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    (I'll get a better logo... eventually.)

    What is Glazz?
    Glazz is a mod API for the Minecraft client. It's similar to Bukkit in many ways, so if you're familiar with Bukkit, just think of it as Bukkit for the clientside. I'm creating this out of a lack of a good modding API (ModLoader allows loading mods, sure, but it doesn't implement an entire API, and mods can cause conflicts very easily if they both modify the same file).

    So what does Glazz let me do?
    Glazz lets you create almost any plugin you can imagine - a world editing plugin, a HUD plugin, singleplayer mods, and almost everything else.

    What parts are there to the Glazz project?
    The Glazz project contains of two seperate parts.

    Glazz is the API itself, and is what you will reference to create a plugin.
    CraftGlazz is the modded Minecraft client, which is able to run Glazz plugins.

    Why not just use Spoutcraft?
    Spoutcraft, from my understanding, requires a connection to a multiplayer server to use mods. CraftGlazz does not.

    Okay, okay! Fine! CraftGlazz is still a development build, so it may be unstable (and it's certainly not even close to feature-complete at this point), but you can download it from Jenkins!

    Jenkins: http://ci.forairan.com/view/Glazz/
    Direct link to latest development build: http://ci.forairan.com/view/Glazz/job/CraftGlazz/lastSuccessfulBuild/artifact/target/craftglazz-dev-SNAPSHOT.jar

    How do I install it?
    First, ensure that you have a clean minecraft.jar file (by using the "Force Update" option in the launcher).
    Open your minecraft.jar and the craftglazz-dev-SNAPSHOT.jar and place them side-by-side.
    Delete META-INF from minecraft.jar.
    Drag the contents of craftglazz-dev-SNAPSHOT.jar into minecraft.jar (including META-INF).
    Congratulations, CraftGlazz is now installed!

    What does it do?
    CraftGlazz just allows you to run plugins (which can be put in your .minecraft/plugins directory). It also includes a built-in console - press ~ (tilde) ingame to use it.

    I want to code plugins for Glazz. How do I do so?
    First, go learn about coding Bukkit plugins if you don't already know how, as coding Glazz plugins is extremely similar.

    Next, to code a Glazz plugin, simply reference the Glazz (not CraftGlazz!) JAR file in your project. Have your plugin's main class extend "Plugin" instead of "JavaPlugin". Be sure to have a plugin.yml, and you're set!

    I found a bug! What do I do?
    Report it on our JIRA instance at https://craftglazz.atlassian.net/.
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    No, no, no! Do not use the Permissions plugin!
    Use PermissionsBukkit and this code instead:

    if (player.hasPermission("yourplugin.somepermission")) {
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    Be sure that you're running the latest CraftBukkit RB (#1337) and update your plugins.
    RB #1317 has known issues with plugin disabling.
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    Reliant Gaming Solutions is a company dedicated to its customers, willing to offer the best experience for the best price!

    • $0.89 USD per slot ($10 minimum price)
    • 100mbit guaranteed (1Gbit burstable) connection
    • We don't oversell
    • Based on slots, not RAM (will increase RAM if lagging with light plugins on slot amount - can purchase optional RAM increase if not)

    Node 1 (Roubaix, France):
    • Intel i5 @ 2.8GHz (quad core)
    • 16GB RAM
    • 100mbit guaranteed (1Gbit burstable)
    Maximum RAM reserved for Minecraft servers: 12GB

    If you are interested in a server, please list the number of slots you'd like. It will take us a few days to get set up - we'll contact you when we're ready. Trial servers will be available.
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    Solarcraft Survival is a lag-free, beautifully designed roleplay server for everyone. Come check us out!

    • allurbase
    • Forairan
    • ZoshiDG
    • adelvecchio

    Give us 10 minutes of your time, and we'll give you an amazing lag-free experience on an amazing server!
    We're hosted on a 1Gbit connection on an awesome server (i5 @ 2.8GHz), so no, we're not lagging.

    Please read ALL the rules at http://www.solarcraft.me/go/rules.
    If you want to donate to help support our server and keep us running, visit http://www.solarcraft.me/donate - we have plenty of perks for donations! Donor abilities are delivered instantly after payment by our custom donation system! We support PayPal for donations.
    Register on our forums at http://www.solarcraft.me.

    Join our TeamSpeak 3 server at solarcraft.me - port 9987!
    We also do Minecraft server hosting - inquire about our prices to any of the owners today.
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    posted a message on Solarcraft Anarchy - Lag free - 16GB RAM - 1Gbit connection
    Anarchy is a server where you can do whatever. Griefing, raiding, blowing up stuff - anything goes!

    Have you ever wanted to just be able to grief someone's hard work? Steal all their items, make them break down and cry, all without consequences? Anarchy is the server for you!
    Have you ever gotten bored of grief protection? Do you like to live life on the edge, always at risk of your creations being destroyed? Anarchy is the server for you!

    Rules: see http://www.solarcraft.me/go/rules.
    Information about donator privileges and how to donate: see http://www.solarcraft.me/donate/.
    If you decide to donate, you will receive donor privileges instantly after donating.

    • Forairan
    • allurbase

    We're hosted with an amazing dedicated server provider on an amazing server, so no, we're not lagging.
    We manage our own server.

    Join our community! http://www.solarcraft.me

    Griefing is allowed on this server.
    If you don't like griefing, stick around - our grief-protected Survival server will be opening soon! :smile.gif:
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    Spawn pos: 156x, 64y, 256z

    Spawns you near a NPC village with an aboveground zombie dungeon (covered with sand) within 50 blocks of the village.
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    It depends - is your lag caused by a bad CPU or a bad GPU?
    In my case, both my CPU and GPU suck, but my CPU is worse, thus why this tool helps my framerate a bit.
    Look at the lag-o-meter in F3 view, unoptimized, and see how long the white tops of lines are. If they are very long, this may help you a bit, but not a lot - Pentium 4s don't have true multicore, only HyperThreading, and HT runs on the same physical core.
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    Was considering that. I'll probably do it the way MCP does it - rewrite it in Python, bundle a Python executable and a .bat file for Windows, and a .sh script for Mac/Linux. That would achieve cross-platform compatibility, ease suspicions about it being a virus (it'd allow you to look through the source code), and be overall easier on me (I know more Python than I do C).
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    Pentium 4? I'm assuming that means not dual core?
    I'm not sure if this will work with HyperThreading or not.
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    Quote from sasuke141

    I am using your program and i am still only running about 6fps :sad.gif:

    any tips for me?

    Could you give me some more information about your system?

    Quote from Slay3R?

    Since when does the executable size have anything to do with the trustworthiness of a program.
    You could write a simple virus that is 8kb, but also one that is over 2mb...
    Same for legit programs.

    If you don't trust it go run it in a VM and check what it does/disassemble it...

    Btw what language is this coded in?

    Also, it's coded in C.
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    Could you give me some information about your system?
    Also, when you press F3 and look at the lag-o-meter without the optimization - you see the lines - do they have very long white tops, as seen here?

    The white tops indicate the time it took to perform a tick in the world, and this program is only meant to help reduce the time spent performing ticks by dedicating a core to Minecraft.
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    Revision 2 is out, adding support for more than 2 cores.
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    Obviously. It's just a console application that, when run, loops through all processes, changes their affinity appropriately, then changes Minecraft's affinity to CPU #2. It's hard for something that only serves that purpose to produce an executable above 8KB.
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