefox
      [*:tjmvk8mo]Google Chrome
    I haven't tested it with Firefox.
    Also, it may work with Opera and Safari too, but I haven't tested this.

    GitHub page: https://github.com/forairan/MCWebLauncher
    Source code (latest version):
    MCWebLauncher was created in AutoIt 3.
    Stable download (Beta 3.1): https://github.com/forairan/MCWebLauncher/zipball/1.0b3.1
    Unstable download: https://github.com/forairan/MCWebLauncher/zipball/master
    Use of this source code is bound under the FRSL 1.0 and all future versions:
    The Forairan Productions Restricted Software License (FRSL)
    Version 1.0
    Last updated: March 6, 2011

    Please do not redistribute any of my work or modifications of my work
    without asking me first. Thanks.
    That is all. :smile.gif:

    IRC channel: irc.esper.net #mcweblauncher

    2011-03-06 (Beta 3.1):
      [*:tjmvk8mo]Please run the MCWL uninstaller (MCWLUninst.exe) before installing this release!
      [*:tjmvk8mo]Removed ResetOptions.exe, as the Options panel can now be accessed by running MCWL.exe.
      [*:tjmvk8mo]Put the source code on GitHub - if you're feeling adventurous, go ahead and download the latest source and compile it! (Note: the source code on GitHub may be unstable or even completely broken. User beware!)
    2011-03-06 (Beta 3):
      [*:tjmvk8mo]Some antivirus programs may mistake the MCWLInst.exe file that will be coming with Beta 3 as an "unsafe program" (Avast did for me, which confused me at first). The only reason they will say this is because the ResetOptions.exe and MCWLUninst.exe files are included within MCWLInst.exe using AutoIt's FileInstall().
      [*:tjmvk8mo]Added the ability to save your username/password. Username saving is enabled by default, password saving isn't. Once again, your password still isn't sent anywhere but to the official Minecraft authentication servers - when you have the "Remember Password" option ticked, it will be saved locally IN PLAIN TEXT (therefore, don't use that option on a shared computer!)
      [*:tjmvk8mo]If you have both "Remember Username" and "Remember Password" enabled, you can also choose to bypass the MCWL user interface entirely when clicking a minecraft:// link and directly connect to a server. You cannot turn this off without resetting your MCWL options using the ResetOptions.exe file that is now installed along with MCWL.
      [*:tjmvk8mo]The new ResetOptions.exe file (as well as a MCWL uninstaller!) can be found in %ProgramFiles%\MCWebLauncher (%ProgramFiles(x86)%\MCWebLauncher if you're on a 64-bit OS).
      [*:tjmvk8mo]The uninstaller does not yet remove the URL protocol - this will be fixed in a future release (however, it is low priority, as it does not seem to effect the system if the URL protocol handler file is missing).
      [*:tjmvk8mo]Made the UI more compact.
      [*:tjmvk8mo]Please redownload MCWLInst.exe to install this release!

    2011-03-06 (Beta 2.1):
    Only change was in the source code - you do not need to redownload MCWL.
      [*:tjmvk8mo]Removed old MCWL.au3 that I used in the testing phases.
    2011-03-06 (Beta 2):
      [*:tjmvk8mo]Added "Homebrew Mode" to the installer. When activated, it will not try to download MCWL.exe from my site.
      [*:tjmvk8mo]Added an about box to MCWL.
      [*:tjmvk8mo]Fixed a few problems with the window caption buttons.

    2011-03-06 (Beta 1):
      [*:tjmvk8mo]Initial release.

    Enjoy, and reply with any feedback/issues :smile.gif:
    (This post may not make sense and there might be quite a few issues with MCWL, but from the little testing I've done, it works perfectly. It's 12:39 AM here at the time of this post :tnt: )
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    posted a message on [MOD] Enable Spawner Mining
    Quote from Travus »
    And why not get ms gui? An other thing is that I have ''harvested'' a mod spawner with a diamand pickaxe and picked it up. I gat it in my inventort. Is that normanl or because ms gui?

    Refer to my previous post.
    This mod allows the mining/harvesting of mob spawners. That's the main reason I made it.
    If ALL you want is to be able to mine mob spawners (without installing ms gui and modloader), that's why this mod was made.
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    posted a message on [MOD] Enable Spawner Mining
    Actually, the reason I made this mod is if anyone wants a mob spawner to be dropped when mined without Mob Spawner GUI.
    Also, it's self explanatory what it does...
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    posted a message on [MOD] Enable Spawner Mining
    This is my first publicly-released mod.

    Works with:
    Client: Minecraft Beta 1.3_01
    Server: Coming soon!
    Enable Spawner Mining 1.0 (for Minecraft Beta 1.3_01)
    mod created by Forairan
    Q. I get a black screen after the Mojang logo. What's going on here?
    A. Be sure you've deleted the META-INF folder from minecraft.jar.
    Q. It's not working/Minecraft crashes/etc!
    A. I compiled this version of the mod with a 64-bit JDK. If you're on
       a 32-bit OS and it's crashing, please tell me so I can recompile
       the mod with a 32-bit JDK.
    Q. What's the purpose of this mod anyways?
       There's several mods out there to enable spawner mining!
    A. The mods I found did more than just enabling spawner mining,
       so I made this mod to JUST enable spawner mining - that's it.
       No extra stuff.
    How to install:
          1. Go to %AppData%\.minecraft\bin and back up minecraft.jar.
          2. Open minecraft.jar with your favorite archiver, such as
             WinRAR or 7-Zip.
          3. Delete the META-INF folder.
          4. Drag-and-drop the cd.class file into the jar.
          5. Enjoy Minecraft!
          I myself am not sure how to install mods on Mac (I don't even
          have a Mac), but there's probably guides out there on how to do it.
    Enjoy. :biggrin.gif:

    Client: http://mirror.forairan.com/EnableSpawnerMining_1.0.zip
    Server: Coming soon!
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